Here’s How the Finale of ‘Gen V’ Affects ‘The Boys’ Season 4

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We know that ‘Gen V’ was always a spinoff of the events of ‘The Boys’ as they are both set in the same universe, with the first season of ‘Gen V’ happening after the third season of ‘The Boys.’ But while it may be true that the events of ‘Gen V’ season 1 focus on new characters, we still know that some of the characters from ‘The Boys’ were able to affect the storyline of this series. The same can be said about ‘Gen V’ and its effect on ‘The Boys’ storyline and characters. And we’re here to talk about how the finale of ‘Gen V’ could possibly affect season 4 of ‘The Boys.’

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The supes of the Woods revolted against the humans of Godolkin University in the finale of ‘Gen V,’ thus paving the way for a possible supe uprising in ‘The Boys.’
  • Homelander turned the tables on Marie Moreau and the other supes who tried to stop the uprising led by Cate and Sam, thereby hinting that he could be leading a supe uprising in the future.
  • Billy Butcher investigated the Woods in the post-credit scene, thereby hinting that he could probably use knowledge of this to his advantage or try to get the help of Marie and her friends.

The uprising of the supes of the Woods

Episode 8 of ‘Gen V’ season 1 allowed us to see just how Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan were now on different pages compared to their friends as they now want to free themselves from the shackles placed by humans so that they could prove that supes were indeed superior to humans. This led to a massive bloodbath on the campus of Godolkin University after Cate and Sam freed the other supes of the Woods and allowed them to take revenge on the humans of the school.

cate revolt

We already saw how season 3 of ‘The Boys’ had planted seeds of a possible uprising when Homelander’s birthday speech allowed people all over the world to see the true nature of this supe and how he believed that he should no longer allow Vought and the other humans try to limit what he can do. And we saw in episode 7 of ‘Gen V’ that the other supes of Godolkin were supporters of Homelander’s view.

As such, there is a likelihood that this could lead to an even bigger supe revolt during the events of ‘The Boys.’ We already know that Homelander sees himself as someone superior to humans and that there is no longer anyone limiting him in Vought. Now that he knows that there are a lot of other supes who share the same views as he does, as evidenced by the events of ‘Gen V,’ there is now a good chance that a bigger revolution will happen in season 4 of ‘The Boys.’

Homelander’s influence over Vought

Back in season 3 of ‘The Boys,’ Homelander finally got rid of Vought’s influence over him after he got rid of Stan Edgar and finally made it clear to Ashley, Vought, and the rest of the world that he was no longer going to allow any human being limit him. So, while Ashley did indeed take over Edgar’s role as the new head of Vought International, it became clear that Homelander was the one running the entire company because everyone in Vought feared him.


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During the events of the season 1 finale of ‘Gen V,’ we saw how Marie and the rest of her friends tried to stop Cate and Sam from killing all of the humans on campus, including Ashley and the other Vought officers who were there to try to find someone they could bring up to join the Seven. Marie was successful at awakening her powers and stopping the supes who were trying to kill her and the Vought officers. She even exploded Cate’s arm when she tried to use her powers on Jordan.

Homelander arrived on time to try to control the situation. However, instead of stopping Cate and the other rebellious supes, he pinned everything on Marie and her allies. He blasted her with his heat vision, only for us to see that Marie, Andre, Jordan, and Emma all survived but were now kept in a hidden facility that was not unlike the Woods.

new guardians

It was revealed in the news that the ones who revolted were Marie and her friends and that Cate and Sam were the good guys. Homelander twisted the facts even though Ashley and the other Vought officials knew who was the bad guy in the mess at Godolkin University. Homelander’s influence is indeed so great that he was able to twist the facts to suit his agenda. And we know that his agenda involves supe supremacy, and that is likely the reason why he decided to side with Cate and Sam, who both shared his views.

Billy Butcher needs backup

The post-credit scene of the ‘Gen V’ season 1 finale allowed us to see a familiar face in the form of Billy Butcher as he investigated the ruins of the Woods before using his favorite swear word to describe the situation.


This means that season 4 of ‘The Boys’ will take place shortly after Butcher discovers what happened in the Woods and what the people of Godolkin University were doing. The knowledge of what happened to Godolkin could be one of the weapons that he could use against Homelander, who twisted the situation to try to cover up what Godolkin did to the supes of the Woods to make sure that the public still supported him.

But there’s also a good possibility that Billy would find unlikely allies in the form of Marie Moreau and her friends. We know that Billy and the rest of the Boys have nothing to use against Homelander and Vought after losing Soldier Boy and swearing off Temporary V, which gave him and Hughie superpowers.


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Considering that Kimiko and Starlight are the only members of the Boys who have powers, Billy and his team are still at a disadvantage against Homelander. This opens up the possibility of Butcher learning more about what happened to Marie and her friends and possibly breaking them out so that he and the Boys would have more allies against Homelander. After all, they now have common enemies like Homelander and Vought. And it would be interesting to see how this team-up could happen in the future.

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