Here’s How ‘The Marvels’ Sets up the Young Avengers

Heres How ‘The Marvels Sets up the Young Avengers

It’s no secret that the MCU is undergoing a youth infusion, introducing vibrant new talents poised to take the lead at Marvel Studios for years to come. While ‘The Marvels’ introduces its own fresh face in the form of the enthusiastic and charismatic Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, it was quite unexpected to witness Kamala actively working towards setting up the Young Avengers. That’s the exciting topic we’re delving into here.

  • Article Breakdown
  • Kamala Khan observed that Nick Fury and SABER were monitoring every superpowered vigilante on the planet, even the younger ones.
  • Upon discovering the enjoyment of teamwork, Kamala conceived an idea.
  • Leveraging Nick Fury’s information on young superheroes, Kamala embarks on a recruitment drive.

S.A.B.E.R. has plenty of superhero intel

In the early stages of ‘The Marvels’ narrative, Kamala Khan found herself intertwined with Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau. Their interconnected powers, coupled with Dar-Benn’s possession of the complementary Bangle from the Noor Dimension, led to Kamala frequently swapping places with the two adult women. This involvement thrust her into a larger conflict involving the Kree Empire and a plot to annihilate Earth.

Although Kamala managed to return home after the initial series of swaps with Carol and Monica, the battle with the Kree soldiers rendered the Khan household uninhabitable. Nick Fury and Monica visited Kamala to elucidate the unfolding events and their implications for her and the other characters entangled in this chaos.

kamala khan

Fury’s visit to the Khan household unveiled that he had been closely monitoring Kamala, maintaining an extensive file covering her, her powers, and the entire Khan family. While some heroes might recoil at the revelation that Fury and the government were keeping tabs on them, Kamala, in contrast, was genuinely fascinated. Her aspiration was to work as a superhero alongside Captain Marvel and the Avengers.

Importantly, Monica acknowledged that S.A.B.E.R. indeed had a watchful eye on every superpowered being or vigilante on Earth, implying the existence of others on S.A.B.E.R.’s surveillance list.


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Ms. Marvel is a fan of teamwork

As previously mentioned, Kamala found herself entwined with the powers of Carol and Monica, leading to frequent switches whenever they activated their abilities. This became a persistent challenge throughout the movie, hindering Captain Marvel’s individual prowess, which should have sufficed to overcome Dar-Benn.

Despite the ongoing struggle, as the trio journeyed to Aladna to thwart the Kree’s water theft, they dedicated time to practicing and honing their timing and coordination for the power swaps. It took some effort to synchronize effectively, especially in their confrontations with Dar-Benn on Aladna. However, in the ultimate showdown with the Kree leader, they seamlessly executed the switches, ultimately defeating Dar-Benn.

In the movie’s conclusion, Kamala and Carol share a moment while seated inside Maria Rambeau’s old plane. Kamala expressed her longing for Monica and conveyed her enjoyment of teaming up with both her and Captain Marvel. While telling Carol about her love for working together with them, Kamala acknowledged that teamwork was not only preferable but also enjoyable.

Having tasted the fruits of effective teamwork, Kamala, aspiring to be an Avenger, had previously only encountered stories of the Avengers’ collaborative triumphs against formidable foes. However, teaming up with Captain Marvel provided Ms. Marvel with a firsthand experience of the true essence of teamwork, leaving her yearning for more collaborative endeavors.

Kamala Khan will recruit the other members

Following the scene with Carol in Louisiana, the narrative transitioned to New York, where Kate Bishop, now the new Hawkeye mentored by Clint Barton in the ‘Hawkeye’ series, arrived at her safe house. To her surprise, she discovered someone waiting for her in the dark, prompting a quick confrontation.

In a convincing Nick Fury impersonation, Kamala queried Kate about her belief that she was the sole teenage superhero in the world. Kate clarified her age, asserting her status as an adult at 23. Despite the initial banter, Kamala revealed S.A.B.E.R.’s intel on Kate and other young heroes working as vigilantes.

Recognizing the potential for collaboration, Kamala recruited Kate to join forces, and it was evident that Kate wasn’t opposed to the idea. This establishes Kamala and Kate as the first two characters to partake in the Young Avengers initiative, a significant aspect in Marvel Comics.

recruitment spree

The roster for the Young Avengers remains uncertain, but a few candidates come to mind. Cassie Lang is a likely addition, considering Kamala’s mention of Ant-Man’s daughter. Other potential members could include Riri Williams (Ironheart), America Chavez, and possibly Shuri (the new Black Panther), all in their early 20s.

While Peter Parker has been active for some time, his youth makes him a plausible Young Avengers candidate. There’s even speculation about an MCU version of Miles Morales making an appearance. Younger possibilities include Love (Thor’s adoptive child) and the new T’Challa. The possibilities seem boundless at this point.


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It’s worth noting that Nick Fury likely sanctioned Kamala, as the intel on these young heroes wouldn’t be accessible without his approval. Fury, indebted to Kamala for saving the planet, and the close friendship between the SABER director and Captain Marvel, who recognizes Ms. Marvel’s readiness for such a responsibility, contribute to this endorsement.

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