Here’s What “Minecraft Faction” Is & How To Play It

MC Factions

Minecraft has many game modes, plugins, mods, texture packs, and more, all designed to make your gaming experience a bit more interesting. We’ve heard a lot about Factions in Minecraft lately. However, it looks like it’s still an unfamiliar concept to many Minecraft players, so let’s put it to rest and definitively answer what exactly Minecraft Factions is.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Faction is a plugin you can download and place into your Minecraft world to claim land in it and prevent or at least try to prevent griefing.
  • Your Faction can have multiple members, and you can close the Faction off to the public—the ability to claim land and is an anti-griefing system that isn’t 100% effective.

What does Faction power do?

Power in Minecraft factions basically represents chunks you can claim as your own land. Each player can claim up to 10 chunks of land, so if you had 2 of your friends join, your Faction would have a power of 30. The power of a faction is in its power, but essentially it means that the power of a faction is in the number of players it has.

The only problem is that it’s hard to find players you can trust to claim land with you because, at any point, a player can turn on you, betray you, and join a new faction, griefing your progress and killing you in the process. To claim land in Minecraft Factions, you’ll have to type in the command /f claim, which will claim the chunk of land you’re standing in.

What happens when you claim land?

When you claim a piece of land or a chunk, this area will be harder to grief and destroy. Other players won’t be able to mine through the walls of your base with the use of traditional tools, but players can still use TNT, for example, to destroy them. If this weren’t possible, Minecraft Factions wouldn’t be fun.

The reason is that part of the fun is the possibility of destroying other Factions and claiming the land as your own if you win. It’s a spin on the classic vanilla PvP where you’ll have to strategize to come out on the other side as a victor, and even when you do, there’s still a chance that you’ll lose to another faction, so you’ll always have to be on your toes.


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Losing power

Your Faction is as strong as the people in your Faction. If someone dies in your Faction, you’ll lose power, decreasing the value of your claims. When you don’t have any more power as you continue dying, somebody else can claim the land you own because you don’t have the power to keep it. Power can go as low as -10, and upon death, you’ll lose two power.

The power will regenerate slowly over time, so it’s best to AFK somewhere safe until your power restores in case you do die.

Faction tips

How do you play Factions in Minecraft?

Factions aren’t beginner-friendly, but luckily there are numerous tutorials online that help you adjust and learn about the mechanics of the plugin. To play Faction in Minecraft like a pro, you must learn the basic commands, so here they are:

  1. Create a faction – ”/f create (desired faction name)”
  2. Close of the Faction – ”/f close” – this means that other players can join your Faction only through an invite. Some servers don’t use the command, so if they don’t, the command is ”/f open” and then again ”/f open”
  3. Invite friends – /f invite (enter player name)
  4. Check up on your faction power – ”/f show”
  5. When raiding – ”/f map on” – as you travel to raid, the map radar will detect factions near you that you can then raid.
  6. Hurting enemies – ”/f enemy (fraction name) – you won’t be able to hurt your enemies in their territory otherwise.
  7. Allying other factions not to hurt them when raiding – ”/f ally (faction name)

Most popular Factions servers

If you want to try your hand at Factions servers before indulging in creating your own Factions world where you’ll play with friends, here are some of the best Factions servers.

  1. Complex Gaming – complex gaming doesn’t have just one server; you can choose from a wide variety of servers like Skyblock, Pixelmon, Prison, Creative, and so much more. One of those servers is Factions, and I suggest you read the rules first before joining because you will be kicked out if you break these rules.
  2. InsanityCraft – InsanityCraft is said to be one of the oldest server networks in the world. Apart from Factions, you can also enjoy the experience of survival, skyblock, and many more game modes. The player limit is 400, and it always has people online.
  3. Minecraft Central – Minecraft Central is another server network where you can find Factions. Many of these networks offer pay-to-win stuff, but it’s good if you’re checking it out.

Where to download the Factions plugin?

Bukkit and Massivecraft have the most popular factions plugins available. You can download both from their sites as they are safe and won’t mess with your computer or give you a virus. To download the plugin and put it into Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Massivecraft or Bukkit website and download the Factions plugin and the MassiveCore Plugin. Factions won’t work without the MassiveCore plugin
  2. Exit your server and turn it offline
  3. Once the plugin is downloaded, navigate to the %appdata% folder
  4. Enter the .minecraft folder
  5. Find the plugins folder and place the Massivecore.jar file and the Factins.jar file in it.
  6. Turn your server online again, and you’re good to go.


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Whether you’re a builder or a PvPer, Minecraft Factions can provide hours of fun with friends and strangers since it focuses on PvP and building. It has a strategic component to it as well, so if you’re more into planning ahead and beating other players in a game of chess, the plugin won’t disappoint you.

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