‘Loki’: Here’s What the Throughput Multiplier Is & How It Can Help With the Temporal Loom

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One of the things that we know about the ‘Loki’ series is that it tends to be unique in how it can create new concepts, including the Temporal Loom. Of course, we learned in episode 3 of season 2 that there was a new concept that fans needed to learn about as the Throughput Multiplier, an invention of Victor Timely’s design, was one of the most important things the TVA needed to fix its problems. So, what is the Throughput Multiplier, and how can it help with the Temporal Loom?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Throughput Multiplier is an invention that Victor Timely designed probably as a way for him to fix any problems regarding his Temporal Loom prototype.
  • The Throughput Multiplier can likely help the Temporal Loom manage the energy that it produces when it is weaving together multiple timelines.

The importance of fixing the Temporal Loom

The first episode of season 2 of ‘Loki’ allowed us to see one of the most important things that Loki and Mobius are looking to fix during the events of the season. Through the help of Ouroboros (OB), they discovered that the Temporal Loom, which is the very foundation of the TVA because it is the machine that converts raw time into an actual timeline, is overloading because multiple branches from the Sacred Timeline have been forming.

temporal loom

In that regard, what is clear here is that the Temporal Loom needs to be fixed. OB closed the blast doors to the Temporal Loom in episode 1 to protect the TVA from the energy that it was producing. However, in episode 2, we learned that OB needed to open the blast doors to try to fix it. The problem, however, is that the Temporal Aura of He Who Remains was required to open the blast doors, and we all know that He Who Remains had already been killed.

OB explained that the Temporal Loom was never meant to weave together different timelines because it was only created to manage the Sacred Timeline. This is why the machine is now overloaded, as it cannot sustain the energy produced by the different timelines branching off the Sacred Timeline. And if the Temporal Loom were to completely overload and destroy the TVA, no one knows what will happen to the Sacred Timeline and the other timelines in the MCU.


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This was why Loki and Mobius needed to go to 1893, as they thought that finding Ravonna Renslayer could help them with their problem. It turned out that Victor Timely, a variant of Kang or He Who Remains, was there to present a prototype of his Temporal Loom. That was when it became clear that Loki and Mobius needed to bring him back to the TVA to use him to try to fix their problems with the Temporal Loom.

Victor Timely’s Throughput Multiplier explained

So, as mentioned, Loki and Mobius found Victor Timely during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago because he was one of the people presenting his inventions in front of potential investors. The invention he presented to the people was a small prototype of the Temporal Loom, which he explained could transform raw time into energy that could power up the entire world if he could create a larger and more powerful version.

After that, a mad scramble for Timely happened because all parties involved wanted a piece of him. This included the investors he scammed: Loki, Ravonna, and Sylvie. Loki and Mobius wanted to take Timely back to fix the Temporal Loom, while Ravonna wanted him to take his place as He Who Remains so she could sit atop the TVA. But Sylvie wanted to kill him so he wouldn’t get a chance to become He Who Remains.

But at the end of it all, Ravonna and Miss Minutes won him over before taking him back with them to the TVA. Ravonna and Minutes needed to accompany him to his lab on the other side of the lake because he needed to get his life’s work. And they boarded a boat to get to Victor’s lab.

On the boat, Timely and Renslayer had a moment together as they were talking about how the TVA guidebook was able to help Victor find his true path in life as a genius inventor. Renslayer revealed that she was the one who left the guidebook in his home years ago, as Timely realized that she was the one who helped her become the man he was destined to become.

That was when Timely opened the guidebook to show Renslayer a model of his greatest discovery, a Throughput Multiplier, which he knew could fix the Temporal Loom of the TVA.

timely minutes

What that means is that the Throughput Multiplier is a device that is theoretically capable of helping the TVA’s problem with the Temporal Loom in a way that would make it easier for the Temporal Loom to manage the energy produced by the different timelines branching from the Sacred Timeline. 

It is possible that Timely designed the Throughput Multiplier to help him manage the Temporal Loom prototype he created. After all, no invention is ever perfect, and that was why he needed to design a device that could be useful for managing the problems associated with his Temporal Loom. But what Victor showed to Ravonna was simply a drawing, as there’s a chance he had yet to invent a working version of this device.


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Of course, there’s a good chance that the Throughput Multiplier was the same invention that Timely grabbed in his lab and was forced to take to the TVA when Loki and Mobius convinced him to go with them near the end of the episode. But this model was much smaller than needed to fix the Temporal Loom. Still, because the TVA’s technology is much more advanced, Victor Timely could use his design to create a bigger working version of the Throughput Multiplier.

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