‘House of the Dragon’ Director Also Comments on Aemond’s Shocking Nude Scene

'House of the Dragon' Director Also Comments on Aemond's Shocking Nude Scene

HBO’s House of the Dragon is a spin-off series related to Game of Thrones. It premiered back in 2022, and the series, whose first season consisted of 10 episodes, was welcomed by both critics and fans. Because of that, it was soon renewed for a second season, which finally premiered on June 16, 2024, to great reviews as well.

Of course, the House of the Dragon season two has been expanding the plot, but it has also given us some intriguing moments, some of which are really surprising. The latter was given to us in the most recent episode, which we will talk about below.

Actor Ewan Mitchell, who plays Aemond Targaryen, was seen in the nude with his penis on display in the shocking moment from a recent episode that we will discuss. We have already discussed the fan reactions and the actor’s comments, but the episode director, Geeta Vasant Patel, also commented on the scene in a talk with Variety.

The Variety interview was a lengthy one, and Patel discussed several topics with the magazine, and with all the controversy around the nude scene, we’re not surprised that the scene in question came up as a topic of conversation here. Here is what the director said about the scene:

Nudity and sex scenes have been a part of “Game of Thrones” since the beginning, but it’s rare we see a main character completely nude, much less a male character. How did you shoot that very vulnerable scene, and what was it trying to convey?

Ewan is such a great actor. He understands what he needs to do in order to portray Aemond. When I spoke with him originally about the nudity, I said to him, “Let’s just go through the story. If you don’t feel comfortable being nude, then you’re not going to be nude.” We were both on the same page in that way.

We started walking through, and he walked me through his character. One thing about directing that’s really important is to surrender to the actors, and the actors surrender. It’s a mutual surrendering. In this case, Ewan knew his character so well that I was listening to him and walking with him as we went through every episode before this.

What we came to is that Aemond was hurt. He was bullied when he was little. Since he was hurt, he had created this persona that was the exact opposite of how he was feeling. He created the persona of a someone who is callous and has no regard for what others think of him. That shift, from someone who’s vulnerable to literally watching him put on his armor, was what we were going for in that scene.

It’s one of the few times you see the young child in him and you see the pain in him. Slowly he starts putting on his armor and when he stands up, the fact that he doesn’t care that you see his penis is such a strong visceral shift. And so, of course, Ewan was like, “I want to be fully nude in that moment. It’s important to me because that’s who my character is. That’s what he would do.” And that’s what we did.

Source: Variety

As you can see, these comments are more or less in line with what Ewan Mitchell said about the scene and its importance for understanding Aemond’s character. But they provide us with a different perspective and show just how important great teamwork is when filming such scenes.

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