How and Why Has Obi-Wan’s Strength Returned?

One of the things that we saw during the Obi-Wan Kenobi series was that the titular Jedi Master was a shell of his former self. While he was one of the strongest Jedi during the Clone Wars, he had become a weak and frail old man that couldn’t even face an Inquisitor on his own ten years after the fall of the Republic. However, in the true rematch against Darth Vader, Kenobi was able to regain his strength and defeat the Sith Lord. So, how and why has Obi-Wan’s strength returned?

Obi-Wan Kenobi regained his strength when he was able to find his inner peace and purpose in life in that fight against Darth Vader. He was now fighting for something bigger after he had formed a bond with Leia, who he used as his inspiration to find the strength to defeat the Sith Lord.

It has always been mentioned that the Jedi find strength in inner peace and life purpose. That is why Obi-Wan found his strength in that battle against Darth Vader when he was able to find inspiration in Anakin’s own children. In a way, he never lost his strength but merely lost the ability to tap into it. So, with that said, let’s discuss how Kenobi was able to regain his strength.

How Did Obi-Wan Lose His Strength In The Series?

During the start of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, it was clear that the titular character was no longer the same Jedi Master that we loved watching in the prequel trilogy and in Clone Wars. Ten years after his self-imposed exile following the fall of the Republic, he lived a boring and quiet life that seemed a bit too routine. He worked a daily shift as a butcher that didn’t earn a lot of money as he had to live in a cave that allowed him to observe Luke Skywalker’s life with Owen and Beru Lars.

It was also clear that he was living a life full of regret because he was still feeling sad about what had happened when he failed Anakin and allowed him to fall to the dark side. Kenobi also struggled to connect with the Force or communicate with his old master, Qui-Gon Jinn, who had now become a part of the Living Force. And when a Jedi on the run saw him, he even questioned Kenobi about what happened to him because it was clear that the Jedi Master was a shell of his former self.

When Kenobi also went on a mission to retrieve Leia, who got kidnapped at the orders of the Third Sister named Reva, he also struggled against low-level grunts. He didn’t use his lightsaber and was more comfortable using a blaster pistol, a weapon he always thought was uncivilized. And when he tried to save a falling Leia, he struggled to use the Force to prevent her from hitting the ground.

But the one proof of the fact that he was no longer the same old Jedi was when he wasn’t even willing to battle the Inquisitor Reva, who wasn’t even half the fighter he once was. It was clear that he had lost faith in his abilities and preferred to run away instead of meeting the Inquisitor head-on.

In a way, the reason why Kenobi had lost his strength was not only because he had lived a life as a civilian away from the battlefield for ten years. It was also because he had a troubled mind that was full of regret. The strength of a Jedi comes from inner peace and balance, and it was difficult for Obi-Wan to be at peace when he was living with regret and self-pity for a decade.

How Did Obi-Wan Regain His Strength?

While Obi-Wan was indeed a shell of his former self, he did show signs that he was steadily returning to form. When the Empire invaded the base of the Path, he actually was able to fend off the Storm Troopers with his lightsaber. But it was the battle with Darth Vader that truly allowed him to tap into his strength once more.

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In episode 6 of the series, Kenobi lured Vader away from Leia and the refugees so that they could escape from his wrath. He and Vader met on a remote and rocky planet as their much-awaited rematch from the battle on Mustafar ten years ago was about to commence.

Kenobi assumed his Form III stance as he left audience members wondering if he could even stand a chance against Vader, who had just dominated Reva in their previous battle. The battle commenced with the Jedi Master holding his own against the Sith Lord, who seemed like he was in control of the fight.

When Obi-Wan Kenobi started using the Force to topple rock formations on Darth Vader, the Sith Lord was quick to recognize that his old master’s power was returning. Nevertheless, Vader was still able to control the battle and showcased his superior connection to the Force by toppling the ground and burying Kenobi under a pile of rocks.

Nevertheless, Obi-Wan found the strength to keep the rocks from crushing him. He pushed them away and returned to the battlefield to fight Vader on par and even dominate him with his Force powers. In the end, he defeated the dark lord when he aimed at his life-support system and sliced open a part of his helmet. So, how did Obi-Wan regain his strength?

Obi-Wan was able to regain his strength when he found new meaning in his life and when he was beginning to find inner peace once more. Prior to the events of the series, Kenobi had lived a life of regret because his feelings of regret were clouding him. And while he and Yoda believed that Anakin’s children were going to be the hope of the galaxy, he lived ten years of his life without any direction whatsoever and had lost his purpose.

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However, in that scene where he was about to get crushed by the rocks that Vader threw at him, he saw flashbacks of his brief moments with Leia and also of Luke as he found purpose in the children that he swore to protect. That was when he regained his inner peace and a sense of purpose and reconnected with the Force.

The Jedi find strength in inner peace, and that’s why they are taught to have no attachments to the things that could only distract them. They find strength in serving other people and protecting the weak, as that was what Kenobi had been all about his entire life before he fell victim to his own regret. 

Meeting Leia and realizing that Luke needed him made him think that his life still had a purpose. That was when he reconnected with the Force once more and was able to find the strength to defeat Darth Vader decisively.

In a way, Obi-Wan Kenobi never lost his strength. He just lost the ability to tap into the strength that he already had because his mind and feelings had been clouded for ten years. And this was proved when he finally was able to see Qui-Gon Jinn’s Force ghost, who told him that he was always there, but Obi-Wan just couldn’t see him.

Qui-Gon was basically telling his former Padawan that it was his lack of inner peace that prevented him from connecting with the Force. But when he found his life purpose and was able to go through a moment of catharsis in that encounter with Darth Vader, he had now reconnected with the Force. And when he met up with Leia and the Organa family at the end, he even told Bail that the bond he had formed with Leia was already enough of a reward for him because it was that adventure that allowed him to find meaning in life once more.

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