How Big Is My Hero Academia World? Compared To Real World & Other Anime

my hero academia world how big it is

My Hero Academia is one the most popular manga and anime Shonen Jump has ever released, and the series has one of the most iconic battle systems ever. Many fans are already in love with My Hero Academia and wish they could also have powers such as the ones the characters in the series have. This gets a lot of My Hero Academia’s audience daydreaming and wondering how big its world is compared to ours and other anime franchises.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • My Hero Academia’s world is thoroughly based on the planet Earth, as big as the Earth is, and does not have many differences as to how it is portrayed.
  • The only difference would be that, at some point, a baby was born with supernatural powers and changed the course of society from that point on.

How Big Is My Hero Academia’s World?

My Hero Academia’s world is supposed to be as big as the planet Earth since it is a representation of it, with a major part of the story happening in Japan. However, My Hero Academia’s story happens in fictional places in Japan, such as the U.A. High School and, most recently, in the anime Jaku City. So even though it is based on Japan, My Hero Academia has its own take on it and creates many locations for its amazing battles to happen.

We have seen proof both in the manga and in the anime that My Hero Academia is supposed to happen in the real world. When Pro-hero Hawks get a chance to listen to the Paranormal Liberation Front’s plans to dominate the world, we can see how they pretend to take over Japan and a map of it. This is not the only instance that a map of Japan is shown, and we can even see it clearer on other occasions.

Boku no Hero Academia map

Japan is not the only country talked about in My Hero Academia. The Number One hero and the former Symbol of Peace, All Might, traveled to the United States of America after finishing his high school years. It was there that he acquired his own style and eventually learned to be the hero he was. More recently, in the manga, we got to see even more from My Hero Academia’s version of the United States of America with the first appearance of Star and Stripe, the Number One hero from the US, the American fighter pilots, and even the President of the United States.


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Also, during the most recent My Hero Academia movie, World Heroes Mission, all the heroes and students travel around the world in order to defeat a villain organization. We get to see glimpses of the characters acting in Egypt, France, and the United States, and the main characters go to a fictional city called Otheon, which was inspired by Portugal. At some point in the movie, we even get to see a map of the whole world and see My Hero Academia’s world is actually the same as ours.

Trigger Bombs are activated my hero academia

How Big Is My Hero Academia’s World Compared to Other Anime?

Now, we already know My Hero Academia’s world is almost exactly the same as the real planet Earth, but how does it compare to other popular anime?

How Big Is My Hero Academia’s World Compared to One Piece?

As of November 2022, we do not know how big is One Piece‘s world compared to the real world, but we do know that One Piece did not take much inspiration from planet Earth since it is extremely unique and different from various other anime.

One Piece’s world is mostly filled with the blue ocean, which is divided into four parts by two natural rings that surround the world. The Grand Line, a strip of ocean known for its crazy weather and monsters, where most significant islands are situated, and the Red Line, a huge terrain that is the world’s only true continent. But overall, the world is supposed to house as many as 20 million islands. The society also works under very different rules, such as the whole world being controlled by one single organization, the World Government.

one piece world size

Even though the One Piece world might feel bigger than My Hero Academia’s, we cannot know for sure which one of them is bigger in size, but One Piece has a certain feeling of magnitude that the one from My Hero Academia does not have.


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How Big Is My Hero Academia’s World Compared to Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man might be the best example of a recent popular anime with a world almost exactly like My Hero Academia’s.

Chainsaw Man also happens in Japan, but contrary to My Hero Academia which happens in modern-day Japan, Chainsaw Man is situated around 1997. Chainsaw Man’s world is also entirely the same as the real world, Japan is much like it actually is and many other countries mark their appearance in the series.

So, Chainsaw Man might have the most similar world to My Hero Academia, and since they are both based on Earth, each one is as big as the other.

How Big Is My Hero Academia’s World Compared to Hunter x Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most acclaimed shounen anime ever and might even have the biggest world in the industry. The majority of the Hunter x Hunter lore happens in the continents that make up the Known World, but that only makes for a tiny bit of the vast terrain the characters have to explore.

In reality, these continents are inside an immense lake called Lake Morbius, situated in a place called the Dark Continent. This Dark Continent is an unexplored and uncataloged place that surrounds the rest of the world, inhabited by various creatures and monsters, and is supposed to be immensely big.

hunter x hunter world

Hunter x Hunter’s Known World is already very big, containing a total of six continents and 250 countries. Even though the Known World might not be as big as My Hero Academia’s world, when you take into account the Dark Continent, it sure is much larger and gives a weird sense of how huge Hunter x Hunter’s world is.

My Hero Academia might not have one of the biggest worlds in the anime industry, but it certainly is one of the most interesting and that has many resemblances to the real one. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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