How Can Jen Walters Control Her Transformation into She-Hulk?

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has just been released, and episode 1 has already allowed us to see how Jennifer Walters became the titular character. In what was seemingly a series that allowed Jen to break the fourth wall and talk to the audience, we got to see the character’s origin story and how she became She-Hulk. The most surprising part about her origin story was the fact that she could transform in and out of her She-Hulk form. So, why can Jen Walters control her transformation to She-Hulk?

Bruce Banner explained that Jen Walters might have a better genetic trait that allowed her to handle the gamma radiation. However, Jen also said that she had complete control over her rage and anger due to the fact that her status as a woman lawyer required her to do so for many years.

In a way, Bruce tried to take the scientific route to help Jen overcome her new form. But Jen actually explained her new ability in a way that not even her cousin was able to comprehend because only a woman could understand what she had been through. So, with that said, let’s try to look at what we know about Jen Walters and her ability to control her transformation.

Can Jen Walters Transform In And Out Of She-Hulk?

The release of the long-awaited She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series introduced a new MCU character in the form of Jennifer Walters. Of course, She-Hulk herself isn’t a new character as far as Marvel Comics fans are concerned because she has been around for quite some time already. However, it was only just now that we finally got to see her making her MCU debut.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law didn’t take too long to allow us to see what happened to Jen Walters and how she became She-Hulk. In short, she got exposed to Bruce Banner’s blood during an accident, as she was revealed to have the same genetic component that allowed her to survive the lethal dose of gamma radiation running through Bruce’s blood. In that regard, she became She-Hulk.


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One of the things that we know about Bruce Banner and the Hulk is the fact that it was a struggle for him to control his transformations and even his very status as the Hulk. It took years for him to understand how to become the Hulk and how to control the Hulk, as he was labeled a monster for a very long time before he eventually fused his Bruce Banner persona and his Hulk identity to become Smart Hulk.

But before he did so, Bruce couldn’t transform in and out of the Hulk at will because he had to become extremely angry to do so. The most difficult part was returning to his human form because the Hulk didn’t want Bruce to take over the body, considering that they were two different personalities. It was revealed in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law that Bruce never figured out what triggered his transformations back to his human form.

As such, Bruce spent a good time convincing Jen to stay with him in his Mexico beach house so that he could teach her how to control her transformation into She-Hulk in the hopes that she could also learn how to become like him. Nevertheless, he was surprised about the fact that Jen was easily able to transform in and out of her Hulk form, considering that it took him years to understand how it worked and how he was able to do so.

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So, yes, Jen Walters was able to almost immediately control when she would transform into She-Hulk. The most surprising part was that she eventually learned how to transform back to her human form as well. At first, sleep was the trigger that allowed her to return to her regular human form. But she eventually learned how to do so at will.

It was also revealed quite early in the series that Jen Walters was simply herself when she was in her She-Hulk form. She didn’t have an alter ego telling her what to do or taking over her body once she was in that form. It was all entirely her, and that was something that caught Bruce by surprise because he expected Jen to have a different personality that took over her body as a raging beast.

Why Can Jen Walters Control Her Transformation?

Just like her comic book counterpart, Jen Walters in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law could completely control her transformation and was even her normal self whenever she was transformed into the green giantess. In the comics, however, the fact that she was more intelligent than Hulk was due to how the gamma radiation wasn’t as bad as the one that Bruce Banner was exposed to. As such, she might be more intelligent than the Hulk, but she wasn’t quite as strong.

In the She-Hulk series, Bruce made an observation about how Jennifer’s genetics were similar to his in the sense that they were both naturally predisposed to being able to handle the lethal dose of gamma radiation in their body. But he also observed that Jen was somehow better in the sense that her body was able to handle the gamma radiation more than he could.


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As such, Bruce made a scientific observation that could explain why Jen could control her She-Hulk form and could simply transform in and out of it at will. Nevertheless, she also said something that could explain why her control over her transformation is far better than Bruce’s own control over his Hulk form.

Jennifer Walters, as a lawyer, has always been under a lot of stress in the field because of the fact that her profession deals with some of the most toxic and most negative people in the world. On top of that, her status as a woman in a field that is often dominated by men is something that didn’t help her out as far as the stress and anger that she was constantly experiencing on a regular basis.

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She said that she had to constantly endure being cat-called by random men and having incompetent lawyers telling her what to do in a field that she specialized in. Jen needed to keep her anger in check whenever men were trying to take advantage of her or were looking to make her feel smaller as a lawyer. But, throughout the entire time, she made sure to keep herself composed because she didn’t want men to call her emotional or crazy. As such, her control over her anger was far better than how Bruce controlled his own anger.

In a way, Jen’s incredible control over her emotions could be the reason why she could also control her Hulk form, which is an incredibly emotional being. This gives new meaning to the women empowerment movement because Jen proved that she didn’t have to be as overly strong and proud as men are to be strong because the fact that she could always keep herself emotionally composed at all times was already a strength in itself.

Of course, there’s also the fact that her experiences as a woman lawyer mirror the usual experiences that women often have to deal with on a regular basis. All of the cat-calling and the man-splaining that Jen experienced are simply things that most women deal with regularly. And the fact that Jen and all of the other women in the world are able to stay emotionally composed despite everything that men put them through is proof that women are indeed strong.

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