How Did All For One Manage to Escape from Tartarus?

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Episode 128 of My Hero Academia continued the action from the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc as the villains took no time to wreak havoc once more when All For One and a lot of the different villains kept as prisoners were able to escape their prison in Tartarus. As such, there are now more villains at large than ever before, as All For One is still the overarching villain that is set to threaten the entire world once more. So, how did All For One escape from Tartarus?

All For One escaped Tartarus through a coordinated inside-outside strategy that utilized Tomura Shigaraki’s body and the Nomus attacking the outside while he broke himself and the other villains out using an EMP Quirk from the inside. This allowed the prison security to focus on two fronts as All For One made his escape.

The way that All For One coordinated his escape using two different versions of himself is the reason why he was confident in his defeat at the hands of All Might several arcs back. He knew that he was going to eventually break himself out of Tartarus as he had a plan that he probably cooked up well before he was imprisoned. In that regard, let’s look at this coordinated plan by All For One.

How Did All For One Escape Tartarus?

During the peak events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, we saw that it was incredibly important for All For One to make sure that Tomura Shigaraki would not get captured by the pro heroes and that he would make it out of the war alive and well enough. That was why his consciousness, through the All For One Quirk, took over Shigaraki’s body to make sure that he would be able to escape the battlefield together with the Near High-End Nomus that were still alive.

shigaraki takes dekus quirk

It was revealed by the true All For One that the reason why he wanted Shigaraki to escape with the Nomus unscathed was the fact that he needed Shigaraki and the Nomus for a special mission. And we are talking about the fact that All For One, who was still kept as a prisoner in Tartarus, wanted to escape and wreak havoc.

In that regard, he immediately ordered Shigaraki and the Nomus to go to Tartarus and break him out of prison, as it was important for All For One to be free to assert his will throughout the entire world. At that time, his will was still in control over Shigaraki, whose actual consciousness was still too tired from the battle with the heroes during the Paranormal Liberation War arc. 

During that battle, the Nomus stormed the outer gates of Tartarus and fought against the heroes and drones that were there to make sure that the prison was as secure as possible. That was when Shigaraki, still under the control of All For One, was seen getting shielded from the attacks of the security system by one of the Nomus as he obliterated some of the guards and drones that were there to protect the gate.


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The prison security system, of course, did its job by locking down the entire prison to make sure that the prisoners would not escape. That was when Shigaraki used Search to pinpoint his main body’s location within the prison, as he found that All For One was 500 meters below sea level. Because of the fact that Decay was not an option due to how Shigaraki’s body was yet to fully recover from the Paranormal Liberation War, All For One developed a plan that included an inside-outside attack.

To that end, Shigaraki used his Radio Waves Quirk to produce an EMP wave-like attack that disabled the prison electronics from the outside. Meanwhile, the main body of All For One used the same Quirk to disable the locks inside the prison, as this allowed all of the other inmates that were in Tartarus to escape their cells and wreak havoc throughout the prison.

As such, we were able to see prominent villains from the past making their way out of their cells. This includes the likes of Muscular, Moonfish, and Kai Chisaki. Of course, Lady Nagant, who is set to become one of the main villains of the Tartarus Escapees arc, was also seen escaping her prison cell. They all made their way up the multiple prison levels while fighting off guards and security systems.

Meanwhile, the real All For One was also making his way up to the highest level of Tartarus, all while the guards and security system were too focused on the attack of Shigaraki and the Nomus outside and the commotion caused by the escaping prisoners inside Tartarus.


As such, the villains were successful in disabling the entire security of Tartarus, as Shigaraki was seen on the highest level of Tartarus, greeting them. Meanwhile, the real All For One made his way to the same level as he and Shigaraki stood tall over all of the other villains. All For One took pride in what he did as he told the villains that a new demon lord was about to rise.

After that, All For One used his powers to control the guards that had access to the planes that were the only way for them and the other villains to leave Tartarus. The Nomus did the same to the other prisons all over the country as a lot of different villains escaped and were now at large once more. And while the rest of the hero world was too busy with the escaped villains from Tartarus and the other prisons, All For One and Shigaraki used the time to recover and heal up.

Why Didn’t The Heroes Stop All For One From Escaping?

Of course, one of the things that fans noticed during the time when All For One and the other villains escaped Tartarus was the fact that the heroes were not around to stop them from escaping. There were a few pro heroes in Tartarus, but they were not enough to defeat Shigaraki and the Nomus. So, why didn’t the pro heroes stop All For One from escaping?

For one, the ranks of the pro heroes were devastated after the Paranormal Liberation War. Endeavor and Hawks, the top heroes in the world, were too injured and beaten up to do anything as they were in the hospital while the escape was happening. The other heroes were also focused on cleaning up the mess in the wake of the Paranormal Liberation War.

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As such, All For One knew what he was doing when he immediately ordered Shigaraki and the Nomus to break him out of Tartarus. Shigaraki had enhanced regeneration that allowed him to heal enough to be able to take part in the operation despite the fact that he wasn’t a hundred percent. Meanwhile, the Nomus also have accelerated healing and are not even real humans at all. In that regard, All For One used assets that didn’t need to rest and heal up in his prison escape.


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We can say that All For One had planned all of this from the very start, as he was even confident after All Might defeated him and sent him to Tartarus. He did say that there were a few things that were not according to his plans, as he probably didn’t expect the Paranormal Liberation War to happen. Nevertheless, he knew that the heroes would have their hands full after dealing with the Paranormal Liberation Front. And that was why he knew that the best time for him to escape was right after the war.

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