How Did Grogu Tame The Rancor In The Finale Of The Book Of Boba Fett?

The Book of Boba Fett

The finale of The Book of Boba Fett gave us the Din Djarin and Grogu reunion we have all been waiting for. This time, however, Grogu was no longer as helpless as he once was before because he was steadily remembering his training and was learning more Force abilities. He had his fair share of moments in this episode, but the cream of the crop was when he tamed Boba Fett’s rampaging Rancor. So, how did Grogu tame the Rancor in the finale of The Book of Boba Fett?

Grogu used the Force to tame the Rancor in the finale of The Book of Boba Fett. This Force ability is often called animal kinship or beast control, which allows the user to connect with the beast using the Force. Animal kinship isn’t something new because this has been done in the past by other Jedi.

In case you have forgotten, Star Wars lore describes the Force as an invisible guiding energy that flows through all living creatures in the galaxy. That means that it is present in Force-sensitive beings, regular people, plants, and even beasts. Grogu simply used his abilities to connect with the Rancor through the Force so that he could tame the beast without even hurting it.

How Did Grogu Tame The Rancor?

Episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett showed us that Grogu had a choice between becoming a Jedi or returning with Din Djarin to essentially become a Mandalorian. Now, while some people were wondering when he would make his decision, the choice was revealed in the finale of The Book of Boba Fett when Grogu was seen in the cockpit of Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing, which R2-d2 piloted to Tatooine.

While we had to wait for a while for the reunion between Grogu and Din Djarin because the Mandalorian wasn’t in Peli Motto’s garage at that time, we eventually saw them reuniting under the worst conditions possible. Motto went over to Mos Espa to deliver Grogu to the Mandalorian but encountered Din Djarin in the middle of running away from a Scorpenek droid.

The duo did indeed reunite and gave us a touching moment, but the focus was the war between Boba Fett’s gotra and the Pyke Syndicate forces on Tatooine. And speaking of Boba Fett, he evened the odds against the Scorpenek droids when he brought in his Rancor to demolish the machines.


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But the Rancor ran amok and rampaged all over the city when Boba Fett was dismounted from it courtesy of Cad Bane’s flamethrower. So, while Fett’s forces did indeed win the battle against the Pykes, Djarin had to deal with the Rancor. He tried his best to keep the Rancor under control and almost got eaten in the process had it not been for his Beskar armor. But he ultimately couldn’t keep the beast under wraps.

When Djarin was already battered and beaten by the Rancor, that was when Grogu stepped up to the plate to help his friend. Previously in this episode, he was able to use the Force to damage a Scorpenek droid that was about to kill the Mandalorian. But a Rancor was different, as Grogu placed himself in between Djarin and the beast while stretching his arm forward in what seemed like an effort to tame the beast without violence.

Surprisingly, the Rancor stopped on its tracks, calmed down, and went to sleep through the efforts of The Child. It seemed as if whatever Grogu was doing worked as he went over to the beast to pat it. So, what did Grogu do to control the Rancor?

Grogu essentially used the Force to control the Rancor. The Force isn’t always about making things float or pushing them with your mind because there are plenty of different things that a Force user can do using the Force. What Grogu did to the Rancor was basically one of the many abilities that a Jedi can do with the Force.

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The basic concept of what Grogu did to the Rancor goes back to the very essence of what the Force is. Time and time again, we are told that the Force is a mystical energy that flows through all living things throughout the galaxy. That means that the Force isn’t only present in Force-sensitive creatures but also in regular people, plants, and beasts. The Force flows through everything as it binds and connects all living things in the galaxy.

Essentially, what Grogu did was he used the Force so that he could tap into the connection that he already had with the Rancor. There was already a connection between them because, as mentioned, the Force binds every living creature in the galaxy. What the little guy did was that he just used his abilities to tap into this connection so that he could calm the Rancor down without even saying a word or resorting to violence.

What Is The Force Power That Grogu Used To Tame The Rancor?

As mentioned, Grogu used the Force to tame the Rancor and calm it down before putting it to sleep after it had run amok throughout Mos Espa. So, what is the Force power that Grogu used to tame the Rancor?

The ability that Grogu used is called animal kinship or beast control. As we have seen throughout the era of The Mandalorian, Lucasfilm tends to stay true to the Star Wars continuity by introducing old characters to make them canon and by using past concepts and abilities that we have seen in previous Star Wars movies and shows. That means that the animal kinship ability that Grogu used isn’t something new to the Star Wars continuity.

Animal kinship or connecting with animals is one of the basic things that Jedi padawans are taught. Star Wars: Rebels allowed us to see Kanan Jarrus teaching Ezra Bridger how to connect with a loth-cat. According to Jarrus, the secret is to not resist the connection between the Force user and the beast because animals can sense if the person is resisting the connection.

Of course, we have seen this power on display plenty of times throughout the entire Star Wars continuity. In Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Anakin Skywalker used beast control to calm down a reek and even ride it into battle. Meanwhile, in Star Wars: Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi used the same ability to lure a pack of gutkurrs into a trap.


That said, what Grogu essentially did was to use the powers he already knew he had because, as Luke said in episode 6, he was only teaching him how to remember the things he already knew. And considering that animal kinship is something that padawans are taught early on, as established when Kanan was teaching Ezra this skill and when padawan Anakin used it in Episode II, Grogu must have already learned this back when he trained in the Jedi Temple nearly three decades ago.

Is Grogu Going to Get More Force Powers In The Future?

Taming a Rancor or any other beast, for that matter, was the first time Grogu showcased his animal kinship ability. However, he had already shown his connection with the Force in the past because he was known to use his powers to make things float or to grab things from afar from time to time. So, will we see Grogu developing more powers in the future?

It is likely that Grogu will display improved Force abilities in the future or even showcase newer powers in the upcoming season of The Mandalorian. However, we are inclined to say that he doesn’t develop these powers out of the blue but actually just remembers them.

Going back to what we mentioned, Luke said that he was only teaching Grogu to remember. After all, Grogu learned how to use the Force and had basic training back when he was in the Jedi Temple before the events of Order 66, 28 years before the events of The Mandalorian.


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That means that Grogu already knows a few Force powers, but the trauma that he experienced and the many years he spent concealing his powers made him forget the abilities he already knew. 

As such, it could be possible that Grogu will steadily remember the things he was taught back in the Jedi Temple. But, in the absence of proper Jedi training from an established master, he might not grow to become super-powerful in the future.

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