How Did Jen Walters Turn into She-Hulk in Attorney At Law?

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We know that the entire She-Hulk series focuses on the titular character, as Jennifer Walters found herself in the middle of a drastic change in her life when she became the green giantess. Of course, we are not strangers to how Marvel Studios tends to change the origin stories of their characters, as Jen was the newest character to see a different origin story in her own She-Hulk series. So, how did Jen Walters turn into She-Hulk in Attorney at Law?

Jen Walters got her She-Hulk powers when she and Bruce Banner were in a car accident. After Jen saved him from the car wreckage, Bruce’s suffered a gash on his arm. The blood from his wound entered Jennifer’s bloodstream through her wound as well, as the gamma radiation transformed her into She-Hulk.

In a way, the origin story of Jen Walters in Attorney at Law is kind of different compared to her comic book origin story, as the events were not as dramatic. But the fact is that they are still the same because it was only through Bruce’s blood that Jen was able to become She-Hulk. As such, let’s look at how she got her powers in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

How Did Jen Walters Turn Into She-Hulk In Attorney At Law?

Every superhero starts out with their own comic book origin story, and that was the same for She-Hulk when she had her own origin story in the comic books. Basically, she was introduced as a new character in the Hulk comic book franchise, as She-Hulk started out as a lawyer named Jennifer Walters, who happened to be Bruce Banner’s cousin.

So, in the comics, Jen was working on a high-profile case involving a criminal she had incriminating evidence on. However, while waiting for her cousin, Bruce, who she hadn’t seen for years, some thugs entered her apartment and assassinated her. Bruce arrived just in time and transformed into the Hulk to chase away the assassins. But he needed to bring her to a hospital quickly, as he realized that she needed his blood to survive.

After Bruce gave some of his blood to his cousin, Jennifer Walters acquired the same ability to transform into a Hulk. As such, she eventually turned into She-Hulk, a superhero that started out as a Hulk side character but eventually became popular enough to become a member of the Avengers and even the Fantastic Four.


Nevertheless, we all know for a fact that Marvel Studios doesn’t always follow the comics in terms of the characters and their origin stories. That’s because Marvel Studios has become an entity that is entirely different in the sense that it has the freedom to do whatever it wants to do with any Marvel superhero. In that sense, it was easy to understand why Jen Walters also received a different origin story in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Like her comic book counterpart, Jen Walters works as a lawyer. However, she didn’t work on a case that got her on the wrong end of an assassination plot because Attorney at Law was always supposed to be a lighthearted legal comedy. As such, her origin story was due to an accident.


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It started when Jen and her cousin, Bruce, were on a trip so that they could catch up. Bruce was in his human mode at that time because he used an inhibitor device that allowed him to turn back to his regular self. But this turned out to be what eventually forced him back into his Hulk form.

While they were driving, a Sakaari spaceship surprised them on the road, and this forced Jen to make a quick turn to avoid the collision. They found themselves in an accident, but Jen got herself wounded when she tried to climb out of the vehicle. She helped Bruce get out of the car as well, but he ended up getting a gash on his arm as a result. On top of that, his inhibitor device also got damaged.

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The blood from Bruce’s arm entered Jen’s bloodstream, as she immediately changed into She-Hulk, who ran into the forest the moment the transformation happened. However, it was only when Bruce was able to capture her and put her to sleep that she eventually got transported to his beach house in Mexico. 

That was when Bruce, as Smart Hulk, explained to Jennifer that a lethal dose of gamma radiation entered her bloodstream as a result of the gash that he suffered in that accident. However, because they both share the same genetic ability to withstand gamma radiation, she gained the ability to transform into a Hulk instead of dying due to gamma radiation poisoning.


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So, in a way, Jennifer Walters’s origin story differs from the comics in the sense that everything that transformed her into She-Hulk was an accident. This takes on a more lighthearted approach compared to the comics, wherein she was the victim of an assassination plot. As such, it is easy to understand why Marvel Comics decided to take this route, considering that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was supposed to be a legal comedy that is on the lighter side of the MCU spectrum.

Nevertheless, the origin stories are still quite similar in the sense that the main component for the transformation was Bruce Banner’s blood. So, while the origin stories may be different, the catalyst (Bruce Banner’s blood) was still the same.

Can Jen Walters Control Her She-Hulk Form?

One of the things that weren’t changed from the comics was the fact that Jen Walters could still control her She-Hulk form in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. However, the process was sort of different, considering that it took her a while in the comics to completely control her transformation.

Nevertheless, in the series, Jen was shown to be in complete control over her She-Hulk form in just her third time transforming. She also said that she was in control during the other times she transformed but was too overwhelmed by the fact that she had become a Hulk.

As such, this is another aspect that makes Jen different from Bruce, as she has complete control over her transformation, whereas her cousin doesn’t. Bruce needed to merge his two consciousness with one another for him to learn how to control the Hulk. On the other hand, Jen is simply capable of controlling her transformation, to Bruce’s surprise. And this is an aspect that makes her a completely unique character.

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