How Did Leia Resist Reva’s Attempt at Reading Her Mind?

How Did Leia Resist Reva's Attempt at Reading Her Mind?

The Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries, Disney’s most recent addition to the Star Wars canon, has already given us a lot of thrills when Obi-Wan Kenobi met his old Padawan, Darth Vader, but the two of them are not the only interesting characters in the series. An unexpected heroine was embodied in Leia Organa, Vader’s daughter, whose years before she became the leader of the Rebellion were usually perceived to have been boring. Now, with her being the puppet in Reva’s hands, she has come into the spotlight. In this article, we are going to explain how Leia resisted Reva’s attempt at reading her mind.

Telepathy, or the Second Sight, is a very powerful tool in the hand of a powerful Force user. Weak-minded individuals or individuals who are not strong in the Force have difficulties resisting a Force user’s attempt at reading their minds, but since Leia is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker – a fact Reva is, of course, not aware of – she was able to resist the Third Sister’s attempt at reading her mind.

This article is going to be dedicated to Inquisitor Reva and her brief encounter with Leia in the Star Wars universe. At this moment, we have to say that we know very little about the circumstances and the backstory behind all of this, but we are going to give you as much as we can under the current circumstances, i.e., with the information we have.

How do Force users read minds?

Telepathy came in two forms: sensory and mental. Sensory telepathy (empathy, sympathy, condolences, unanimity, sensory telepathy) is telepathy in which the feelings and / or sensations of another person are recreated in the nervous system of the object of telepathy. The highest degree of such telepathy is the occurrence of sensory sensations.

Such telepathy was rarely conscious at the initial stage, but when sensory sensations arose, it was inevitably realized as a phenomenon coming from outside. Mental telepathy (speculation, unanimity) – telepathy, in which the processes that led to the formation of sound and visual sensations in the mind were recreated in the nervous system of the object.

Telepaths were usually called people who were supposed to have this particular skill. Telepathy was the primary ability that allowed individuals to communicate over short or long distances. Anyone who used the Force, Jedi or Sith, could use it. Theoretically, distances do not matter for telepathy – the telepath only needed to feel the one with whom he was going to communicate with telepathy.

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Thus, the communication of those sensitive to the Force with the insensitive required a small distance – no more than a few kilometers, and the communication of two sensitive ones could be up to a thousand kilometers. However, some couples who were brothers and/or sisters, friends (long-term relationships) or who loved each other, or if it was a teacher and a student, then the distances could be many times greater and in emergency cases (for example, connection between the twins Jacen and Jaina Solo), telepathic communication was limitless.

Saesee Tiin, Plo Koon and Kit Fisto developed telepathy to the maximum in the Old Jedi Order and were the order’s top three telepaths. Some races, such as the Iktotchi, Quermians, Kel Dor, and Drethos, were able to use this ability from birth, as it was inherited even without Force sensitivity (and when trained in the Force, their innate talent for telepathy increased many times over).

Since telepathy was the primary ability of the Force, Luke Skywalker was easily able to use it to communicate with Leia to help him during his defeat on Bespin. Darth Vader (when Luke and his friends were leaving) spoke to Luke to try again to convince him to team up with his father and turn to the dark side of the Force. The fact was that all three were connected by the principle of blood, which allowed them to communicate over long distances. Kiffars also had a subspecies of telepathy: they could “read” the memory of some objects.

How did Leia resist Reva’s attempt at reading her mind?

Now, in Episode 4 of the Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries, Reva tries to use the force to read Leia’s mind and find out where the Path members are hiding; if you remember, she did the same thing with Haja Estree in an earlier episode. But, unlike Haja, Leia proves to be a tough nut to crack and what is most interesting is that she doesn’t even seem to be making an effort.

The Third Sister gave it her all to access Leia’s mind, thinking that it would be very easy, but she failed. Leia, on the other hand, seemed to block her using sheer willpower, without any effort. Her endeavour seemed to be completely effortless. It is without a doubt that the Third Sister is a powerful Force user and, unlike Leisa, she has been trained in the ways of the Dark Side. So, how was Leia able to resist her?

Well, for one, it was because of her enormously strong will, but, likewise, because of her connection to the Force. Although Leia Organa was never in the spotlight as a Force user like Luke was, she was immensely powerful and her connection to the Force was extremely strong. She is the child of Anakin Skywalker, after all. This is why Leia resisting Reva seemed so effortless.

In essence, Leia is a much stronger Force user than Reva will ever be and she also has an extremely strong will, which allowed her to, actually, resist Reva’s attempt and hide the secret of the Path.

Does Reva know that Leia is Vader’s daughter?

Now, if you’ve read through our text and seen the video, you might be asking yourselves whether Reva knew Leia was Vader’s daughter or whether she found that fact out during the interrogation. Well, the answer is – no. There are several facts that undeniably confirm it is so. First of all, had Reva known that or found out at one point, she would’ve certainly told Vader, knowing how much she idolizes him. On top of that, she doesn’t seem to be treating Leia like more than a simple means to an end.

Secondly, Reva never actually entered Leia’s mind so she could not see the connection (although, Leia herself did not know it at that point). We can even express our doubts that Reva realized that Leia is a strong Force user; it seems that she simply though that Leia had a strong will and was not easily manipulated, but she probably did not sense Leia’s true powers and abilities.

Ultimately, as we’ve already explained in an earlier article, Darth Vader had no idea he had a daughter until the very end. He used telepathy to enter Luke’s mind and his emotions, finding out about a twin sister, i.e., his daughter. If Darth Vader did not know about Leia until the very end, there’s no way that Reva knew. Plus, it doesn’t seem like the show is really going to explore this side of the story; as we’ve said, Reva doesn’t seem to realize the importance of Leia Organa beyond using her in her schemes to capture Obi-Wan. But, hey, neither does Vader at this point so it’s all good.

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