How Is Theo Capable of Using the Evil Sword in The Rings of Power?

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In the earlier parts of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, we saw that Bronwyn’s son Theo stole a sword hilt that he found in old man Waldreg’s barn. But it wasn’t until episode 4 when Theo was under attack from an Orc that he actually attempted to use the sword by piercing his arm using the other end of the hilt. This allowed smoke to come out of the hilt until it was able to form a blade that was solid enough to actually cut the Orc. So, how is Theo capable of using the evil sword?

Theo is likely capable of using the evil sword because the blood of the Men that stood with Morgoth during the First Age flows in his veins. As Waldreg said, the sword hilt was passed down to him from his ancestors. That means that it is likely that those whose ancestors stood with Morgoth could use the sword.

It is worth mentioning that, ever since the first episode, the Elves were wary of the people of Tirharad in the Southlands because they knew that they possessed the same blood as those who stood with Morgoth in the past. That said, they had every reason to be worried about these Men, as proven by Waldreg, whose family worshipped Morgoth. Now, let’s look at why Theo is capable of using this sword hilt.

How Is Theo Capable Of Using The Evil Sword?

Ever since the first episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, one of the things that we learned was that Bronwyn’s son Theo wasn’t the most well-behaved boy. He wasn’t entirely evil but was a young boy that was capable of theft, as he stole a sword hilt hidden in the barn of old man Waldreg. It was that very same sword hilt that possessed Sauron’s mark. Of course, the sword seemingly had a darkness in it because it tempted Theo and had a magnetic attraction that made the boy hold on to it.

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While Theo and the rest of the people of his village fled the town to take refuge in the abandoned Elven watchtower so that they could escape the wrath of the Orcs that were attacking the settlements of Men in the Southlands. And he still held on to that sword hilt.

It was in episode 4, however, that Theo was able to showcase what the sword hilt could do. Against his mother’s will, he went back to town to search for food because the villagers taking refuge in the watchtower were starving. But he found himself getting attacked by an Orc when he entered the tavern. Not having anything to defend himself with, he used the end of the sword hilt to stab himself.


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In doing so, Theo allowed smoke to come out of the sword until it manifested into a full blade. The blade was strong enough to actually cut the Orc, as Theo retreated and hid with the sword hilt still in his possession. So, why was Theo able to use the evil sword hilt?

It is worth mentioning that the Men of the Southlands are the descendants of the ones that stood with Morgoth during the First Age hundreds of years ago. Their ancestors worshipped the dark lord and fought alongside him against the Elves many centuries back, as it was clear that the relationship between Men and Elves wasn’t exactly that good. That’s why the people of Tirharad weren’t welcoming to Arondir and the other Elves that were stationed there.

Waldreg said that this sword hilt was passed down to him by his ancestors, who were still loyal to Morgoth. This could imply that he belongs to a family that worshipped the dark lord centuries ago and that he himself is also loyal to him and is only awaiting the arrival of Sauron, who we know is the loyal servant of Morgoth. Waldreg even showed Theo the same marking that he received on his arm when he used the sword hilt.

In that regard, it is possible that only those who are descendants of the Men that stood with Morgoth are capable of using the sword hilt. That’s why, when Theo pierced himself with the end of the hilt, he was able to access the blade. It probably only reacts to the Men that were loyal to Morgoth. After all, while he showed little to no loyalty toward Morgoth or even Sauron, he still descended from the Men that stood with Morgoth many years ago.

Does Sauron Own The Sword?

As mentioned, Waldreg’s family passed the hilt on from one generation to another until it fell into his possession. Nevertheless, Theo stole the sword hilt, as Waldreg was already aware of what the boy did. But because he only cared about the return of the dark lord, he didn’t even care to ask the boy to give the sword hilt back. The only thing that Waldreg told the boy was about what the sword hilt was and who it belonged to.

Waldreg said that the sword was no sword but was actually “a power fashioned for our ancestors by his master’s own hand, a beautiful servant, he was lost but shall return.” Of course, he was talking about Sauron when he was referring to the lost servant. That’s because Sauron has been missing for centuries, as he presumably went into hiding after the fall of Morgoth.


In that regard, Waldreg was implying that the sword was probably forged by Morgoth and was fashioned for the ancestors of the Men that stood with the dark lord. He could also be implying that this sword was created by Sauron.


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Whatever the case may be, the point is that the sword was meant to be wielded by the Men of the Southlands because Sauron believed that they could still be loyal to Morgoth. And that’s why the sword had been passed down from one generation to another until it fell into the possession of Theo, who could be someone who would end up becoming one of Sauron’s servants in the future.

Who Could Theo Be In The Lord Of The Rings?

While it is too early to tell, we do believe that Theo is going to be one of Sauron’s servants because he is now the one wielding the sword hilt, which was always meant for the ancestors that once stood with Morgoth in the First Age. And when it comes to Sauron’s most loyal servants, there is no one more loyal than the Witch-King of Angmar, who we saw during the events of The Lord of the Rings trilogy movies.

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The Witch-King of Angmar used to be a Man that was corrupted by Sauron through the Ring of Power that he gave to the nine kings of Men during the Second Age. Of course, considering that Theo is the son of the woman who is now leading the Southlanders in their hopes of surviving the attacks of the Orcs, it is possible that Theo will be one of the lords of the Men in Middle-Earth and will one day receive a Ring of Power.

Then again, we already see that Theo is now steadily being corrupted by the sword hilt that was meant to be a weapon of the Men of the Southlands. And it is probably this sword that will ultimately make him a loyal servant of Sauron, as his Ring of Power will be the one to complete his transformation into a wraith or one of the Nazgûl.

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