How Is Vel Related to Mon Mothma? Is She the Senator’s Daughter?

mon and vel

One of the characters in Andor that we believe could be important to the overall flow of the storyline is Vel Sartha, who we met when Cassian Andor went to Aldhani for the job that Luthen Rael hired him for. However, the most recent teaser for Andor has suggested that there is something going on between Vel and Mon Mothma, as it appears that they are familiar with one another. So, how is Vel related to Mon?

It is possible that Vel is actually the daughter of Mon Mothma. That’s because Mon got married at the very young age of 16, and she is currently 41 in Andor. There is also the fact that Cinta just recently told Vel that she was a rich girl. As such, Vel could be related to Mon in some way.

The thing that we have noticed in Andor is that the characters don’t seem to be who they are, as everyone in this series has their own secrets to keep in the middle of a time of uncertainty. As such, similar to how Cassian Andor kept his identity a secret, it is also possible that Vel has been keeping her identity a secret as well. As such, let’s look at how she could be related to Mon Mothma.

Is Vel Related To Mon Mothma?

Even though the Andor series has focused heavily on Cassian Andor’s development and how he will eventually become a hero for the Rebellion, we know for a fact that the series also has a lot of side stories to tell. And most of these stories involved some of the background characters that have played crucial parts in the development of the storyline as well.

One of the important secondary characters we’ve seen so far is Vel Sartha, who Cassian Andor met when Luthen Rael took him to Aldhani after they escaped Ferrix together. Vel was the leader of a small group of rebels that were going to steal an entire payroll from an Aldhani Imperial base. And Cassian was brought in as Clem so that he could help in the success of the mission.

andor and vel

As that was happening, we also saw how things in Coruscant were developing because we also got to see the story of Senator Mon Mothma, who was actively pursuing her political career in Coruscant during the time when the Empire was still at the height of its power. During this time, Mon Mothma was working actively but secretly with Luthen Rael so that they could exchange information regarding the rebels and so that the senator could provide the funds that the rebels needed to operate.


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In that regard, while Vel’s storyline focused more on what was happening on the ground, Mon’s storyline focused more on what was happening behind the scenes, as she was one of the leaders that were secretly funding the rebels in their activities. Of course, neither her husband, Perrin Fertha, nor her daughter, Leida, is aware of what she has been doing not only as a politician but also as a rebel.

We know that Vel succeeded in her mission thanks in large part to Cassian’s participation in the raid. In episode 7, we saw Vel meeting with Kleya in Coruscant, as it looked like they already knew each other. Of course, Vel also looked like she was quite used to being in Coruscant while she was wearing fancy clothes. The meeting involved Kleya telling Vel to kill Cassian because he knew about Luthen.

Nevertheless, in one of the latest previews and promotional materials of Andor, we saw Vel and Mon in the same scene, as they were quite familiar with one another already. So, how does Vel know Mon Mothma, and could how are they related?

It is possible that Vel and Mon are related to one another in a familial sense, as the scene between them showed a level of intimacy and familiarity. Of course, it is also possible that they are simply familiar with one another due to the fact that they’ve already met sometime in the past. Nevertheless, judging by the fact that they don’t seem like they belong to the same age group, there could be something deeper between Vel and Mon Mothma.

Could Vel Be Mon Mothma’s Daughter?

The current belief among different fans of Andor is that Vel Sartha is actually the daughter of Mon Mothma. We agree with this theory not just because fans believe it to be true. Instead, we actually have certain pieces of evidence that could actually tie the two together.

Mon Mothma was born on 46 BBY, which is 41 years before the events of Andor. That means that she is right around 41 years old in Andor, and that age is enough for her to have a teenage daughter in the form of Leida. However, the thing is that it was also mentioned previously that Mon and her husband, Perrin, got married at the age of 16, which was perfectly normal in their home planet of Chandrila. In that regard, it is possible that they may have already had another daughter before Leida.

Vel does seem to be old enough to be the daughter of a 41-year-old woman who got married at the age of 16 and quite possibly had a daughter at around that age as well. If Mon got pregnant at 16, that would mean that Vel should be around 25, which does seem to fit her age in the series, even though we don’t know what her actual age is.


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There is also the fact that Cinta, who is portrayed as Vel’s lover, once said that Vel came from a rich family. Of course, we know that Mon Mothma is from a rich family, considering the fact that she lives in luxury in Coruscant and is engaged in politics.

Because of Mon Mothma’s political views, which were secretly against the Empire, it is possible that Vel also adopted the same views but decided to take the more radical approach by actually fighting the Empire in any way she could. As such, in the teaser, we saw Vel telling Mon that they’ve both chosen a side, and that could mean that they both chose to fight the Empire in their own way.

The possibility that Vel is Mon’s daughter could also be seen in the fact that Luthen Rael added Cassian Andor to the Aldhani mission just days before its commencement. Luthen probably realized that Vel’s team wasn’t ready and lacked a missing piece. Of course, Luthen wanted the mission to succeed not only because it would send a message to the Empire but also because of the fact that the one leading the mission on the ground was probably the daughter of Mon Mothma, who was the one financing the missions.

mon and luthen

As such, adding Cassian was a security blanket on the part of Luthen because he didn’t want to lose the daughter of the woman that was financing the rebels. After all, if Mon were to lose her daughter, she would probably stop supporting the rebels in their cause.

Then again, it is also possible that, instead of being Mon’s daughter, Vel might be her younger sister. We’ve seen this dynamic before in Star Wars: Clone Wars when Satine Kryze had a younger sister in Bo-Katan, but both of them had different views in relation to how Mandalore should be led. As such, if Mon and Vel are siblings, the same dynamic could be used in them, as they are fighting the same war but are doing so in different ways.

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