How Strong Is the Spider Devil? Compared to Other Chainsaw Man Characters

spider devil spider form

Episode 11 of Chainsaw Man allowed us to meet a lot of other Devils that are going to become big parts of the future of the series. Of course, the episode introduced several nonhuman characters fighting on the side of Special Division 4 of Public Safety, as these nonhumans were either Devils or Fiends. One of the characters we met was the Spider Devil, who appeared to be more than capable of handling herself. So, how strong is the Spider Devil?

The Spider Devil has almost all of the standard abilities of Devils, and that means that she has enhanced strength and is capable of killing zombies with a single strike. Because she embodies the fear of spiders, the Spider Devil can do what spiders are capable of and can even use her legs for piercing.

Of course, the Spider Devil isn’t as strong as some of the other Devils in Chainsaw Man, but she is still pretty strong to be able to fight on the side of Public Safety and kill a lot of different Devils along the way. Nevertheless, her powers pale in comparison to the more powerful Devils in the storyline. Now, let’s get to know more about how powerful the Spider Devil is.

How Strong Is The Spider Devil?

Chainsaw Man, as we all know, is an anime where there are a lot of supernatural creatures called the Devils, which are hostile toward humans and have their own powers and abilities. But while Devils are mostly hostile toward humans, some of them actually work for Public Safety, which is responsible for killing Devils that threaten the peace of the country. And while we’ve seen the likes of Denji and Power in action, we found out in episode 11 that there were more Devils and Fiends working for Public Safety.

One of the Devils that we met in episode 11 of Chainsaw Man was the Spider Devil, who was one of the many different Devils and Fiends working for Public Safety and is now a part of Special Division 4. Spider Devil looks like a normal young woman but has a zipper at the center of her face. At first, the Violence Fiend thought that she was human, but her zipper gave her away.

spider devil

When she assumes her spider form, the Spider Devil still has the same appearance but develops numerous long legs that allow her to resemble a spider. These legs are curved and have pointy ends that are used for stabbing. Normally, she assumes her human form so that she can appear to be friendly to humans, especially whenever she is working alongside the other Devil Hunters. She is also quite polite and docile compared to other Devils but will still kill humans whenever they look at her the long way.

Introduced in the manga with her human name of Princi, the Spider Devil does seem to have a proper personality but is quite ferocious whenever she gets mad. This was seen in the events of the attack on Katana Man’s base. In that attack, she immediately assumed her spider form after the Violence Fiend thought that she was a human. She is also quite expressionless whenever she fights, as this was shown in the manga when she showed no expression at all after the Darkness Devil mutilated her.


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It is the Spider Devil’s loyalty and devotion to Makima that made her a Devil Hunter that is quite reliable. In fact, she is said to be one of the few Devils that are not entirely hostile to humans but will still attack when provoked. 

Speaking of her attack, the Spider Devil comes with most of the standard powers and abilities of a Devil. That means that she has enhanced strength that is beyond what human beings are capable of achieving. Her enhanced strength extends to her legs, as she is able to easily kill the zombies in Katana Man’s base without any effort whatsoever. She could kill a zombie with a single strike of her leg, and that means that she is probably capable of killing regular humans the same way s well.

spider devil attack

As the Spider Devil, which is the embodiment of the fear of spiders, Princi has all of the capabilities of a spider. That means that she could use her legs to walk on walls. She can even become intangible and submerge herself under the ground without having to burrow. The Spider Devil can use this power to surprise her enemies at any given moment by emerging from the ground.

In the manga, the Spider Devil shows that her zipper actually has a purpose. While in Hell, she was able to summon Makima by unfurling the zipper on her face. It is unknown whether or not this power extends to other people, but it is clear that she can summon Makima wherever she is by simply opening her zipper.

How Does The Spider Devil Compare To Other Chainsaw Man Characters?

To know just how strong the Spider Devil is, let’s compare her to the other characters in Chainsaw Man.


It is possible that the Spider Devil is weaker than Denji, considering that Denji has a special ability that is unique to the Chainsaw Devil. While Denji and his Chainsaw Devil powers aren’t exactly that strong, his ability to use his chainsaws to rip through almost anything should give him a significant advantage over Princi because he can simply rip through the Spider Devil’s legs. Of course, Denji’s durability is also very impressive, considering that the Master said that he was immortal.


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The Spider Devil is completely loyal and devoted to Makima, and that may be due to the fact that Makima is actually the Control Devil. We don’t know whether or not Makima used her Control Devil powers on the Spider Devil to force her to be her loyal subordinate. But what we do know is that Makima is a lot stronger than the Spider Devil, considering that she has Princi’s complete loyalty.

Darkness Devil

In the manga, the Spider Devil attacked the Darkness Devil but was completely overwhelmed in their fight. Despite knowing just how strong the Darkness Devil is, Princi didn’t hesitate to attack it. However, the Darkness Devil effortlessly ripped through the Spider Devil with little to no effort at all as it mutilated her in their fight.

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