How Strong Is the Violence Fiend? Compared to Other Chainsaw Man Characters

violence fiend punch

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We already knew that Public Safety in Chainsaw Man employed the use of Devils and Fiends. But it was only in episode 11 that we saw a lot of those Devils and Fiends in action when Special Division 4 of Public Safety attacked Katana Man’s base to take revenge on what they did in the previous episodes. The Violence Fiend was one of the non-human Devil Hunters that we saw in action in that raid. So, how strong is the Violence Fiend?

The Violence Fiend is so strong that he needs to wear a poison-dispensing mask that is meant to limit his strength. But even with the mask on, he has enhanced strength that’s on par or even greater than any other Devil. He also has the ability to tap into his true power and strengthen a limb temporarily.

While the Violence Fiend is indeed very strong, we didn’t see his true power in the manga because he died before he could actually showcase the full extent of his strength. Nevertheless, the Violence Fiend is incredibly strong and is one of the stronger Fiends in Chainsaw Man as far as his physical strength is concerned. Now, let’s get to know more about the Violence Fiend.

How Strong Is The Violence Fiend?

Episode 11 of Chainsaw Man introduced several different non-human Devil Hunters that formed part of the new Special Division 4 of Public Safety. This introduction happened when the Devil Hunters mounted an attack on the base of Katana Man to take revenge for what they did in the previous episodes. Of course, this time, Special Division 4 was at full strength, especially now that it had more non-human Devil Hunters in it.

One of the non-human Devil Hunters introduced in that episode was the Violence Fiend. He was introduced just right after the Shark Fiend was shown, as he kicked the Shark Fiend and caused him to fall to the floor when he thought that the Violence Fiend was one of the zombies in Katana Man’s base. The Violence Fiend proceeded to attack the zombies before mistaking the Spider Devil to be an ordinary human being.

violence fiend

Named Galgali, the Violence Fiend is unlike a lot of Devils and Fiends because he loves peace and love, as he attributes this to the fact that he retained a lot of his human brain when the Violence Devil took over his human host’s body. In that regard, the Violence Fiend is a lot more peaceful and is less hostile to humans compared to other Devils and Fiends.

Despite that, the Violence Fiend is an extremely strong Fiend that is capable of matching or even exceeding the power of Devils. Normally, Fiends are weaker than Devils because they are limited by the bodies of their human hosts. However, the Violence Fiend is one of the exceptions to that general rule because he is a lot stronger than regular Fiends and possesses strength that could match or surpass some Devils.

Galgali’s enhanced strength is so great that he is said to have extraordinary power. The mask that he wears is there to make sure that his power is kept in check, as this is actually a poison-dispensing mask that is meant to weaken him and keep his true power at bay. Despite that, the Violence Fiend is capable of beating up and killing zombies with a single hit. And he even knocked the Shark Fiend to the ground with just a single strike.

In the manga, the Violence Fiend fought against Reze and showcased his strength when the ground cracked after Reze blocked his kicks. That means that he is far stronger than a standard Fiend and may even be more powerful than most Devils. This also implies that he could be far stronger if he didn’t have his poison-dispensing mask on, as his true strength could be far greater than most other Devils.


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Despite wearing a poison-dispensing mask that weakens him, the Violence Fiend shows no signs that the poison actually has ill effects on him. That means that he is highly resistant to poison and only weakens in the physical sense when exposed to it. 

Even when wearing his mask, Galgali was able to show that he was more than capable of tapping into his true power. During his fights with Reze in the manga, the Violence fiend can access his released state by strengthening and enlarging some of the portions of his body. The limbs that he strengthens gain muscle mass and become far more powerful than before.

The fact that the Violence Fiend is so strong is the reason why his power needs to be kept in check. It is even forbidden to remove his mask, as the Devil Hunters don’t know what he is capable of when he has access to his full strength.

On top of the fact that he is extremely strong, the Violence Fiend is an expert in unarmed combat. Paying respect to his name, the Violence Fiend is capable of fighting like a seasoned pro without a weapon. His punches and kicks are strong enough to easily decapitate a zombie.

Of course, the manga allowed us to see the Violence Fiend taking his mask off so that he could fight the immensely powerful Darkness Devil. However, Galgali almost instantly perished in that fight due to how strong the Darkness Devil is, as we never saw just how powerful the Violence Fiend is when fighting at his full strength.

How Does The Violence Fiend Compare To The Other Chainsaw Man Characters?

To understand just how strong the Violence Fiend is, let’s compare him to some of the other Chainsaw Man characters.

Shark Fiend

violence fiend kick

The Violence Fiend is a lot stronger than the Shark Fiend. This was shown when the Shark Fiend thought that Galgali was a zombie and proceeded to eat him. However, in a quick and swift trike, the Violence Fiend knocked the Shark Fiend on his butt without much effort at all. In that regard, if the Violence Fiend had his mask removed, he should be far more powerful than the Shark Fiend in almost all categories.


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While they are both Fiends, the Violence Fiend should be stronger than Power because of his very nature as the embodiment of violence. As previously mentioned, Fiends are physically weaker than Devils, and that’s why Power struggles to match the strength of other Devils. But Violence Fiend is an exception because his very nature as the host of the Violence Devil allows him to have a strength that is far greater than Power’s own physical strength.


We know that Denji is incredibly strong when he takes on his Chainsaw Devil form, but it is possible that he is physically weaker compared to the full strength of the Violence Fiend. That’s because the Violence Fiend, when suppressed, is capable of matching the strength output of Denji. Of course, Denji is a special case and is more durable than the Violence Fiend. As such, while it is possible that the full power of the Violence Fiend allows him to have greater physical strength compared to Denji, Chainsaw Man should be stronger when you factor in his other abilities.

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