How the 8 Special Attack on Titan Episodes Fit Into the Story?

If you still haven’t got a chance to watch the 8 special episodes of Attack on Titan that were released ahead of the season finale, you can still follow up while you are waiting for January 9th. The first episode of the second part of season 4 will air in only a couple of days in the second week of January 2022, making a great start to the year for anime and Attack on Titan fandom all over the world.

The special episodes were released on Funimation on December 19th, 2021, while Crunchyroll streamed all eight episodes on the same date. Fans can still watch OAD Attack on Titan episodes in anticipation of the series finale. But how do these episodes fit into the story of Eldian people, Marley, Eren Jaeger, and other characters in Attack on Titan?

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Special episodes revolve around different characters at different timeline points, covering various events that took place during and before the first three seasons of the saga of Titans and men. The first OAD episode is following Levi and Hange as they come across the journal of Ilse Langar, a member of the Scouting Legion. Ilse Langar died but her journal remains as a testimony to her encounter with an odd Titan that doesn’t attack her right away.

A two-part special follows Levi before the time he joined the Scouting Legion, while some episodes are following the events of Mikasa, Eren, and Armin during their training era. One of the special episodes follows Mikasa while her parents are still alive, and another one reveals unknown details about Annie Leonheart.

The point of OAD special Attack on Titan episodes is to show us some yet unseen arcs and get us closer to understanding the characters and their backgrounds and motivations, while also keeping us entertained with more details of the world of AoT.  

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