How To Find And Complete The Abandoned Cave In Elden Ring? (& Get Gold Scarab)


One of the things that can make Elden Ring easier is a good item that can improve your chances of becoming stronger in the game. Of course, we recommend that you get the Gold Scarab, which can only be found in the Abandoned Cave. Finishing the Abandoned Cave will reward you with amazing items and will also allow you to obtain the Gold Scarab. So, in that regard, how do you find and complete the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring?

You can find the Abandoned Cave in the western part of Caelid, just east of the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. There will be a tree that will allow you to cross a canyon so that you can get to the Abandoned Cave. Defeating the mini-boss in the Abandoned Cave will reward you with the Gold Scarab.

The Gold Scarab is almost a must-have for any Elden Ring player because of how it allows the player to get more runes. If you have more runes, you’ll be able to level up faster. As such, finding and completing the Abandoned Cave should be one of the early-game priorities of any player. This is why we have a guide that will allow you to complete the Abandoned Cave.

Where To Find The Abandoned Cave In Elden Ring?

If you ever want to speed up your efforts in leveling up while playing Elden Ring, one of the most important things you should have is the Gold Scarab. This item is something that you will find in the Abandoned Cave, which is an area that offers a lot of good treasures after you complete it. And the best part is that those who are still in the early stages of the game can actually attempt to finish this area.

To find the Abandoned Cave, you need to go to the most northern part of Limgrave and then head east to get to a place called Caelid. You would know that you are in Caelid when the place looks like a desolate hellish environment.

abandoned cave
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In the western part of Caelid, look for the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. This is easy to find because it’s somewhere along the path as long as you simply follow the road. Go east of the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace to get to a canyon. You will find a Pendulum Statue enemy that’s close to a tree that extends across the canyon. Cross this tree so that you will be able to reach a ledge that will allow you to enter the Abandoned Cave.

Simply go down the tunnel to arrive at the Site of Grace. Before entering the Abandoned Cave, make sure you have enough Preserving Boluses and flasks because you will need those items when you are already in the cave.

How To Complete The Abandoned Cave In Elden Ring?

Just after the Site of Grace, you can drop down to land in a pool of Scarlet Rot. This is where you’ll understand why you should keep a lot of Preserving Boluses and flasks handy. Some people recommend that you have at least seven flasks here if you don’t have Preserving Boluses. And the problem is that, because the pool is deep, you’ll be moving slower while the rot is chipping away at your health.

Go to the left will allow you to see an unresponsive Pendulum Statue. Meanwhile, going to the right will allow you to see a corpse and some Aeonian Butterfly. Continue to the left path so that you will reach a platform with more Pendulum Statues. There will be a place where you can drop down so that you can see a corpse that’s carrying the Serpent Bow, which should be an upgrade to the regular Long Bow.


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Meanwhile, if you head right from there, there will be a Fungal Spellcaster. Moving on will allow you to see a Rat and another Fungal Spellcaster. These enemies should be easy enough to take care of, but the problem is the constant Scarlet Rott chipping away at your health.

Moving on further will allow you to enter a tunnel with two Rats near a corpse with a Fire Grease. Make sure that you don’t allow the Rats to hit you because they can kill you if the Scarlet Rot is maxed out.

From there, moving forward will allow you to see Fungal Spellcasters that may hit you if you aren’t careful enough. Kill them off before killing the Miranda plants. The room will now be safe enough for you so that you can climb up the destroyed Pendulum Statues on the left side so that you can reach a corpse that has the Venomous Fang, which is a capable fist weapon.

Drop back down and move on forward to the same ledge where you found the Fungal Spellcasters. There will be a tunnel that you can go through, as you will end up in front of a mist wall.

How To Get Gold Scarab?

elden ring golden scarab location

Going through the mist wall will allow you to battle two Cleanrot Knights that will make things interesting. You have to defeat these enemies because they will reward you with the Gold Scarab after the fight.

When you enter the arena, the first Knight you will see should have a sword and a spear. Make sure that you are a bit aggressive in this fight because you need to take a chunk out of the first Knight before the second one arises from the center of the room. It should be a good idea to rely on your Spirit Ash Summons here because they will interrupt and distract the first Knight so that you can kill it quickly.


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Don’t worry about the Cleanrot Knight’s attacks too much because they are quite easy to dodge for an experienced player at this point in the game. Make sure that you kill the first Knight or, at the very least, bring its health down significantly before the second Knight arises.

Avoid the lunging attack that the Knight uses with its spear because that can cause significant damage and can even apply Scarlet Rot on you. It also has a second magic attack when it crosses both of its weapons to blast energy towards you. Don’t get too greedy when attacking the first Knight so that you can dodge easily.

Meanwhile, the second Knight wields a sickle and a sword. It often uses its weapons for swiping attacks. However, it can also perform a magic attack that will allow it to throw spinning discs at you whenever it swings its sickle. The problem here is that these attacks are homing, and that means that you have to dodge at the last second. 

If you stay too close to it, it will spin with its sickle to attack you even if you are behind it. That’s why you shouldn’t get too greedy with the second Knight as well. And because your Spirits are probably already dead at this point, it is essential that you keep an eye on the second Knight because you no longer use anything to distract it.

There is also the fact that the second Knight will throw up Scarlet Rot, which will splash in front of it in a small pool. It is easy to avoid this attack but always make sure that you stay clear from it because Scarlet Rot can kill you quite easily.

After defeating the two Cleanrot Knights, you will be awarded the Gold Scarab.

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