How to Get and Play Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

How to Get and Play Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action role-playing game created by Devsisters and it is a spin-off that serves as the sixth installment within the entire Cookie Run series. The game makes players assume the role of a cookie, with each cookie having its individual and unique character.

The Sea Fairy Cookie is a Legendary cookie with an advanced level of usage and players would benefit a lot if they do get a chance to use it, but being a legendary cookie, it is extremely rare to find in the game, so how exactly do I find and use the Sea Fairy Cookie?

Players can get the Sea Fairy Cookie by either trying their luck with the Special Cookie Gacha or by making use of the Soulstones to level up their cookies. To use the cookie to its fullest extent, put it in the middle. This is the best spot to place the cookie if you want the best in a battle.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is interesting and quite addictive if I’m to be frank. The gameplay is straightforward to understand, you assume the role of a cookie and use each of their unique skills to advance further. The skills of these cookies also improve as a player continues playing the game which always allows them to advance higher in their levels.

Players start the game with regular cookies but as you play the game more, you’ll have several opportunities to get even stronger cookies with better skills, one of these cookies is the Sea Fairy Cookie. This is a Legendary cookie, and bearing that title means it is very rare to get in the game unless you are willing to spend the cash for it.

I will be showing you the various ways by which you can get a Sea Fairy Cookie, and I will also show you the best way to use this Legendary cookie, so just read on.

How to Get Sea Fairy Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom?

How to Get and Play Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

If you have been searching everywhere for the Sea Fairy Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom, then I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to search anymore, because I have the solution for you. Well, there are 2 solutions or methods in which you can get a Sea Fairy Cookie. 

The First method is to get it through the Special Cookie Gacha, and you can also get all Epic cookies through this method if you’re lucky enough. However, you do have to bear in mind that this method is time-consuming, and unless you aren’t under any time constraint I would recommend you try the second method.

Generally, the chances of getting the Sea Fairy Cookie through this method are extremely low because you will sometimes be pulling out other cookies, so the method requires you to try again several times before you can get it.

The second method involves making use of the Soulstones to increase the rank of your cookies. Although if you don’t have the warrior of the Soulstones, you can still bake the Sea Fairy Cookie.

Further Explanation In Details

The Sea Fairy Cookie is legendary in the Cookie Run Kingdom, and from her lore, she is the owner of the Dream of the Tower, which is a beautiful piece of decoration in the game. As such, the two most recommended investments for this cookie are Toppings and Skill powders.

Just as I explained earlier, if you want to get your hands on this beautiful-looking legendary cookie, you either have to make use of the Special Cookie Gacha or the Soulstones, so here is a more in-depth look at these methods.

Special Cookie Gacha

This is one of the best ways you can get your hands on not just the Legendary Sea Fairy Cookie, but also all other Epic cookies in the game. But the only downside is that this method is time-consuming, because the chances of pulling out the legendary cookie are very low, and as such you have to keep trying again and again before you can even get close to pulling it out.

This mostly happens because you might end up picking other random cookies before you get lucky enough to pull out the legendary, so I recommend using this method only when you have a lot of spare time, a bit of luck, and a calm frame of mind or you might end up breaking something around you.


The second way you can get a Sea Fairy Cookie is by making use of a Unique form of currency in the game called Soulstones. You can use these stones to increase the rank of your cookies. As a good alternative, you can also bake the Sea Fairy Cookie if you do not have access to the Warrior of the Soulstones.

Now that you understand How to Get the Sea Fairy Cookie, let’s go on to the best way to play this legendary cookie.

How to Play Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

How to Get and Play Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

The Sea Fairy Cookie belongs to the Bomber class, and as such the best place to put this cookie is in the middle. This warrior comes equipped with a super skill/ability which allows her to shoot a stream of water that causes destruction and knocks down 5 other close enemies. Afterward, a pool of water appears below the targets, which eventually explodes with the power of eternity causing severe damage to the targets.

However, you do need to keep in mind that this skill does not work on summoned enemies. The best Toppings for this cute cookie are Sweet Chocolate and Searing Raspberry.

That’s everything you need to know on how to Get and Play the Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. As you’ve already seen, it is very easy to get and even easier to use, although if you are going to use the Gacha pull, I’ll advise that you be patient with it and continue trying till eventually, you get it. Now that you know how to play this cookie, let’s talk about other important subjects on the Sea Fairy Cookie. 

What Are the Best Toppings for Sea Fairy Cookie?

Out of the ten toppings to choose from in Cookie Run: Kingdom, the Best Toppings for the Sea Fairy Cookie can either be the Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate. But in some cases, the Solid Almond can also be considered if you want to be creative enough. So here is a brief run through each of these toppings.

Searing Raspberry

The Searing Raspberry gives cookies a straight-up flat attack buff which is a great addition for damage dealing cookies. It also grants some bonuses if it is equipped three or 5 times. Sometimes the best thing you can do on most of your offensive cookies will be to equip them with a full five Searing Raspberries for an insane amount of damage.

Now if this Topping was equipped to the Sea Fairy Cookie, that would mean she has the chance to destroy up to 5 enemies when her ability comes up because of the massive damage from not just the skill but from the Topping and its bonus stats as well.

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Swift Chocolate

The Swift Chocolate topping reduces the Cooldown of cookies moves/skills. Naturally, this topping is best equipped on cookies with abilities that players would want to be used more often in battle.

For example, the Sea Fairy Cookie has a move called Soaring Compassion which stubs up to five enemies at a time, so if this topping is used on the cookie, it reduces the Cooldown for that skill and the skill can be used more often to stun enemies in battle while the offensive units clean up the stunned enemies.

Solid Almond

The Solid Almond is best used on the team tanks and Damage soakers. It increases a cookie’s resistance level to damage which makes them more Durable in a battle. However, you can only get the bonus stats from this topping if by equipping it 5 times on a cookie, but still, there is nothing bad in doing that.

You can equip this topping to a damage-dealing cookie if you want it to sustain more in a battle. For example, if you want your Sea Fairy Cookie to be more of a support/stunner, you can increase her resistance with this Topping which means more stuns with less the chance of her getting destroyed early. You can even combine this topping with the Swift Chocolate if you want more resistance and lower Cooldowns.

This topping is more or less a wildcard for the Sea Fairy Cookie when compared to the Searing Raspberry and the Swift Chocolate, although it is not as good as the other two, it is still an okay addition.

Is Sea Fairy Cookie the Only Legendary?

There are currently only two playable Legendary cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and they are the Sea Fairy Cookie and the Frost Queen Cookie. These two cookies can be pulled out from any Cookie Gacha, but your chances of getting them will be much better if you try pulling them out from their respective Gacha events.

Just as the name suggests, a Legendary cookie is a cookie with a somewhat godlike status and it has a significant influence on how the cookie world was shaped. Being a legendary cookie means it is very rare to get and it has a 0.054% chance of being pulled out from the Gacha pull. Although you won’t find their Soulstones in most shops, modes, and landmarks, you can still buy them from the Rainbow Shell Gallery.

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