How To Get the Silk Touch Enchantment In Minecraft?

How To Get the Silk Touch Enchantment In Minecraft?

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Silk Touch is a pretty useful enchantment in Minecraft as it allows players to mine the blocks instead of picking up the dropped items. You can collect items that are delicate like glass or ice or you can gather the blocks like diamond or coal by mining them with Silk Touch instead of searching for the dropped diamond and coal items.

Silk Touch enchantment can be obtained from books in the chest, through village traders, or by loot chests from desert temples.

Delicate items are prone to shattering when mined without the enchantment. But when you use a Silk Touch enchanted tool to mine glass or ice then it will drop in a block instead of shattered pieces.

If you’re left wondering what all things can be done by Silk Touch enchantment then follow the next paragraph.

What Does Silk Touch Do In Minecraft?

How To Get the Silk Touch Enchantment In Minecraft?

Enchantments are useful in optimizing the various tools, weapons, or books. They improve the item’s ability by providing additional strength.

Silk Touch enchantment is useful for collecting blocks that don’t otherwise drop themselves. It is the easiest way to add items to your inventory instead of searching for hours wasting your time and energy within the game.

This enchantment can be added to various items such as a pickaxe, shovel, axe, or shears using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command. Once you apply it, you can add all the rare items in your inventory In reasonably less time.

Hold the enchanted tool in your hands to make it work. Then only you can mine the items. Without holding the enchanted tool in your hand, you cannot use this enchantment.

When using the silk touch enchantment to mine, you will get the whole block of the item you are searching for instead of the dropped item. This helps to minimize efforts in picking up the dropped items.  

When you use a silk touch shovel it will pick up grass exactly as it. You can keep the grass block wherever you want. Mining the grass with Silk Touch doesn’t break it into small pieces. You get the whole of the block. 

There are some items that are difficult to be picked up. For them, Silk touch is the best way to mine and move them to a place you want. The best example is ice. Just like glass, it is difficult to pick up. As it is an important source in Minecraft, obtaining it in large quantity is important for your survival. 

Cobwebs are also picked up using an enchanted sword. Using the sword enchantment, the whole cobweb can be dropped at once without breaking it into parts.

Anything that breaks itself can be picked up using this enchantment. Silk Touch is useful in these cases and makes things feasible.

Not only that, but it also protects a player from any danger that can occur while mining. Fast and quick mining is such a relief and way better than working hard for long.

What Is The Easiest Way To Get Silk Touch In Minecraft?

To get the Silk Touch enchantment Check for tier 3 enchants on the table. If it shows silk touch then go level up and take it. If Silk Touch doesn’t show up then place a trash item and use one of the tier’s 1 enchant. This process will reset the enchants on all items. Keep on repeating until you get your hands on Silk Touch.

This is the easiest way you can get Silk Touch Enchantment. There are other methods to get it like trading with villagers or from silk touch book inside the chests but none of them will grant you the enchantment instantly.

You can obtain it through these methods but with extra effort. The librarian can also enchant any book instantly.

If you’re a beginner, turn any unemployed villager into a librarian by giving a lecture. This librarian turn villager will offer to trade enchanted book or paper book. Trade the Silk Touch book with him. If you want to reset the librarian trade offers, do it by breaking the lecture.

All these versions of Minecraft below allow the Silk Touch enchantment.

  • Xbox One
  • PS3
  • Xbox 360
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • PS4
  • Pocket Edition (PE)

Silk Touch works well in combination with Fortune enchantment as both these enchantments complement each other well. Silk Touch is used to mine the items in blocks and fortune enchantment is used to break down large blocks into small pieces.

Where Do You Get Silk Touch In Minecraft?

How To Get the Silk Touch Enchantment In Minecraft?

There are several tricks to get this enchantment. Although it is not the easiest one to get. But with a little work players can get their hands on it. Being a useful enchantment, it is quite common within the playing community. 

You can obtain Silk Touch enchantment by using an enchanting table. Adding bookshelves at one block distance from the enchanting table helps in high-level enchantments. Similar to the librarian, you can reset this method as well.

There are several items that require Silk Touch enchantment for mining. Without this enchantment, these items cannot be mined.

·        Book

·        Diamond AXE

·        Diamond Hoe

·        Diamond Pickaxe

·        Diamond Shovel

·        Golden Axe

·        Golden Hoe

·        Golden Pickaxe

·        Golden Shovel

·        Iron Axe

·        Iron Hoe

·        Iron Pickaxe

·        Iron Shovel 

·        Stone Axe

·        Stone Hoe

·        Stone Pickaxe

·        Stone Shovel

·        Wooden Axe 

·        Wooden Hoe

·        Wooden Pickaxe

·        Wooden Shovel

·        Netherite Axe       

·        Netherite Hoe

·        Netherite Pickaxe

·        Netherite Shovel

The benefits of Silk Touch

·        Mine ore blocks, which saves a ton of time if you can use fortune enchantment on them later.

·        Growing grass in the region where Mycelium is not present can take hundreds of blocks and too long for it to spread.  With silk touch, it becomes so easy to get it to a place you want and then using fortune enchantment to break the blocks of grass and use it for your purpose. Also, this enchantment lets you put them in Nether.

·        If you ever made any mistake while building a structure with glass then you can break it using the Silk touch enchantment so that the glass blocks remain intact after being dropped from the structure.

·        A player can mine Ice in big blocks that are again impossible to do without the enchanted tools.

·        A rare block named Podzol becomes easy to mine. Along with getting picked up with Silk Touch, it can replace both Grass and Mycelium for growing anything on top of it.

·        Time spent in furnace smelting can be saved by mining smooth stone with the help of Silk Touch.

What Level Do You Need To Get Silk Touch In Minecraft?

How To Get the Silk Touch Enchantment In Minecraft?

The level to get silk touch in Minecraft is Level 1. Items can be only enchanted up to Silk Touch 1 and not higher than this enchantment.

Enchantment command for the silk touch is below:

/enchant @p silk_touch 1

There are many advantages of Silk Touch once you get it. I already described many in the above paragraphs. But aside from those without Silk Touch enchantment you won’t even bother to move grass, Mycelium, Podzol, Ice from one place to another because it is so time-consuming.

Building a new world is exciting but equally laborious. There are lot of items to be found and secured before you can start any construction. You need a better and faster way if you want to play the game while your brain doesn’t explode due to exhaustion and so many obstacles that can arise in the game.

For that Silk Touch enchantment is a wonderful technique that can reduce some of the obstacles and saves time by mining items quickly and in bulk (block) quantities. 

How To Get Silk Touch Hands In Minecraft?

You can get the silk touch hands in Minecraft through the plugin server (link is given below). There are no other ways to get the silk touch on your hands except this. Because the game doesn’t have this feature it can be only obtained through an external plugin.

By just simply touching the block you can get silk touch enchantment through your hands.

It’s very beneficial for SMP roleplay. You should use the latest version to improve the roleplay.

This plugin works in Minecraft version 1.16 and upwards. Also, the plugin is not recommended for public servers. It may generate some issues. But with private servers it is perfect!

Here is the site that you can download directly from.

Can You Get Silk Touch From Fishing?

You can get Silk Touch enchantment from fishing. But that might be rare and occasional luck. The best way is to get it through the enchanting table or through books in the chests.Pro Tip: Always set up an AFK fish farm. You’ll get numerous books including silk touch. 

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