How to Make Paper in Minecraft? Follow These 3 Simple Steps

How to Make Paper in Minecraft? Follow These 3 Simple Steps

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Crafting & using paper can be absolutely fun in Minecraft if you are creative. It finds its use in making empty maps and sometimes, even locator maps. You can also zoom in on the maps using the anvil and paper. But it’s not very easy to make. So exactly what steps do you have to follow to make paper in Minecraft?

You’d need sugarcane to make paper. Once you have 3 pieces of sugarcane, place them in the middle row of your crafting grid. This will give you 3 pieces of paper. To find sugarcane, you have to travel to marshy places or near the water bodies.

Finding sugarcane is sometimes tricky. Therefore, I would suggest you start your own sugarcane farm in Minecraft if you intend to use a lot of paper. You can use paper for crafting several interesting items that include normal maps, locator maps, banner patterns, books, and even fireworks. Let’s get to know how exactly you can collect the ingredients and make paper.

Why making paper is necessary in Minecraft

Knowing how to make paper in Minecraft is necessary. Without paper, you may not be able to advance to the higher levels of the game. Sometimes, you can find the paper in shipwrecks. You can also trade it at a village if it is close to your base or spawning point. But at times, there may not be an option available for you to get paper from any other resource. If that happens, you can always craft it yourself. 

How to make paper in Minecraft

How to Make Paper in Minecraft? Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Follow these simple steps to gather the ingredients and craft all the paper you need.

1. Collecting sugarcane

Sugarcane is the raw material needed for making paper. It is a green plant that looks like bamboo in Minecraft and always grows next to the water bodies. If you are trying to find this plant, search for it near ponds, beaches, and rivers. Once you have found it, collect ample amounts to make paper.

2. Starting a farm

If you intend to craft lots of papers, you may need more than a few pieces of sugarcane. It’s better to then start a sugarcane farm. Sugarcane needs a block of water next to it to grow and can grow on both sand and dirt. 

Build trenches and line up the sugarcanes in your farm to get a long-lasting supply to make paper.

3. Crafting the paper

Now that we have got a good supply of sugarcane to make paper, go to your crafting grid in your inventory. You will need three pieces of sugarcane. Place them on the grid horizontally next to one another. You can do it in any of the rows, does not matter if it is the center one, top, or bottom one.

This will give you three pieces of paper, one for each corresponding piece of sugarcane.

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