How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft? 6 Easy Steps

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft? 6 Easy Steps

A smooth Stone block in Minecraft is a light gray block that is used for decorating and constructing buildings. A smooth stone can be made by smelting stone blocks in a furnace. It is one of the oldest blocks, and it is one of the oldest types of blocks.

Smelting is a simple process that you must do to get the smooth stone. In Minecraft, you get cobblestone after mining regular stone. To transform cobblestone into smooth stone, two smelting processes are required.

This article will show you how to build smooth stones no matter which version of Minecraft you are playing. This is a useful building block and contributes to the aesthetics of the structure. It is an ideal tool for building a beautiful building.

Find out how to make smooth stones in Minecraft in this article 

How To Make A Smooth Stone In Minecraft?

A player can easily obtain smooth stone in Minecraft, a material block. Blocks such as these are commonly used in construction. Because of its texture and color, smooth stone is a favorite foundation material for Minecraft builders. Combining this material with other building materials, such as wood or stone, often results in beautiful results.

The smooth stone block can be found under the “Building Blocks” tab in the inventory menu when you are in Creative Mode. Smooth stone is not compatible with all platforms or all versions of the game.

It is actually overwhelming to work with all the different types of blocks included in Minecraft. From the fancy blocks in the Nether to the common grass and dirt blocks, you have it all. Identifying them all in one go is nearly impossible. However, today, we will be discussing something smooth. Learn everything you need to know about How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft!

This stone can be used in minimal crafting recipes. Its smooth texture and decorative purpose make it a popular choice for most players. Following the instructions below will let you create cool stone blocks or slabs on any platform if you have the required game version.

How to Make a Smooth Stone Minecraft?

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft? 6 Easy Steps

Smooth stones can be made with cobblestone as the first material. You’ll find plenty of cobbles, so grab as much as you like and start building:

  1. Build a furnace with eight cobblestone blocks.
  2. Cobblestone blocks can be added here.
  3. Fuel can be sticks, charcoal, or anything flammable.
  4. To make your cobblestone pile into a regular stone, smell it.
  5. To the regular stone pile, add more fuel.
  6. The smooth stone can be obtained by melting a regular stone.

How to Make a Smooth Stone in Minecraft on PS4?

Minecraft version 1.86 allows users of PS4 to access smooth stones, which were previously unavailable to PS3 players.

  1. Navigate to the melting menu in your furnace.
  2. Put a normal stone inside.
  3. Fuel the furnace.
  4. Get the smooth stone by melting regular stone.

How to Make a Smooth Stone Minecraft on Switch?

In Minecraft 1.9.0 for Nintendo Switch, you will be able to create smooth stone blocks. The process is very simple:

  1. A construction oven should be built.
  2. Transform the cobblestone into a regular stone.
  3. Transform the normal stone into a smooth stone.

How to Make a Smooth Stone in Minecraft on Xbox?

The Xbox 360 version of the game does not allow you to smell the smooth stone. You can enhance the texture of regular stone by melting Xbox One and Minecraft version 1.9.0 together.

  1. Make an oven.
  2. Make a stone by melting the cobblestones.
  3. The smoother the stone is, the better the texture is. Add more fuel and melt the stone.

How to Make a Smooth Stone in Minecraft on PC?

It is not simple to find smooth gems in the open world, which is why PC users can also make smooth gems.

  1. Build an oven with eight cobblestone blocks on the crafting workbench.
  2. Cobblestones and fuel must be placed in the furnace.
  3. Stones can be molded from cobblestones.
  4. Make sure the furnace has enough fuel if necessary
  5. To melt your regular stone, stack it up and proceed as usual.
  6. After you are finished with your smooth stone blocks, remove them.

How to Make a Smooth Stone Minecraft on iPhone and Android?

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft? 6 Easy Steps

In addition to iOS and Android users being able to craft smooth stone blocks with Minecraft 1.9.0, users of Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition can also enjoy Minecraft’s aesthetic with smooth stone blocks.

  1. Open the oven.
  2. The fuel should be piled with cobblestones.
  3. Transform the cobblestone into a regular stone.
  4. Fuel the furnace with more regular stones and piles of fuel.
  5. Turn the regular stone into a smooth stone by melting it.

Step-By-Step Method To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

The first ingredient you need to make a smooth stone is cobblestone. The cobblestone is abundant, so start collecting it as soon as possible: 

  • Eight cobblestone blocks can be used to build a furnace.
  • Place your cobblestone blocks.
  • Fuel can be sticks, charcoal, or anything flammable.
  • Turn your cobblestone stack into a regular stone by melting it.
  • Stack more fuel on the regular stone stack.
  • To get the smooth stone, smelt the regular stone.

What Can You Do With Smooth Stone Minecraft?

In the processing of blast furnaces, smooth stone is used first and foremost. Smooth stone can be used to create an upgraded version of the traditional furnace that can melt ore and armor twice as fast. 

In addition, blast furnaces provide a similar level of experience.

In addition to making villagers into armorers, smooth stones were also used to make them into warriors. Although flat stone blocks aren’t very useful, you can create flat stone slabs using the three blocks in the middle of the crafting screen. Compared to regular blocks, slabs are more useful for building.

Where to Get Smooth Stones in Minecraft?

A smooth stone can be obtained in Minecraft in a variety of ways. Melting regular stone, which is produced by melting cobblestone, is the fastest way.

The game also spawns flat stone blocks at various locations, typically within buildings. There are houses in plains, savannahs, and villages in snowy tundras where it is found. There is a greater likelihood that the butcher house contains a smooth stone.

Looting from Mason’s chest is another option.

Smooth Stone Recipe

For one thing, you’ll be able to build more powerful furnaces, such as the blast furnace, which drastically reduces smelting times.

You will need a furnace, crafting table, and some cobblestone and coal in order to create smooth stone in Minecraft.

Coal is used to fuel the fire in the furnace. Place the cobblestone blocks inside. Upon completion of the process, a stone block will be created.

You are now ready to reuse the newly created stone blocks in the furnace after you have transformed all of the cobblestones you wish to change.

The furnace will turn the stone blocks into smooth ones by using coal again. That’s all there is to it!

Compared to the stone you began with, the block has a much sleeker texture and is a lighter grey. In general, smooth stone is only a variant of stone blocks, so it has no additional abilities or features, but it still makes a big difference visually.

Your builds can now be completely redesigned and have an urban feel. As a result, it is ideal for defending your land while remaining tough and non-flammable.

You now know how smooth stones are made and what they’re used for. With some sleek, modern products, you will be the envy of everyone.

Materials Needed For Making A Smooth Stone

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft? 6 Easy Steps

Cobblestone is the main material you need to make smooth stone. First things first, you’ll need some items in Minecraft to pursue smooth stones.

For this, you will need a furnace, coal, and of course, cobblestone! Let’s get started.

Pick up your pick-ax and start mining cobblestone, the most common stone in the game!

Cobblestone can be found pretty much everywhere, so we’ll leave that to you!

It’s important to mine more than you need to build your furnace. You’ll understand later…

Additionally, coal is pretty common and can be identified by its black marks. It won’t require a special pick-ax (unlike ancient debris, which requires a diamond pick-ax to mine!)

When you have enough, you’ll be able to build a furnace, which requires 8 cobblestones arranged around the outside of the crafting square.

Make sure to leave the middle open.

You’ll be able to turn some of your cobblestones into stone once you’ve made your awesome furnace. The coal can be used for fuel, and the furnace can be turned off!

Afterward, the cobblestone will be converted into stone, which can then be further refined into…

As a surprising twist of fate, you can simply repeat the process again to create a smooth stone. 

Where To Find Smooth Stone Materials?

You need the normal stone before you can get your hands on the smooth stone. Stone can be easily obtained. You only need a furnace, fuel, and cobblestone. Cobblestones can be melted into normal stone blocks. The consistency of stone is quite different from smooth stone, hence the name.

Mining stone results in the creation of cobblestone. There is a large amount of cracking on its surface, resembling a block of stone. Generally, it is used for crafting or as a building block.

Cobblestone is mined with a pickaxe, at which point it drops on its own. The mining will be slower and won’t yield anything if done without a pickaxe. This is because it has a greater hardness than the stone, and therefore takes a longer time to break.

Stone drops cobblestone when mined without Silk Touch, and infested cobblestone when mined with Silk Touch.

Dungeons, jungle temples, pillager outposts, underwater ruins, strongholds, villages, and woodland mansions naturally contain cobblestones.

How to get cobblestone in Minecraft?

Minecraft relies heavily on cobblestones as a building material. If you had an infinite supply of cobblestone, you might find it useful.

How to get Cobblestone in Survival Mode

Find a block of stone and dig it up in Survival mode to obtain cobblestone. So, let’s get started!

1. Find a Block of Stone

Getting a stone block out of the ground is the first step. Stones can be found all over in the Minecraft world.

2. Hold a Pickaxe

Cobblestone is mined by digging up a block of stone with a pickaxe. In your Hotbar, select one of the following pickaxes:

By hand or by any other means (except a pickaxe), you cannot find the small stone block. It will also be impossible for you to add the cobblestone to your inventory.

3. Pick up the Cobblestone

Don’t let the cobblestones disappear before you pick them up.

When you run out of them, you won’t have to hunt them down or desecrate your carefully constructed mining tunnels.

Fortunately, a cobblestone generator is among the simplest contraptions that you can build in Minecraft. There’s no need to use any red stone.

Our goal is to illustrate the process of constructing a simple cobblestone generator. We will be teaching you how to make a machine that can provide an unlimited amount of cobblestone for a single person.

Building the Cobblestone Generator

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft? 6 Easy Steps

The construction of your cobblestone generator consists of four steps. As you follow these steps, each block of cobblestone will be generated sequentially. You will see a new block appear after you have mined the previous one.

Digging Your First Hole

The surface on which you build your cobblestone generator does not matter. If you are able to dig down two blocks without any issues, then you can place your cobblestone generator there.

In order to start, you will need to dig a hole measuring five blocks long and one block wide. If you wish, you can make it longer, but it is not really necessary other than for aesthetic purposes.

Digging a Water Pit

It will be necessary to dig a pit of water in the trench you just dug. A working cobblestone generator depends on this. Otherwise, it won’t work. 

It is easy to construct the water pit. In the trench, dig a second block down on the second block from the left. Instead of flowing down the length of the trench, the water should flow into the small pit. 

Filling the Cobblestone Generator

The water you collected in the bucket should go on the left-most block. In the previous step, you created a small pit into which the water should automatically flow.

Your bucket of lava should end up on the rightmost block of the level.

Mining at the Cobblestone Generator

If you followed the directions correctly, a block of cobblestone should appear in the center of the cobblestone generator.

A new one should appear in its place after mining this cobblestone block. Your cobblestone supply has been increased!

Many people like to dig a small pit next to the cobblestone block to make mining easier, but this isn’t necessary.

You should automatically receive your previously mined cobblestone block once the new block is generated

It is completely up to you how elaborate this system is. Several cobblestone blocks can be created at the same time with a system created by some people. Multiplayer games benefit from this feature.

There are some who will create an automated mining system to get unlimited cobblestone with the least amount of effort.

Whatever you do, the basic structure will always remain the same. To use lava, you need to get it close to water.

What Are the Types of Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

There are four types of stone in Minecraft: coal, cobblestone, granite, and quartzite. Dungeons are also a good place to find mossy cobblestone.

Granite, diorite, andesite, and calcite are also types. Sandstone can be crafted or mined from beaches and deserts. It’s the same thing as stones, but they’re completely ineffective.

A variety of stones are found in the Nether region, including Netherrack, basalt, Blackstone, and end stone. There is also a unique glow stone, which you can use for its luminous properties, in the Nether. A pristine is a type of stone that can only be found underwater.

Why can’t I create smooth stones in Minecraft?

In gaming forums and on social networks, some users have expressed their dissatisfaction. They mentioned that they cannot create smooth stones in any way.

This in-game bug has caused a lot of noise, but the creators have not responded with a pronunciation. The task of investigating what led to the failure, however, has been taken up by several users.

Smooth stone can be crafted in creative mode and survival mode, but not in beta mode. They tried making smooth stones with coal and wood, but it was impossible. You should play Minecraft with a premium account if you want the best experience.