How was Anakin Born? Find Out Here

How was Anakin Born? Find Out Here

Since Star Wars Episode I, a lot of fans are wondering how Anakin was born if there was no father, as mentioned by his mother Shmi. A lot of theories came out, and some characters in the series were theorized as Anakin’s father. The theories are running like wildfire over the internet, as seen in social media groups and forums, whereas others are still making theories up to this very day.

Anakin was formed through the midi-chlorians, which are the microscopic life form that is scattered all over the Star Wars Universe, and what Force-sensitive beings are capable of communicating and controlling.

This makes Anakin seem like a “miracle child” created to bring balance to the Force, which is why Jedi Masters such as Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi called him “The Chosen One”. But deeper theories about the people behind Anakin’s creation through the Force are still being made by fans. That’s why in this article, you will find out how he was born, who might be responsible for it, and how the other theories regarding who Anakin’s real father is, got debunked.

How Was Anakin Born Without a Father?

How was Anakin Born? Find Out Here

Anakin was born thanks to the midi-chlorians. Midi-chlorians are microscopic, intelligent life forms that originated from the foundation of life in the center of the galaxy, and ultimately resided within the cells of all living organisms, thereby forming a symbiotic relationship with their hosts. 

The Force speaks through the midi-chlorians, allowing certain beings to use the Force if they were sensitive enough to its powers. Anakin Skywalker, The Chosen One, is known as the living being with the highest count (over 20,000 midi-chlorians) surpassing Grand Master Yoda and all other Jedi Knights. 

According to Sith Lord Darth Sidious, his Sith Master Darth Plagueis could influence the midi-chlorians to create life. With this in mind, Anakin was conceived by someone manipulating the midi-chlorians to create life in Shmi Skywalker’s womb. This is also the reason why fans created several theories, all with complete shreds of evidence, that might prove that Darth Plagueis was the father of Anakin. This, along with the fact that Palpatine discussed Plagueis to Anakin, were the most notable reasons why this legendary theory was built. 

Did Darth Plagueis Create Anakin?

While Plagueis wasn’t directly involved with creating Anakin, He taught his apprentice all he knew about manipulating midi-chlorians to create life and as a result, was indirectly involved with his creation. Darth Plagueis was a force-sensitive Muun male Dark Lord of the Sith and the Master of Darth Sidious. An apprentice of Darth Tenebrous, Plagueis was the only apprentice of Tenebrous because he followed the Rule of Two. 

The Rule Of Two, And Why Plagueis Is Not The Father

The Sith’s Rule of Two was a philosophy established by Sith Lord Darth Bane for the Sith to operate in secret and eventually get revenge on the Jedi Order, following their near annihilation in the Jedi-Sith War. 

One of the reasons why this theory was fueled further by fans is because of a sinister plan that Plagueis attempted to do but eventually failed because of his death. With his knowledge in creating life through the midi-chlorians, Plagueis planned to make a weapon for the Sith in the form of new life. Believing that his master would eventually kill him and replace him with the planned being, Sidious acquired a Dathomirian Zabrak called Maul and would make him his apprentice. This fact was falsely believed by other fans that it was Anakin was that planned being.

Based on this history of Darth Plagueis, he was never involved in creating Anakin nor caused any way to help conceive Anakin in Shmi. Despite all theories that were made by several fans, there is no solid proof that Plagueis got involved in the creation of the Legendary Jedi and Sith Lord. It’s just that the Sith Lord happened to know how to create life using the Force, as part of- the knowledge he gained during his training to the Dark Side. 

There Is A Second Theory About Plagueis, Too!

How was Anakin Born? Find Out Here

There is another known theory that Plagueis might be Anakin’s creator. In this theory, it states that in 42 BBY, only Darth Plagueis attempted to manipulate the midi-chlorians to create the living embodiment of the force using Sith Alchemy and the dark side of the force. This event would be called the Grand Experiment. 

When his experiments bore no success, he would give up and wipe out his experiments and would deem the project a failure. It was only when The crisis in Naboo at 32 BBY that Plagueis would discover the existence of the young Anakin, a human boy born without a father. Plagueis concluded that not only had the midi-chlorians resisted his will. But they had also retaliated by engineering the conception of the Jedi Order’s long-awaited Chosen One, a Jedi destined to restore balance to the Force by destroying the Sith. 

Unlike his master, however, Darth Sidious saw the discovery of Skywalker as an opportunity; the chance to use the Jedi’s legend to the Sith’s advantage. After he assassinated Plagueis, Sidious—under the guise of his public persona as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine—befriended the young padawan, and intended to slowly corrupt him over the years until Skywalker submitted to the dark side—a goal in which he ultimately succeeded. 

However, Anakin was eventually redeemed and, turning his back on his Master and the dark side, slew the Emperor before he perished. This along with the fact that Plagueis died in 32 BBY, the same time with Darth Maul’s supposed death at the hands of Jedi padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi and The rise to power of Darth Sidious to Supreme Chancellor under the guise of Sheev Palpatine.

However, the next question and its answer will make you think that Plagueis was a key component in the creation of Anakin Skywalker, as his knowledge was passed over since he is still a master to an apprentice. 

Did Sidious Create Anakin?

How was Anakin Born? Find Out Here

Another popular theory is if the cunning mastermind and manipulator Darth Sidious was behind the creation of Anakin. It has long been speculated that Sidious was the closest thing to being a father to Anakin. 

But in issue #25 of Darth Vader comics, It has been confirmed that Sidious did create Anakin by manipulating the midi-chlorians to create Anakin in Shmi Skywalker’s womb. 

The comic was released on January 1, 2018, and after Disney buys the Star Wars franchise, making this comic the canon story for Darth Vader. 

The issue shows Darth Vader succeeded in his mission to tear a hole between the realm of life, and that of the Living Force. Upon entering, Vader (shown in his force form, a figure of dark energy) re-lived all the most pivotal moments in his life. 

But the most shocking was that he saw his mother during her pregnancy, With Darth Sidious’s arms encircling her and a swirl of energy forming in her womb. Though Darth Plagueis is not canon as of now, most of the original works are being hinted at canon with but will be retold in future comics. 

In the novel Darth Plagueis by James Luceno, The story suggests that both Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious reached out to the force, to try and create a child that they could use the ultimate Sith weapon to exact their revenge on the Jedi Order. But the midi-chlorians, sensing their attempt, foiled their plans to create a child that would bring about the end of the Sith instead. 

The reason why he gained the knowledge to manipulate midi-chlorians was because of his history as a Sith’s apprentice. He was an apprentice of Darth Plagueis and would be the person that started the whole Clone Wars. As a believer of the Rule of Two, he killed his master after taking on an apprentice in Darth Maul. 

You all know what happened next after Sidious gave Maul his mission to hunt down the Jedi in Episode I, which was also created into a theory that Sidious was planning to get his “son” back. However, this was debunked as the movie itself is straightforward in proving that Sidious has a different plan at all. 

But the fact that Sidious might be the father is still something that you can wonder about. After all, Darth Plagueis taught Sidious everything he knew when it comes to the Dark Side of the Force, as well as how to use the midi-chlorians to create and manipulate life. However, all these can easily be debunked as Sidious never thought about creating someone as his ultimate Sith weapon unlike his master, and was all focused on taking over the Republic, as well as eliminate the Jedi for his interests.

Where Was Anakin Born on Tatooine?

How was Anakin Born? Find Out Here

It was never confirmed if Anakin was born in Tatooine. Some sources say he was born in Tatooine while others sources say that both Anakin and his mother Shmi moved to Tatooine. The fact that Anakin might not be born in Tatooine can also be the reason why he hated sand. Nonetheless, Both Ani and Shmi considered Tatooine their homeworld. 

A known proof that they originated in Tatooine, and not from another planet, is evidenced by the fact that their story started right away on the planet. As far as their story’s actual beginning was told, Anakin and his mother were originally owned by Gardulla the Hut until she lost them both in a pod racing bet with Watto when Ani was 3. Ani then worked on his master’s workshop, located in Mos Espa.

His talents were proof that he lived most of his life in Tatooine, and how his mother taught him how to live there. Showing a vast knowledge of tech at a young age, thanks to the several people traveling to and from his home planet, Anakin would create C3P0 to assist his mom at home. He would also be fascinated with pod racing and would create his pod racer. At the Boonta Eve Classic, Anakin would join the race with Qui-Gon betting on Ani winning. 

The bet was for Anakin’s freedom. After winning, he would leave his home planet with Qui-Gon to become a Jedi on Coruscant while Shmi remained with Watto. Shmi would then be bought by moisture farmer Cliegg Lars and would eventually be married. From this moment onward, for sure you all know what happened to Anakin next when he started to grow up. 

Are There Other Theories On Who Created Anakin?

There is also the theory of Anakin having a still-unnamed father as of yet. As we all know Shmi was a slave even before ending up in Tatooine under Gardulla the Hut. No one knows what fate Shmi underwent even before the start of the first movie, The Phantom Menace. It means that there is a possibility that Anakin was created conventionally. 

Another theory being thrown around was that comic #25 of Darth Vader, which shows Sidious manipulating the midi-chlorians to create life in Shmi Skywalker’s womb, being false. This debunking theory states that the visions showed to Darth Vader were manipulated by the Dark Side of the force and that the Dark side is not a reliable narrator. 

As opposed to Ezra, who can see the true events of Ahsoka’s past, and intervene in her death. These Dark Side hallucinations are similar to how Anakin was tricked by the Son on Mortis in The Clone Wars. 

The next theory is a bit of a stretch but, it states that if Anakin was created by the dark side of the force, then Grogu (better known by fans as “Baby Yoda” or “The Child”) was created by the light side of the force to balance out. Both characters have been born in the same year of 41 BBY. Both characters share the same circumstance that both of them have unexplained histories especially on who their family is except for Anakin’s mom Shmi. This would mean that Grogu could play a huge role in the future of Star Wars,

After Disney bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas in October of 2012 for $4.05 Billion, most of the released mediums telling star wars stories (novel and comic books) and are now considered non-canon. This turned the Star Wars Expanded Universe into Star Wars Legends and has ultimately debunked the years of efforts some fans have put in thinking about the perfect concept on how Anakin was conceived into the womb of his mother.

Do note that George Lucas, The creator of the Star Wars franchise, wanted Anakin’s birth to be as mysterious as possible. So take every bit of info with a little bit of salt. Therefore, it’s best to just think that Anakin is more likely created “through a miracle”, but was all thanks to The Force. This just proves that The Force is truly powerful, and was intelligent enough to create someone who can bring balance to it for good. 

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