How Was Hunter Moore Caught? ‘Is Anyone Up’ Owner


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The Most Hated Man on the Internet is a great docuseries to watch if you’re into controversial documentaries because it tells the story of how Hunter Moore basically became the titular most hated man on the internet. Of course, it takes a lot to become the most hated man on the internet, as the online world tends to be full of some of the most despicable people. But Moore ended up serving jail time for his crimes. So, how was Hunter Moore caught?

Hunter Moore got caught when Charlotte Laws, the mother of one of the victims of the Is Anyone Up website, compiled two years’ worth of evidence against him and submitted it to the FBI. This led to a raid and investigation on the part of the FBI, which indicted Moore and filed a case to which he pled guilty.

The story of Hunter Moore is one that tells you how dangerous the internet can be and how evil some people are, especially when money is directly involved in the situation. In that regard, let’s look at what led to Hunter Moore getting caught and how the FBI eventually found enough evidence to launch an investigation against “the most hated man on the internet.”

What Did Hunter Moore Do?

Those who are interested in documentaries about scandals and controversies will love the fact that Netflix is full of them. Some of these documentaries happened fairly recently, and that is what makes them more interesting as they happened under the noses of a lot of people. And the fact that technology was involved is what makes things more intriguing.

In that regard, the story of Hunter Moore is told in the Netflix docuseries entitled The Most Hated Man on the Internet. Basically speaking, the series tells what Hunter Moore did and what led to him going to prison in the middle of the 2010s. So, in that regard, what exactly did Hunter Moore do that led him to serve jail time?

It all started when Moore launched a website called Is Anybody Up, which was supposed to be some sort of a dating website for the clubbing scene in California. Moore was able to meet and hook up with a girl using the website, and he eventually posted naked photos of that girl. However, Moore was tempted to post more nude photos of different people when his website got more hits than it ever had.

moore.png 2

After that, Hunter Moore decided to post photos of different people without their consent, as he was able to hack into the emails and files of those people through the help of a hacker that he paid for regularly. He used Is Anybody Up as a “revenge porn” website that had the photos and names of different people as a means of revenge for their exes. The photos included information, such as profession, social media profile, and location. As such, it made it difficult for people to live private and professional lives because a quick Google search would reveal those nude photos.


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Hunter Moore continued running the website because, at its peak, he was able to earn $30,000 daily on advertisement revenues alone. He wasn’t even apologetic about the fact that he was running lives as he relished the fact that he was a “professional life ruiner” using his website. And Moore earned himself a cult following of different people who loved what he was doing and were willing to defend him from the people who became victims of his website.

Throughout the 16 months that the website was at its peak, Hunter Moore’s Is Anybody Up was protected by the same laws that protected Facebook as he was able to hide behind free speech and “user-generated” content. That meant that the authorities couldn’t do anything against him at that time.

How Was Hunter Moore Caught?

While Hunter Moore was enjoying the fruits of his scandalous website, he didn’t realize that there was nothing more powerful than a mother willing to protect her own child from the ill effects of society. And that was when Moore’s downfall steadily happened.

Charlotte Laws found out that her daughter’s nude photos were posted on Is Anyone Up. Kayla Laws told her mother that she never sent those photos to anyone and that she only kept them to herself and sent them via email. Charlotte believed her daughter and took the matter to the police. However, the police dismissed the issue.

charlotte and daughter

This led Charlotte to a crusade that eventually led to Hunter Moore’s downfall. After getting cold-shouldered by the police, she compiled evidence from about 40 different people who also became victims of Moore’s website. She investigated Moore herself, despite the fact that she was getting death threats from his cult followers.

After compiling evidence for two years, Charlotte submitted an entire dossier of testimonies to the FBI, which prompted an investigation of Hunter Moore. In fact, the FBI eventually raided Moore, who had to sell the Is Anyone Up website domain to an anti-bullying website.

During the investigation, Moore wasn’t apologetic about the fact that the FBI was on his trial. He even said: “I will literally fucking buy a first-class fucking plane ticket right now, eat an amazing meal, buy a gun in New York, and fucking kill whoever talked about my FBI investigation. I’m that pissed over it. I’m actually mad right now.”


Is Hunter Moore Still in Prison? (& How Long Was His Jail Time)

At one point, Hunter Moore threatened to burn down a media publishing company that wanted to run the story. Still, they ran the story despite the threats from the man that ran Is Anyone Up. And this led to a huge public controversy that led to Moore’s downfall, which all started when Charlotte Laws wanted to protect her daughter from the ill effects of society.

In 2014, the FBI indicted Hunter Moore following his arrest by the FBI on charges of conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer, and aggravated identity theft. Then, in 2015, he pled guilty to aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting in the unauthorized access of a computer. He was subsequently imprisoned for two years and six months plus three years of supervised probation after his release.

Where Is Hunter Moore Now?

Hunter Moore was released in 2017. After his release, he began talking about releasing an EDM album, which he did release. One such track was entitled “Make the Internet Great Again.” He released an autobiography in 2018, and he didn’t seem too apologetic about his crime in the book.

While Moore was somewhat active on social media after he got released from prison, he eventually disappeared from the eyes of the public and began living a more private life. Before doing so, he once posted on social media that he wasn’t going to apologize for the things that he did and that he had already done his time in prison. 

It became clear that the two years and six months that he spent in prison weren’t even enough to change the way he viewed what he did. Still, they were enough to make sure that he never ruined another person’s life again. 

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