The Hulk v. Wolverine Trailer You Never Knew You Needed Has Just Been Released Online

The Hulk v. Wolverine Trailer You Never Knew You Needed Has Just Been Released Online

The Hulk and Wolverine have quite a turbulent relationship in Marvel’s comics, going from friend to foe dozens of times. They are also two of the most famous characters from the comic book published, as well as two of the most popular ones. The Hulk is more or less a standalone hero associated with the Avengers, while Wolverine’s story is generally tied to the X-Men, as he is one of the most famous mutants. Both characters have been featured on the big screen so far, but the two of them have not met. Yet. This is due to various copyright issues, but with the X-Men coming to the MCU, a team-up is possibly in the way.

But until we get an official crossover, a fan on Twitter decided to take things into their own hands, releasing a fan-made teaser for a Hulk v. Wolverine movie, which you will be able to see below. The trailer is actually an edited video that includes scenes from other Marvel movies edited into one coherent video, and we have to say that it is quite well done!

The video was released by Twitter user Julian Bell, who released the 27-second video online for fans to enjoy and without further ado, here it is:

The trailer is, as you can see, completely MCU-based, as it includes scenes from the Avengers movies, as well as the trailer for the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie, possibly foreshadowing something that the MCU is, indeed, preparing for us. While the video doesn’t really settle the debate, fans will know that Hulk and Wolverine have a rich history of conflicts, which is why we predict that many people are going to be happy about this video.

The Hulk in this video is Mark Ruffalo’s version of the character, while Wolverine is, of course, Hugh Jackman. Julian Bell has a history of making superhero videos and edits, so we’re happy to advertise and praise the project in such a way.

Does this mean anything going forward? Well, not really, since we’re dealing with an unofficial fan edit, but this could be an unintentional foreshadowing, so here’s to hoping that the MCU really does deliver in this aspect and that we will see Hulk and Wolverine on-screen together. The first chance is the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie, which is going to be a large-scale multiversal event, but even if it doesn’t happen in that movie, there will still be a lot of opportunities once the X-Men finally join the MCU in an official capacity, so we really do hope that it will happen soon. Until then, keep following us for all the updates!

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