Hulu’s Fresh Take on Dickens’ Rogue: ‘The Artful Dodger’ Series Coming Soon

The Artful Dodger

Hulu is bringing a classic character back to life with its new series, ‘The Artful Dodger’. Set for release this month, the show is a daring twist on the tale of the clever pickpocket from Charles Dickens’ beloved novel, ‘Oliver Twist.’ This time, we see an older Jack Dawkins, also known as the Artful Dodger, in a storyline that promises to merge his past with a new, upright life.

The adult Jack, portrayed by Thomas Brodie-Sangster, has traded the grimy streets of London for the fresh air of 1850s Australia, where he now practices as a surgeon. But his former life isn’t ready to let him go just yet. David Thewlis steps into the shoes of Fagin, bringing with him a tug back to Dodger’s life of crime. On top of this, there’s Lady Belle Fox, played by Maia Mitchell, challenging not only society’s norms but also Dodger’s heart as she strives to become the colony’s first female surgeon.

This story isn’t just about dodging the law. It’s a tale of identity, transformation, and confronting one’s demons. Whether he’s performing surgeries or being sucked back into heists, Jack’s journey is riddled with challenges, including encounters with various figures such as Damon Herriman, Miranda Tapsell, and Huw Higginson.


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The creative minds behind this innovative show include James McNamara, David Maher, and David Taylor, who’ve joined forces to craft a narrative that is as much about redemption as it is about adventure. With filming wrapped up in Sydney and the show set to premiere on Disney+ Star in Australia, anticipation is building.

Hulu’s commitment to a straightforward and gripping story is clear in this trailer, promising a show that is easy to follow yet deeply engaging. The promise of ‘The Artful Dodger’ is simple: it’s a fresh look at a well-known rogue, inviting audiences to see how an infamous pickpocket can change his stripes, or in this case, perhaps not. Get ready to be swept away to Port Victory, where every character’s move could be their last—or their chance to rewrite their story.

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