Hush (Thomas Elliot): The Batman’s Next Villain Confirmed

Batman Hush

The Batman became quite the enigma in terms of how the Riddler was able to keep us guessing throughout the entire film. Of course, even after the film ended, we were left with another mystery that we ourselves needed to solve. Even though there weren’t any post-credit scenes, we were given a website that basically confirmed that Hush is the next villain in The Batman. But who is Hush?

Hush is actually Thomas Elliot in disguise. Elliot is a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s and ended up becoming a surgeon. Through the help of the Riddler, Hush learned that Batman is actually Bruce. This forced him to settle a longstanding issue he had with the Wayne family through Bruce.

It would be interesting to see how the next film will incorporate Hush into the mix, considering that the Riddler is still behind bars. The possibility is that he was already working with Hush the entire time and that it will be only a matter of time until we see the next villain. That said, let’s get to know more about this new Batman villain.

How Was It Confirmed That Hush Is The Next Villain?

One of the unique takes that The Batman used to introduce something that is similar to a post-credit scene is by giving us nothing at all at the end of the movie except a “Good bye” message from the same app that Batman used to communicate with the Riddler throughout the entire movie.

However, we are also given a website URL to Rataalada, which anyone can easily miss because of how fast it flashes. But when you do go to that website, you will be given three different riddles that you need to answer. You can go here for a comprehensive guide to the website.

After answering all of the riddles correctly, you will be given a password-protected file that you need to answer correctly so that you will be able to access the contents. The file contains a video called “Thomas Wayne Lies,” which shows us a campaign video of when Thomas Wayne was running for mayor.

Screen Shot 2022 03 04 at 5.40.17 PM

But, in one of the frames, there is a huge “HUSH” over Wayne’s face. And this all but confirms that Hush will be making an appearance in the next The Batman movie, especially if we factor in his relationship with the Riddler in the comics.

Who Is Dr. Thomas Elliot (Hush)?

While Hush may have already been confirmed as the next villain of The Batman, he isn’t the most well-known villain because, compared to the more established villains such as the Joker, Bane, and Poison Ivy, he is comparatively new. So, who is Hush?

Hush is actually Dr. Thomas Elliot, who is a childhood friend that Bruce basically grew up with because of the close relations between the Wayne family and the Elliots. Thomas Elliot followed in the footsteps of Thomas Wayne and eventually became one of the leading surgeons in all of Gotham.

Thomas Elliot

During the events of Batman: Hush, which is a comic book story (although there is a movie that adapted the comic but altered the events), Batman encounters a criminal conspiracy with the Riddler at the head of it. On top of that, there was also an unknown enemy that worked with the Riddler. This character was Hush.

Later in the story, Thomas Elliot fakes his death by using the Joker, and that forces Bruce into nearly killing the Joker. Elliot’s death got Batman mourning for the passing of one of the few friends he has in life.

However, the truth was that Elliot simply faked his death so that he could put into motion a plan that he was plotting together with the Riddler. He needed the help of the Riddler because the longtime villain was able to deduce that Batman was actually Bruce Wayne. And with the help of the Riddler, Thomas Elliot was able to finally find a way to get back at Thomas Wayne.

In actuality, Elliot had a longstanding grudge against the Wayne family because Thomas Wayne saved the life of his mother when he tried to kill his parents by sabotaging their car. And when it came to light that Thomas Elliot was the one who tried to kill his parents, his mother kept him out of her will and prevented him from inheriting the family fortune.

Considering that both Thomas and Martha Wayne were already dead, Hush proceeds to attack Bruce instead because he “carried the sins of his father,” a theme that the Riddler explored during the events of The Batman. For Hush, the battle against Batman is more of a personal matter between Thomas Elliot and Bruce Wayne.


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The fact that we already have Riddler in The Batman makes things interesting because, as the movie shows, he was never killed and was simply kept behind bars after the police apprehended him. However, based on the way he acted throughout the entire time he was behind bars, it looked like he wasn’t done.

Considering the fact that the Riddler also had a grudge against the Wayne family and threatened to expose them throughout the entire film, there is a clear direction that Matt Reeves can take in relation to Hush.

It could be more than possible that the Riddler and Hush were already working together the entire time and that the Riddler getting caught was a part of the plan. Of course, considering that the Riddler seemingly knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne, it becomes more and more plausible that he and Hush would end up working together in the next Batman movie.

Hush’s Powers And Abilities

Thomas Elliot in Batman Hush.jpeg 1

Like most of the other Batman villains, Hush doesn’t have any special abilities or powers that are beyond what regular humans are capable of. However, he is quite gifted in a lot of things, and that allowed him to become more than a match for Batman.


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Thomas Elliot, as a surgeon, is very intelligent and is a master of disguise himself. He has also mastered all forms of medical sciences because of his genius intellect. On top of that, he uses his intelligence when formulating strategies, such as his plan with the Riddler to defeat Bruce Wayne.

Hush is also a good fighter and can go toe-to-toe with Batman in hand-to-hand combat. He is skilled in different forms of martial arts and also excels when it comes to ranged combat because he is a great marksman. Hush is so skilled as a marksman that he was able to shoot Batman while the hero was in the middle of the air.

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