Interesting Anime You Might Have Missed in 2021

Anime has gained major attention in recent years and the last decade, becoming more popular across broader demographics around the world. With the rising demand, the number of new anime shows premiering every year is also on the rise, driving anime fans to find new gemstones of the industry with every new series that get adapted from popular manga.

As the number of new anime is growing year to year, some anime series live to experience unpreceded fame while some may easily slip under the radar of entertainment-hungry fans. To address some excellent and interesting new anime shows that premiered in 2021, we are sharing a list of anime shows that might have slipped your attention last year. You might find a gem or two on this list.

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Heartwarming Chaos: Dr. Ramune, Mysterious Disease Specialist

Dr. Ramune might be just the quirky fantasy anime show you were looking for. While the setting may be strange with Dr. Ramune being the only one could heal and treat the mysterious disease, you may find the series to be quite a sympathetic addition to the anime fantasy genre.

Simple But Effective: Super Cub

Many anime fans fail to understand the fandom of slice of life genre, most probably because of the uneventfulness that surrounds the genre. This anime story follows an ordinary girl unhappy with her uneventful life, which leads to a point where she buys a motorcycle and starts exploring the city. Slice of life fans will love this show.

The Garfield of Japan: I, Tsushima

If you enjoy comedies for adults, you are set to like this show which cleverly explores the life of a talking cat in comedic way. The story starts with an old lady adopting a cat only to discover that the lazy cat can talk and consider to be nothing less but royalty.

The Heike Story

This is a historical anime with so much to offer packed with historical fiction and captivating art. Even for anime fans who are not history buffs, The Heike Story might surely come as a delightful show.   

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