Interview: Director Mitesh Kumar Patel talks about his upcoming comedy-fantasy movie Instant Karma

Mitesh Kumar Patel

On January 24, 2021 the film Instant Karma had its world premiere at the Chandler International Film Festival. The film tells the story of a young man who hits rock bottom as a rideshare driver when his car, the source of his income, breaks down but his life miraculously changes when he, magically, starts to get new things in his car every day. His turnaround starts with a good deed to a homeless man he encounters on the street, which results in him being rewarded multiple times over. This newfound good luck becomes like an unbelievable tsunami that he wants to enjoy to the fullest, but he’s afraid that it will end; it, indeed, does, several times over but it likewise restarts every time. His goal is to figure out what’s causing it and see what he can do about it.

Written by Scott Gore and Matt Midgette from a story pitched by director Mitesh Kumar Patel, Instant Karma is an uplifting comedy, fantasy film that will soon be available to viewers around the globe. The film stars Stew Jetson, Samantha Belle, Nancy Mercurio, Karl Haas, and AC Larking and runs at just a little under two hours.

In preparation for the film, we at Fiction Horizon have had the pleasure of talking to director Mitesh Kumar Patel, known for his work on Neron and The Man in the Maze, who shared his thoughts on the movie, the creative process behind it, and his earlier work. The interview was conducted as part of the film’s promotion before the release and we had a very interesting discussion with the director, who gave us some valuable insight into the whole idea, which is certainly very intriguing.

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The concept of karma is a mystery, but usually a very attractive one, so let us hear what Mr. Patel had to say.

1. Tell us about your new movie Instant Karma

Instant Karma is a fantasy story about a rideshare driver who discovers that the good deeds he does while driving come back to him tenfold. After making this discovery and making his girlfriend aware they start to get carried away in the greed of possessions and money. It is then that they receive their Karma for greed in the form of a Mafia Boss. This story represents a core message of how greed for material possessions is a slippery slope that has karmic consequences.

2. How did you get involved with the project?

The concept came to me in 2019. I developed a little bit but couldn’t find the time to get it right until 2020. I gave the written story to my writer, Scott Gore and he developed it into the screenplay, which later became the development of the Film.

3. Can you tell us how Instant Karma ties into your career?

Instant karma for me felt like a stepping stone into the potential of my future in the film industry. It is one of my most well put together films to date and truly feels like a jumping board into my future endeavors.

4. What do you think about the movie?

Instant Karma is one of the best movies I have produced. The idea was very unique and the concept was new to the story world for telling a message about the consequences of greediness.

5. Do you think there could be a sequel to Instant Karma?

There is actually already a sequel in the works! Instant Karma 2 is set to start production in early 2022.

6. Would you be interested in directing the sequel? (in case there is a chance for it)

Yes, I am the Director for Instant Karma 2.

7. What was the atmosphere like on set? Was the production smooth or did you encounter any problems? How were the filming operations affected by the current pandemic?

Production of Instant Karma was a feat to put it lightly. We filmed in Arizona in August, which meant dealing with weather upwards of 117 degrees almost daily in addition to following CDC guidelines of mask mandates and social distancing. However, my team is amazing and going into production everyone knew what was going to be required of them and how challenging the atmosphere would be to work in, considering Instant Karma is filmed primarily outdoors. But, everyone tackled the project with determination and perseverance, which in turn made production a smooth ride despite all complications going against us.

8. Do you think the pandemic will influence the box office success of Instant Karma, for better or worse? (it will probably have less competition, but, of course, fewer people will be going to cinemas)?

The pandemic has definitely put a strain on theatres, however streaming and online watch platforms have risen in popularity. Considering our planned wide release on digital at-home platforms, I feel the pandemic will have just broadened the avenues of success online as opposed to in person theatres.

9. Given that this is a hot topic right now, would you prefer it if the movie went directly to one of the streaming services?

We have decided to go with a limited theatrical release as a result of the pandemic’s effect on theatres, so yes we are choosing to release the film digitally.

10. What can you tell us about your plans for the future? I see you are a producer on a few new movies, can you tell us a bit more about them?

We are planning to make a supernatural thriller feature film Woman in the Maze (which is about a woman who gets trapped in a cursed house that changes constantly) by the end of this year, then a sequel to Instant KarmaInstant Karma 2 which will follow the storyline of Homeless Harry from the first film and then a feel-good holiday fantasy, Christmas Karma, are all in the works as well.

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