‘Invincible’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: The Father-Son Reunion

mark and nolan

We are now in the third episode of the first half of ‘Invincible’ season 2 before the series goes on a short hiatus. Of course, things are now starting to heat up, especially regarding Mark Grayson’s relationship with Amber and the different things happening in the protagonists’ lives. There were also a lot of different side stories that were explored in this series, as it becomes more and more apparent that things are going to become crazy in this comic book world.

Episode 3 of season 2 also served as a way for us to learn more about the different characters who are set to play huge roles in the upcoming war against the Viltrumites. So, with that said, let’s look at what went on in this episode and how it ended.

Shifting scenes to Allen’s story

The first scene of episode 3 of season 2 opens up with Debbie bringing Mark to college. It is clear that she’s not ready to let Mark leave the nest, but she knows that this is part of motherhood. Debbie is also going through a lot of things about her grief and how things are affecting her. She flirts with the idea of going to the secret support group that Olga told her about.


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Meanwhile, Mark is adjusting to college life as he is now roommates with his best friend, William. They talk about college life and how things could get spicy in college. Speaking of spice, Mark goes to Amber’s room for a spicy moment with her while her roommate is away. Things quickly shifted to a world beyond Earth.

The narrator of the episode talks about the events that transpired on a planet called Unopa years ago as it fell to the wrath of the Viltrumites. Despite the resistance of the Unopans, they couldn’t defeat the Viltrumites. A small group of Unopans escaped the planet as they conducted genetic experiments on new Unopans, hoping to repopulate their people.

unopan viltrumite

These Unopans joined the Coalition of Planets after Thaedus, the leader of the Coalition, invited them over to Talescria due to their valor and bravery. Marvin the Unopan revealed to the Coalition that they had been conducting experiments to defeat the powerful Viltrumites. This led to the creation of Allen the Alien, the only one to survive the experiments.

Allen turned out to be so much more powerful than a regular Unopan due to the genetic experiment that led to his creation. But while strong, he was still no match for a regular Viltrumite. As such, Allen was tasked with surveying different planets all over the universe in the hopes of finding an ally that could help the Coalition defeat the Viltrumites.

Allen’s new mission

The narrator recapped the conversation between Mark Grayson and Allen the Alien at the end of season 1 of ‘Invincible.’ It was the fact that Allen was able to encounter Mark, a friendly and goodhearted Viltrumite, that gave him hope in relation to the possibility of defeating the Viltrumites.


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Allen returns to Talescria as he is looking to share this information with the Coalition of Planets’ leaders. He tells Thaedus and the other leaders that he has found a half-Viltrumite whose father fought him and eventually abandoned Earth. While the other members of the Coalition didn’t trust Allen’s information as they still believed that all Viltrumites were evil, Thaedus was puzzled.

mark coalition

The leader of the Coalition understood that Viltrumites never fight each other and are known to never abandon their mission. However, Omni-Man fought Invincible and eventually abandoned the planet. Thaedus saw this as a weakness that he believed the Coalition could use to its advantage.

After that, Thaedus gave Allen a secret mission to spy on the different members of the Coalition due to the possibility that someone could be a mole selling out to the Viltrumites. He suspected this when a new member planet of the Coalition fell under the Viltrumites’ attack just after joining the Coalition.

Allen and Telia go on a date just somewhere outside of Talescria. However, three Viltrumites suddenly appear and attack Allen to force him to tell him what he knew about the Viltrumite who abandoned his post. 

That was when it became clear that the Viltrumites had someone inside the Coalition. Allen refused to talk while looking back at Telia, knowing he needed to stay quiet to save the Coalition. The three Viltrumites beat him senselessly before dealing a fatal attack that should have killed him.

allen death

However, Allen was able to survive the attack and was placed in a life-support chamber on Talescria, with Telia watching over him. Thaedus tells Telia to rest so that he can watch over Allen. But instead of watching over Allen, Thaedus turns the life-support chamber off in an attempt to kill Allen as the scene shifts back to Earth.

The Earthlings and their personal problems

On Earth, the members of the Guardians of the Globe were given the spotlight as they are now trying to work through the cracks in their relationship. Rex and Kate try to mend their problems, only for Kate to tell Rex that the reason why she chose the Immortal over him was the fact that he was the only other person who had experienced death just as much as she had.


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Meanwhile, Rudy/Robot and Monster Girl have a moment with one another as Rudy is trying to make sense of what it means to fear something. He is using science to try to find a way to understand how he could overcome his fear, and one of the first things he did to overcome his fear to ask Monster Girl out on a date. Elsewhere, Rudy and Monster Girl try out new things that Rudy could never experience before obtaining his new body.

rudy and monster girl

Debbie attends a support group called Spouses of Superheroes, as these people talk about the grief that they experienced in relation to their superhero spouses. Theo, a vocal member of the group, invites Debbie over for a drink so that they can keep each other company while grieving the loss of their spouses.

Theo eventually reveals that he is the husband of the Green Ghost. Debbie was shocked to hear that Theo was angry at Omni-Man, and she had to get some air. Theo joins her as she reveals that her husband was Omni-Man and that she never knew anything about what he did to the Guardians. An angry Theo tells Debbie that she shouldn’t return to the support group anymore because this is no longer a safe space for her and everyone else there.

Mark’s unexpected surprise

Meanwhile, Mark returns to his dorm room as he and William talk about Mark’s sexual encounter with Amber. Someone knocks on the door, and they are both shocked to see that Séance Dog, a fictional comic book character, is looking for Mark. A scuffle occurred between Séance Dog and Mark because the latter wasn’t convinced that this was actually Séance Dog in the flesh.

Eventually, Séance Dogs reveals his true form as he was actually Thraxan who was tasked to go to Earth to take Mark back to Thraxa. This Thraxan called Nuolzot tells Mark that they need to go back to Thraxa to rescue the 42 billion people from a meteor shower that was destroying the planet. William convinces Mark to go with Nuolzot because he knows that there are people who need him to be there.

mark and nuolzot

Mark decides to go with Nuolzot but stops by Amber’s place to say goodbye to her. Amber understands what Mark has to do as Invincible leaves Earth to go to Thraxa on a journey that lasts for around a week.

On Thraxa, however, Nuolzot reveals to Mark that he had lied about the meteor shower and that there was another reason why he was there. However, only the monarch of the planet was allowed to tell Mark the reason why he needed to go to Thraxa.


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As Mark pays his respects to the leader of the Thraxan people, it is revealed that the leader was none other than Nolan as the former Omni-Man greets his son in a reunion between two Viltrumites who fought each other to the death the last time they met. The episode ends with Mark surprised about his reunion with his father.

The reunion with Omni-Man opens up a new chapter in the storyline of ‘Invincible’ as Mark now has to understand what’s at stake here. As such, the war against the Viltrumites draws near, especially now that Nolan is seemingly a changed man.

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