Is the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show Part of the MCU?

Is Agents of SHIELD TV Show a Part of the MCU?

Marvel Cinematic Universe films are certainly one of the most popular and loved blockbusters of the past two decades, so it is no wonder that the premiere of the TV show following one of its familiar characters was much anticipated back in 2013. But is Agents of SHIELD Tv Show actually a part of the MCU? 

Agents of SHIELD is a part of the MCU, but the connection didn’t turn out so strong in the end. Although the show and films are set in the same universe, there are many discontinuities with the timelines, and despite the occasional crossovers, they do not depend on each other.

In the Marvel universe characters sometimes meet, but they keep having their own stories (and films). It’s the same with the AoS and MCU, and you could easily watch the show without previously watching movies. So while the show provides background for the MCU, it became its own thing, and I will tell you how.

The world of the Agents of SHIELD 

Is Agents of SHIELD TV Show a Part of the MCU?

Agents of SHIELD were planned to last for five seasons but were renewed by ABC, so in the summer of 2020, the final seventh season was aired. An action-adventure series based on Marvel’s secret organization SHIELD apparently satisfied Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

Well, it definitely got under my skin too, and how could it not: Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) returned, many dear MCU characters appeared, and some interesting new characters were introduced. 

However, even though there are several obvious connections to the MCU films, which I will present to you in a moment, AoS TV Show stands on its own in many ways.

How Is AoS Tv Show Connected To The MCU Films?

Firstly, as you as a Marvel fan already know, AoS Tv Show is based on Marvel Comics. It surely has delights pulled out of the Comics, such as the appearance of Ghost Rider, but moments in the show previously seen only in movies prove how intertwined these two are. 

As one of the most exciting twists of the first season, I would definitely point out the discovery of Hydra infiltration. To joggle your memory – this revelation showed that this episode matched the timeline of Captain America: Winter Soldier where Grant Ward (Dalton) turned out to be Hydra cooperative. 

Another huge connection to the MCU films was formed in the second season by Coulson saying: „Time to bring in the Avengers“. Apart from giving me chills, this moment set up the opening scene for Avengers: The Age of Ultron.

Choosing Its Own Path

Is Agents of SHIELD TV Show a Part of the MCU?

In the beginning, it surely did feel like AoS Tv Show is tightly connected to the Marvel films – the same way everything in Marvel is connected, right? But after few seasons, the show took a different turn.

As Agents of SHIELD started to move away from the Marvel franchise, the show gained the needed freedom to create amazing fresh stories and to establish its own identity. Regardless, it kept having few references now and then, including Quantum Realm, Project Insight, and even mentioning Bruce Banner. 

Furthermore, the show at one point completely ignored Thanos’ snap, leaving a bunch of fans unhappy with its MCU discontinuity. I’ve shared the disappointment one short moment and then realized that this shouldn’t affect the overall feeling towards the show or disrupt the quality of the story. I suppose the showrunners found it inevitable.

On another note, AoS had many chances to strengthen the link to the MCU, and one of them is the time-travel storyline. Both Star Trek captains and Marty McFly couldn’t deal with the complexities of time-travel so easily, and Agents of SHIELD were no different; however, the show incorporated it in the story nicely and didn’t use it for the link to the MCU timeline.As a result, Agents of SHIELD stayed true to its own story once again. While it’s clear that the show and films have an impact on each other, they also remain separated, and that allowed the show to go deeper into characters and story development, which contributed to the show’s quality and authenticity.

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