Is Andy Serkis in Andor & Could He Be Playing Snoke?!

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Episode 8 of Andor allowed us to see a more down-to-earth storyline regarding the titular character and the different people he met along the way, as he was wrongly incarcerated and was forced to work in a factory during his sentence. While he was working there, he ended up meeting a person that is quite familiar to a lot of different movie fans out there, as this character was seemingly played by Andy Serkis. Of course, Serkis has already been in Star Wars in the past when he played Snoke in the sequel trilogy. So, is Andy Serkis in Andor, and could he be Snoke?

Andy Serkis plays a character named Kino Loy, who is also one of the prisoners on Narkina 5 but was the floor manager that sided with the Imperial guards that were watching over them. In that regard, he isn’t playing Snoke, as Serkis is playing an entirely different character this time.

The thing about Snoke is that, while he was played by Andy Serkis, he was more CGI and makeup than he was human/humanoid. As such, fans wouldn’t recognize him as Serkis because of how different Snoke looks compared to the actor. That’s why it was probably alright for Lucasfilm to recycle Andy Serkis and allow him to play a different Star Wars character, which we will be talking about more in this article. 

Is Andy Serkis In Andor?

Out of all of the different Star Wars stories that we have seen so far, probably the most grounded is Andor, which takes on a more serious and darker tone compared to the other series that we’ve seen so far. Of course, the storyline follows how Cassian Andor ends up becoming an important piece of the Rebellion during the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

That means that Andor is going to have to experience a lot of different things in his life as he has to develop from a selfish scavenger that only wants to live life in luxury and peace to one of the biggest heroes of the Rebellion. And that was what we saw in the events of episode 8 of Andor when the character had to go through a tough part of his life.


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One of the toughest moments in Andor’s life came when he was wrongfully incarcerated during the events of episodes 7 and 8 after he was sentenced to six years in prison when he was suspected of being a rebel. In that regard, he was taken to a moon called Narkina 5, where he was forced to work for an Imperial factory there.

But the problem here is that not all of the prisoners he met while he was on his floor in Narkina 5 were quite friendly. This was where we saw a familiar face that we’d seen before in many different movies. The person we are talking about is Andy Serkis, who has been a fixture in many different movies because of his brilliance in motion capture and voice acting. So, is Andy Serkis in Andor?

serkis kino loy

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Andy Serkis’s name in a Star Wars project. After all, he was the one who voiced Supreme Leader Snoke and provided the motion capture for the character during the sequel trilogy movies that were released a few years ago. But the surprising thing is that he is indeed in Star Wars once more.

So, with that said, Serkis now finds himself in the Star Wars galaxy again, several years after his last appearance in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi in 2017. But his appearance in Andor actually confused quite a few fans of the Star Wars franchise.

Is Andy Serkis Playing Snoke?

As mentioned, the first time that Andy Serkis appeared in Star Wars was during the time of the sequel trilogy movies. He appeared as Supreme Leader Snoke, but the thing is that his portrayal of the character was done with voice acting and motion capture, considering that Snoke isn’t exactly human. So, does that mean that Serkis is playing Snoke in Andor?


While some fans might think that Andy Serkis’s character in Andor is Snoke and is actually the Supreme Leader of the First Order before he became the deformed humanoid being that we first saw in Episode VII, that isn’t really the case. That’s because Snoke’s origin was explained well in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, wherein Palpatine explained that Snoke was a clone that he created to sit in his place as the one leading the First Order while he was recuperating in Exegol. 

It might be true that Snoke had an independent mind during the time he was leading the First Order, but the thing is that he was never without the influence of Darth Sidious the entire time. That’s because he was a construct that was created by the Sith Lord himself, as we saw several more clones of him in Exegol. This means that Andy Serkis’s character in Andor is not Snoke as the Supreme Leader of the First Order had an incredibly different origin story.

Who Is Andy Serkis Playing In Andor?

Now that we’ve established that Andy Serkis isn’t playing Supreme Leader Snoke in Andor, then who is he playing? Andy Serkis’s character in Andor is named Kino Loy, who is more down-to-earth than Snoke.

As mentioned, Cassian Andor was sentenced to six years in prison when he was wrongly suspected of being a rebel while he was living his best life on a beach planet after the success of his mission in Aldhani. He was placed in a prison facility where he was forced to work in an Imperial factory on the moon called Narkina 5. The one who was overseeing him and the other prisoners on his floor was Kino Loy.

There is no doubt that Kino Loy himself is also a prisoner that was working in that factory. But the thing is that it was clear who he was working for while he was on Narkina 5. The prison guards actually gave him authority to oversee all of the prisoners on his factory floor, and that made him quite loyal to them. In fact, he ran the entire floor with efficiency and passion, as he made sure that no one slacked off in their duties.


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In that regard, it is clear that Andy Serkis’s new character in the Star Wars universe is a lot more grounded than the one we met in the sequel trilogy movies. Kino Loy may not have the powers that Snoke has, but he is arguably a lot more meaningful in the sense that he represents how the Empire works, which is to turn people against each other. In Kino’s case, he may have been a prisoner in the facility but it was through the power that he wielded within the facility that he became loyal to the Empire.

So, with that said, it is safe to conclude that Serkis and Lucasfilm had buried the memory that the actor portrayed the failed Snoke character that didn’t even get a lot of attention in the sequel trilogy. The fact that Snoke was scrapped in favor of recycling Palpatine for the final movie of the sequel trilogy was what eventually buried the character. Luckily, the talented Andy Serkis found a new gig in the galaxy when he was given the role of Kino Loy in a more grounded series.

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