Is Big Daddy Really a Killer in American Horror Story: NYC? Explained

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American Horror Story: NYC is kind of a weird one in the sense that it can be quite confusing in the sense that there are metaphors and hidden meanings behind different symbols and characters. Of course, one of the things that we saw throughout the season was that Big Daddy was a killer that was killing off many of the different characters. However, the ending of episode 8 may suggest otherwise. So, is Big Daddy really a killer in American Horror Story: NYC?

Big Daddy may not be a real killer in the story after all, but he may still be connected to the deaths that have been happening throughout the entire season. It is possible that he may not even be a true person or entity at all, but it is actually a symbol of the AIDS virus that has been killing characters in the series.

If it is indeed true that Big Daddy isn’t even a true entity or person in American Horror Story: NYC, then that would mean that the series has done a good job at delivering a storyline that is quite unique in the sense that it uses metaphors and symbolisms to deliver its message. With that said, let’s look at what Big Daddy is and whether or not he is a killer.

Is Big Daddy Really A Killer In American Horror Story: NYC?

We know that a lot of people truly enjoy the latest season of American Horror Story, which is NYC, as it delivers a unique story that is able to bring in a horrific twist to a theme that revolves around a mysterious illness. In that regard, we know that Big Daddy has been tied to a lot of different deaths throughout the series. But there are some things that would suggest that he may not be an actual killer at all.

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Of course, Big Daddy is still tied to the deaths that have been going on in American Horror Story: NYC, but there is a good reason to believe that he isn’t a real killer in the strict sense of the word, as he may not even be an actual person at all. Nevertheless, we still do know that the series is teasing us about more deaths that are to come as the season draws closer to its conclusion, but we do know that Big Daddy may still be linked to the deaths and murders that have been going on. It is only that the deaths are not happening in a direct way.


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In that regard, we are saying that there is a good chance that Big Daddy may not even be a serial killer in the same way that Mr. Whitely is in the series. However, because he has appeared before the deaths of several characters in the series, there is a good chance that he might be someone who symbolizes something else entirely, as that was what we saw at the end of episode 8 when Theo was carried into the afterlife by a group of men with antlers. And this is where the conversation regarding Big Daddy’s true nature gets interesting.

What Is Big Daddy’s True Nature?

As mentioned, there is a good chance that Big Daddy isn’t really a killer in American Horror Story: NYC, but it is actually something else that is still related to the deaths of the characters. In that regard, he may be a symbol or a metaphorical being that was used by the series to describe what has been really killing some of the characters. Yes, we are talking about HIV, which is responsible for AIDS.

In that regard, Big Daddy is a physical representation of HIV-AIDS in American Horror Story: NYC, as we know for a fact that this virus or illness is responsible for slowly killing those it infects. Of course, the interesting part here is that Big Daddy often appears before people who are implied to actually have AIDS. And this could imply that he might be the harbinger of death or the representation of death in the purview of what happens to the characters who slowly and steadily die after contracting HIV.

Of course, there is also the fact that Big Daddy does appear to be a malevolent being that may actually be a killer. But he only looks like that because he represents the fear of death and the uneasy feeling that people often feel when they are on the verge of death and when they know that the ultimate effect of AIDS, which is death, is about to come for them. And it is also an added bonus that Big Daddy looks like a masked male stripper that is often associated with the LGBTQ community.


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As such, this explains why Big Daddy never died, even though Sam told Theo that this character or entity died long ago. He is seemingly a ghost or demonic entity that appears and vanishes all of a sudden without any warning. Of course, he also doesn’t leave any traces of blood from the wounds he suffered after getting shot by Patrick in episode 8 of American Horror Story: NYC. This could imply that, while he may still be responsible for the deaths, he is not the killer himself as he is simply the representation of the death that is to come to the characters who are implied to have AIDS.

Of course, there is also the fact that, as we mentioned, Theo was carried into the afterlife by antlered men that he photographed. This could imply that they were also men that previously died from AIDS as well. And it is even possible that Big Daddy himself died from the same illness and has since become a representation of HIV-AIDS in American Horror Story: NYC.


Because there is a standing theory that suggests that Big Daddy is a visual and physical representation of HIV-AIDS, there is a good chance that he is connected to the characters of American Horror Story: NYC through the virus and the illness itself. That could mean that those who he stalks and kills in the series are actually the ones who are suffering from AIDS, regardless of whether or not they know it. You could also notice that Big Daddy often gets closer to the people that he stalks, and this could even imply that these are the characters who are now about to die due to the effects of HIV-AIDS.

We saw this with Hannah when she first saw Big Daddy from a considerable distance. However, he appeared closer, just outside her apartment window, the next time that he saw him. And now she has the same symptoms that Theo had just before Big Daddy “killed” him, as this implies that she is also suffering from the same illness, which could be AIDS.


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At this point, we have already seen quite a number of characters that have seen Big Daddy. This could imply that all of them are suffering from AIDS as well. And we even saw Big Daddy guarding Sam’s sex dungeon even though Sam doesn’t even seem to acknowledge his presence.

This bolsters the possibility that he may not be a real person but is simply a symbol or a physical representation of AIDS. And the reason why he could be guarding Sam’s sex dungeon is the possibility that this is where the virus has been spreading, especially considering that Sam is quite an adventurous person when it comes to sex.

All that said, Big Daddy is still a killer but isn’t exactly a person that’s been killing people. Instead, he is the representation of the virus or the illness that has been killing all of his victims throughout the storyline of American Horror Story: NYC. That is why he is still connected to the deaths of the many different characters in the storyline.

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