Is Brad Pitt in The Lost City? (& Who Does He Play)

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The Lost City is the newest adventure-comedy movie that you can watch, and it promises to give you a fun ride with its amazing and hilarious cast that’s composed of Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe. However, as powerful as the cast may be, it was made even more powerful and hilarious by one possible cast member, who is also just as popular as the others in the movie. So, was Brad Pitt really in The Lost City? 

Brad Pitt was in The Lost City but played a small supporting role with only a few minutes of screen time. He played the character called Jack Trainer, who is quite literally an ex-Navy SEAL and a special ops trainer. Jack Trainer was presumably killed in the movie but was surprisingly alive at the end.

The way that The Lost City was able to portray Brad Pitt’s character in the movie is nothing short of hilarious, despite the fact that he was quite serious throughout the entire film. That said, he still played a pretty minor role in the movie, even though he probably is the biggest star in the cast. With that out of the way, let’s look at what we know about Brad Pitt’s role in The Lost City.

Is Brad Pitt In The Lost City?


Those who love adventure-comedy movies will have a fun time with The Lost City, which is one of the most entertaining movies that you can watch today. Of course, one of the movie’s best features is the fact that it stars actors that will instantly attract attention due to how popular and prominent they are in the industry. The movie stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in the protagonist roles and Daniel Radcliffe as the antagonist.

Basically, the movie follows the story of Bullock’s character named Loretta Sage, who has spent her entire career writing adventure-romance novels that are aimed at young women as its target audience. However, she has been in a slump recently after the death of her archeologist husband, and that forced her to live a secluded life at home until she was forced out by her editor so that they could go on a book tour.


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During the book tour, Loretta had to team up with Alan, who plays the role of Dash on the cover of her books. Loretta and Alan had a disagreement about her life and the way she has been handling it recently. As Loretta left the venue of her book tour, she got kidnapped by an eccentric millionaire named Abigail Fairfax, who wanted her help in finding one of the ancient artifacts she mentioned in one of her books.

Feeling guilty about the fact that Loretta got kidnapped because of their disagreement, Alan went out on a mission to try to save her, despite the fact that he isn’t even equipped for the job. That is where the movie allows us to see a fun and adventurous narrative starring two big-name stars that show a lot of chemistry on the screen, despite the fact that their characters weren’t really cut out for the adventure they were in.

As big as Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum are, one other star might be just as big or even bigger than any of those names when you look at the fact that he has been one of the superstars of Hollywood in the last 20 or so years. Yes, we are talking about Brad Pitt. But is Brad Pitt also in The Lost City?

Fans of one of the best-looking leading actors in the film industry would be delighted to know that Brad Pitt is indeed in The Lost City. However, those who are expecting him to be in the movie as one of the most important characters might get disappointed. Still, Brad Pitt’s role in The Lost City is actually just as entertaining as the entire movie itself.

Who Does Brad Pitt Play In The Lost City?

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As mentioned, Brad Pitt is in The Lost City but plays a somewhat small role in the movie. So, who does Brad Pitt play in The Lost City? And what does he have to do with the entire narrative of the movie?

During the time when Loretta’s editor, Beth, was in the middle of finding a way to reach her after she was kidnapped, Alan suggested that he might know a guy that could help them find a way to locate and save her. He said that he once joined a meditation group that allowed him to meet an ex-Navy SEAL and a current special ops trainer that could potentially help them recover Loretta.

Yes, Brad Pitt is that special ops trainer that Alan was talking about, as he was given the name Jack Trainer by Alan himself because his name is Jack and due to his occupation as a special ops trainer. 


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Brad Pitt’s Jack Trainer was the one that provided the badass fight scenes throughout the movie as he went on a mission to save Loretta while Alan was tagging along due to the guilt that he felt after she got kidnapped. His good looks, calm demeanor, and intelligent way of talking immediately made him an attractive man in the eyes of Loretta while she was strapped on a chair as Jack was rescuing her.

But Jack Trainer made a costly mistake when he took his time monologuing during the rescue mission as a sniper blew his brain out with a single bullet. With Jack presumably dead, Loretta and Alan had to find their own way out of the mess without the proper training or knowledge to do so.

While it was presumed that Jack Trainer had been killed after a sniper bullet basically blew his brains off, the funniest scene in the movie happened during the mid-credit scene. Loretta and Alan, after making their way out of the island, were enjoying a meditation session together. But what they didn’t know was that Jack was behind them all along.

In what was one of the funniest and illogical scenes in the movie, Jack Trainer told Loretta and Alan that he survived getting his brain blown out because only 10% of his brain was blown out and that he simply used another 10% of the remaining 90%. This was a funny scene that, as stupid as it may sound, went well with Brad Pitt’s cool and mysterious character in The Lost City.

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