Is Captain Marvel In Doctor Strange 2? (Rambeau Variant)

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The Super Bowl trailer of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness was released during a commercial break, and it had a lot of people talking about the different scenes that were shown. One such scene was when a glowing and fiery figure was seen fighting with Scarlet Witch, as this figure looked like Captain Marvel. So, is it true that Captain Marvel will be in Doctor Strange 2? 

Captain Marvel is likely going to be in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, but it won’t be Carol Danvers. Instead, it is likely going to be Maria or Monica Rambeau who will be playing a Captain Marvel variant. After all, Monica and Scarlet Witch do have a history in the WandaVision series.

Considering that the events of WandaVision showed a fight between a superpowered Monica Rambeau and Scarlet Witch, we are leaning towards the possibility of Monica being Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange 2. This will allow us to see a rematch of the two characters and a possible closing of the books on the part of Wanda, who is still bothered by her actions in WandaVision.

Is Maria Rambeau A Captain Marvel Variant In Doctor Strange 2?

Marvel just released a new trailer for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Unlike a lot of other trailers, this one was full of action, as we are set for a film that will be full of different scenes and cameo appearances from other characters. Of course, there was one cameo in the trailer that made people wonder.

The scene we are talking about is the one with a glowing figure that seems to be surrounded by fire or energy. We have seen this before in the Human Torch, but it is unlikely that we are going to see that character in this film because of the fact that we saw the figure fighting with Scarlet Witch. As such, we are leaning towards the possibility of it being Captain Marvel but one that came from a different universe.

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While it wasn’t clear, what we could see was that this character seemed to be black, and that means that there is a good chance that this was a different Captain Marvel. As such, there is a huge possibility that it could be Maria Rambeau. So, is there a chance that this Captain Marvel is actually Maria Rambeau from a different universe?

We are leaning towards the possibility that this isn’t Maria Rambeau but is actually her daughter, Monica. The reason why we believe that it is Monica Rambeau who is Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange 2 is the fact that she has a history with Wanda Maximoff going back to the events of WandaVision, as we will explain later.

In the comics, although different people became Captain Marvel at one point in time, Monica Rambeau was the aforementioned superhero herself. As such, there is a huge possibility that this figure is Monica and not her mother, Maria. Of course, allowing Monica to appear in a big movie will open up the possibility of her appearing in several more Marvel projects in the future.

Maria and Monica Rambeau History In The MCU So Far

Maria Rambeau was first introduced in the Captain Marvel standalone film. She worked in the Air Force and was able to befriend Carol Danvers before the latter became Captain Marvel. However, she thought that her best friend had died in a plane crash.

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Several years later, Carol met up with Maria once more and explained to her what had happened over the past six years. This set up the events that happened in the entire Captain Marvel movie and how Maria played a role in it. Of course, Maria also introduced her daughter Monica to Carol, as the two became good friends. Several years later, Monica went on to work with S.W.O.R.D.


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In 2018, Maria was diagnosed with cancer, and Monica was one of the people snapped by Thanos. Maria died in 2020, as Monica grieved when she learned that her mother had passed away three years prior to being blipped back into reality during the events of Endgame. Still, Monica continued her job at S.W.O.R.D.

Meanwhile, in WandaVision, Wanda went to a small town called Westview while she was still grieving the death of Vision. In her grief, she used her powers to alter reality and form a bubble called the hex around the town so that she could dictate the reality of that small space depending on what she wanted to happen. She transformed the town into a sitcom-style reality that allowed her to live the life she wanted to live with Vision.

One of the “neighbors” that Wanda met in the hex was Monica’s character, who happened to enter the hex from the outside as she was tasked to find a way to stop what Maximoff was doing to the town. 

Eventually, Monica’s genetics were altered by the reality-altering hex, as she gained superpowers by repeatedly entering the hex, which was an impressive feat that not a lot of people were capable of doing. Using her powers, she confronted Wanda to convince her to release the hex because the military was going to try to destroy her and the town. However, the fight was never concluded, as Agnes intervened.

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After the events of the conflict between Wanda and Anges, the newly named Scarlet Witch apologized to Monica, to which Rambeau replied that she would have done the same thing regarding her mother.

Monica was then called by an FBI agent that was actually a Skrull so that she could be recruited for a secret intergalactic mission.


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So, going by Monica Rambeau’s history with Wanda Maximoff, it is likely that she is going to be the one portraying Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange 2, considering that they have a history together and that Scarlet Witch is still bothered by what she did in Westview.

It is our assumption that a good portion of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness will be about Strange and Maximoff confronting their own demons, and it could be possible that one of the demons that Wanda needs to confront is Monica Rambeau in the form of Captain Marvel from another universe. 

As such, this meeting should be a rematch between the two ridiculously powerful female characters. And it could also allow Wanda to come to terms with the fact that she did something wrong in WandaVision so that she could move forward with her life instead of living through the bad things she did back in her own standalone series.

Is Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?

Considering that the central characters of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness are Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff, it is unlikely that Brie Larson will be appearing as Captain Marvel, considering that she doesn’t have anything to do with either character.

As such, we are leaning towards the possibility that the Captain Marvel in the movie is none other than Teyonah Parris portraying the character of Monica Rambeau due to the fact that she is connected to Wanda due to the events surrounding WandaVision.

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