Is Captain Marvel In The Ms. Marvel Finale?

Captain Marvel

One of the things that were never kept a secret was the fact that the Ms. Marvel series was meant to be Kamala Khan’s introduction into the MCU so that people would already be familiar with her in the upcoming The Marvels movie, where she would work together with Captain Marvel. In that regard, we already know that there will be a mentor-mentee relationship between the two. But is Captain Marvel in the Ms. Marvel finale?

Captain Marvel is indeed in the Ms. Marvel finale, but she did not exactly appear in the episode. Instead, Carol Danvers appears in the post-credits scene where she seemingly switched places with Kamala Khan during a mysterious moment when Ms. Marvel’s bangle started glowing.

We all know for a fact that the Ms. Marvel series should be connected somehow to Captain Marvel because of the upcoming movie involving the two. In that regard, the post-credits scene of the Ms. Marvel finale seemingly sets up how the tie-up will happen in The Marvels. Now, let’s look at what Captain Marvel was doing in the Ms. Marvel finale.

Is Captain Marvel In The Ms. Marvel Finale?

When the Ms. Marvel series was announced, the one thing we learned was that it was going to be the introduction series to one of the youngest superheroes in Marvel Comics as Kamala Khan is looking to become a big part of the MCU’s future. Of course, the reason why there was a need to introduce Kamala in a separate series was so that fans would already be familiar with her when she appears in the upcoming The Marvels movie.

The Marvels, as we already know, is the second part of the Captain Marvel movie franchise. It will star not only Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers but also Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel. So, in that regard, we know for a fact that the two will work in the future. And the one thing that we also know is that Kamala Khan’s favorite superhero is Captain Marvel.

It was never a secret that Kamala idolized Carol Danvers. During the beginning of the series, she even dressed up like Captain Marvel for the Avengercon because she idolized her so much. And it was during Avengercon that she discovered that she also has her own powers, especially while she was wearing the bangle.


In that regard, the Ms. Marvel series tells us about the beginnings of Kamala Khan as a superhero and how she had to trace her beginnings back to her great-grandmother to learn more about why she has her powers and why she was being hunted down by the Clandestines. Regardless of that, what we know is that she and Carol Danvers are going to work together in the future. And this might make people wonder if Captain Marvel is in the Ms. Marvel series finale.


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Considering that Ms. Marvel is all about Kamala Khan and her friends and allies and involves a smaller storyline that doesn’t involve cosmic or universal threats, we know for a fact that Carol Danvers was never going to involve herself in this mess. She is often off-world somewhere to help other planets and people out. And considering how small the scope of the main issue of Ms. Marvel is, it would have been overkill to involve her in the story.

But the good news is that, while she doesn’t appear in the actual events of the series finale of Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel still appears in it. And there is no trick behind this because we are talking about the actual Captain Marvel as there is a reason to believe that her appearance in the Ms. Marvel finale is going to be connected to the start of The Marvels movie.

What Happens To Captain Marvel In The Ms. Marvel Finale?

As mentioned, the Ms. Marvel series is all about Kamala Khan’s personal journey and character development, and that means that Captain Marvel was never going to be involved in a story that is all about the titular character. But we also mentioned that she appeared in the Ms. Marvel finale. So, what happens to Captain Marvel in the Ms. Marvel finale?

Captain Marvel does not appear in the Ms. Marvel finale per se because she was never involved in the entire problem that Kamala got herself and her friends involved in. But she still appeared in the post-credits scene of Ms. Marvel in what was one of the best surprises we have seen from a Marvel series so far.


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In that scene, Kamala Khan was seen lying in bed to rest while she still had her superhero suit on. This seems to suggest that she had just gone home after patrolling the streets as the newly named Ms. Marvel. However, she notices that her bangle is glowing oddly and is seemingly acting in a manner that she is not familiar with.

After that, the bangle takes her to her closet as she disappears. Meanwhile, the one who appears in her place was none other than Carol Danvers herself as she was equally perplexed by what had just happened. this seems to suggest that Kamala and Carol switched places due to the odd effects of the bangle, which is something we still know nothing about except for the fact that it comes from the Light Dimension.

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In that regard, this scene wherein Captain Marvel appears in Ms. Marvel’s place might be how the two characters are going to end up getting connected with one another during the events of The Marvels. For some reason, the bangle chose to switch Kamala’s place with Carol’s, and that could mean that there must be some sort of a connection between the two. 

We don’t know anything for sure because there are still a lot of things we don’t know about this bangle. But what we are sure of is that Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are going to eventually work together in the upcoming The Marvels movie.

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