Is Cell Returning for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? (& Is He Getting an Upgrade?)

Is Cell Returning for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? (& Is He Getting an Upgrade?)

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is just around the corner and while the fans are eagerly waiting on the premiere of the most recent Dragon Ball movie, they are still speculating about the film’s main villain. Okay, we know that the Red Ribbon Army is going to play a major role as the film’s antagonist, but as it seems now, there is going to be another major villain in the movie and fans have been speculating that we might see the return of Cell. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Cell is going to return in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and whether he is getting an upgrade.

At this moment, it is not know whether Cell is going to return for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. He is not listed among the confirmed characters, but due to his connection to the Red Ribbon Army, as well as the release of the new Cell, the Awakened card, there is a possibility that he is going to appear as the movie’s secret main villain.

The rest of this article will explore Cell’s possible return to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Cell certainly has a connection to the plot of the movie, and since he is one of the most popular Dragon Ball villains of all time, his return shouldn’t be excludes as a possibility. We are going to tell you how probable such a scenario ultimately is.

Who is Cell?

Cell is a bioandroid created by Dr. Gero’s computer, who came from the future of line 3 with the intention of taking revenge on Goku for having killed the Red Ribbon Army, and with it the dream of every villain: to dominate the world. He is the main antagonist of the Androids and Cell Arc. He is made from the cells of Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Freeza and his father the Great Kold King.

An insect-shaped minicomputer recorded the movements and techniques of these fighters, making Cell know how to use all of their attacks, and thus predict most of his moves. Cell can absorb the life energy of all living beings with a stinger at the end of his tail, and to reach the perfection of his body he must absorb androids #17 and #18.

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To fulfill his goal, he killed Trunks and stole his Time Machine to travel to the past. Already in the past, he clashes with the versions of Son Goku and his companions in an attempt to complete his development by absorbing Androids 17 and 18 of this timeline, a goal that he finally achieves.

For fun, he creates a “tournament” called the Cell Games, simply looking for an opponent who could defeat him under the threat of killing all the inhabitants of the Earth, which unleashes a brutal confrontation against Son Goku and his friends, which ends up costing his life. of the Saiyan, but in which he ends up being eliminated by his son, Son Gohan, who is forced to overcome his own limits, reaching unimaginable power.

Is Cell returning for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Now, ever since the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was revealed, fans have been speculating about the real enemy of the film. Sure, the Red Ribbon Army is a formidable foe, but they don’t seem like the main villain, with all due respect. Now, it is possible that Toriyama is going to introduce a new movie-exclusive villain, but knowing that Dragon Ball likes to bring back old characters, the return of a familiar face seems quite likely.

Now, taking into account the context of the story, the focus on Gohan, the return of the Red Ribbon Army, as well as the quirky Dr. Hedo (who is very similar to an older character, Dr. Gero), fans have been speculating that the villain set to return is going to be none other than – Cell, one of the franchise’s best and most popular villains. How likely is that?

Well, aside from the above mentioned facts, another thing points heavily to the fact that Cell is going to be the main villain in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. Namely, two weeks before the film’s original April 22 release date, a card featuring Cell, the Awakened was released. You can see it for yourselves:

Now, we all know that Cell had several forms so far, but Cell, the Awakened is completely new and is still a big enigma. What is seems to be is the strongest version of Cell we know. Knowing that such revelations are made as part of the marketing campaign of a movie, is it very possible that Cell is, indeed, going to return in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

We still don’t know, though, since he’s not been revealed as a character so far, and these are only speculations from the Internes; such speculations tend to end up being wrong at one point or another. We don’t know whether Cell is coming back, but the movie is less than a month away and with all the speculating going on, we’re certain that it would be a great thing to see him fight Gohan once more.

Is Cell getting an upgrade?

The fact that Cell is getting an upgrade is definitely confirmed. Namely, the Cell, the Awakened card, which was released two weeks before the movie’s original planned premiere date (April 22), confirms that Cell is indeed getting a new form. We have told you how the card could be foreshadowing Cell’s return, but we don’t actually know what the upgrade means and whether we will be seeing it in the movie or not.

Cell, the Awakened is definitely Cell’s strongest form to date, but we don’t actually know how and when it is going to manifest itself. Fans suggest that the androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are going to play a major part in Cell’s resurrection and upgrade, since Cell’s previous upgrade happened after he absorbed two androids. Its is possible that Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are going to serve the same purpose, thus paving the way for Cell, the Awakened, but we’ll have to wait and see whether that happens.

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