Is Chris Evans Returning In Captain America: New World Order? (& How Could He Be)

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The San Diego Comic Con allowed us to see new MCU films that are going to be released sometime in the future. While there were a lot of titles that would allow us to meet new MCU characters, the most surprising title is the upcoming Captain America: New World Order. This is surprising to a lot of fans because we all know that Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers has retired from being a hero. So, will Chris Evans be in Captain America: New World Order?

There is a chance that Chris Evans will reprise his role as Steve Rogers in Captain America: New World Order. But he will no longer be Captain America because he had already passed the title down to Sam Wilson, who is now the new Captain America. In that regard, Evans might return for a cameo appearance.

We all know how big of an influence Steve Rogers is on Sam Wilson, and that could become one of the most important stories that New World Order could explore in the upcoming Captain America movie. He may end up returning for a single scene to help out Sam, but he could also return as more of a mentor to the new Captain America.

Will Chris Evans Be Captain America In New World Order?

After we were able to experience three great Captain America movies starring Chris Evans as the titular character, the San Diego Comic Con allowed us to see new movies in the Marvel Studios slate for the future. One such movie was a Captain America film entitled New World Order. 

Now, this is surprising to a lot of fans because of the fact that the last Captain America movie we had was in 2016, when Civil War came out. On top of that, during the events of Endgame, we saw Steve Rogers as an elderly man because he traveled back in time and stayed there so that he could spend the rest of his life with Peggy Carter, the woman he always loved.

In relation to that, people are confused about the fact that there is going to be a new Captain America movie, considering that Steve Rogers had retired from being Captain America. So, will Chris Evans return as Captain America in New World Order?

During the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it is worth mentioning that we saw a new Captain America. If you can remember, the elderly Steve Rogers gave his iconic shield to Sam Wilson, who is known as the Falcon, during the ending portion of the movie. Meanwhile, in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, Sam was reluctant to take his place as the new Captain America.

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He ended up giving the shield up to a museum, only for the US government to hand it over to a new Captain America that wasn’t worthy to carry the name. But at the end of the series, and after realizing that he needed to be the new representation of what America stood for, Sam Wilson decided to become the new Captain America, a title that Steve Rogers always wanted him to carry.

In that regard, Chris Evans will no longer be Captain America in New World Order, considering the fact that the MCU will now move on with Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson carrying the name from now on. Of course, he will also be the one to carry the shield of Captain America heading into the future.

Is Chris Evans Returning For New World Order?

While Chris Evans will no longer be Captain America, there is still a chance that he will reprise his role as Steve Rogers in New World Order. So, is Chris Evans going to return to the upcoming Captain America movie?

At this point, it is tough to say whether or not Chris Evans will return as Steve Rogers in the future installment of Captain America. However, there are reports that suggest that he is expected to reprise his former MCU role in one form, given the fact that the said reports say that he could return for one or two more films.


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Chris Evans has since denied the possibility of returning to the MCU because he said that Sam Wilson is now the new Captain America. Nevertheless, we have all heard actors denying their participation in future MCU movies, and that could be the same for Evans, who probably wants to keep his future role a secret. 

In that regard, the doors are not yet closed for Chris Evans to reprise his role as Steve Rogers in the future. He could still come back, depending on what Marvel Studios has in store for him. Of course, the best movie for his return should be Captain America: New World Order, given the fact that he was the one who jumpstarted this movie franchise.

How Could Chris Evans Return To New World Order?

We would like to reiterate the fact that Sam Wilson is now the new Captain America and that Chris Evans will no longer play the role of the titular superhero. Nevertheless, there is still a chance for him to return as Steve Rogers, the man who once carried the Captain America title. But in what form could Chris Evans return in Captain America: New World Order?

One of the things that we need to understand about the next Captain America movie is that it is going to be a lot different compared to the last three ones. While the world always thought of Steve Rogers as a living legend due to the heroic acts that he did back in World War II and during the events of the MCU, Sam Wilson will now carry a different burden.

According to the director, Sam will now have to deal with the fact that the world probably isn’t ready to accept a Black Captain America, as that was one of the things that held him back from carrying the title during the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This is where the “New World Order” title could come in, as the world might have to adjust to seeing a non-White person carrying the title of Captain America during a time when Black Americans are not yet treated the same way as their White counterparts.

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It might be political in terms of its ramifications and that all fans might not readily accept. But that is the crux of what Sam Wilson’s Captain America is all about. He should make some people feel uncomfortable with the fact that he is Captain America, and it is in that uncomfortable feeling that we can get to explore a deep-seated issue in our current society, especially when it comes to people of color.

Going back to our point regarding Chris Evans and Steve Rogers’ possible return, it is quite possible that he would make an appearance in the movie not as Captain America but as someone who might help out Sam’s acceptance of the role of Captain America. Of course, Sam will eventually have to face evil threats in this movie, and we don’t know how an elderly Steve Rogers could help him out with that.


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Nevertheless, the standing belief is that Steve could return in a manner that will allow Sam to become more comfortable with his place in the hero society as Captain America, regardless of what his color may be. 

We know for a fact that Steve Rogers could still be alive somewhere and was simply living out the rest of his life after retiring from the hero business because, as Natasha told him, he deserved to take a break. But he could end up making an appearance in what could be an emotional reunion between him and one of his closest friends, Sam Wilson, in an effort to act as some sort of a mentor or even a support system for the struggling hero.

In that regard, we are not expecting Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers to once again wear the tights and go into battle with his shield because he is now too old to do so. He has also already lived with his decision of passing the torch down to the new generation. But having him make a cameo appearance should be good for the morale of his friend, Sam Wilson, who should be facing different challenges along the way as the new Captain America. And there is no better person that could make life easier for him from an emotional standpoint than the original Captain America, Steve Rogers.