Is Coppola Retiring After ‘Megalopolis’? Here’s What the Director Revealed in Cannes

Is Coppola Retiring After 'Megalopolis'? Here's What the Director Revealed in Cannes

The long-awaited Cannes premiere of Francis Ford Coppola’s passion project Megalopolis has finally happened, and regardless of the divisive reception we reported about, the movie is one of the most talked about projects at the festival, and the legendary filmmaker is one of the most sought after people in Cannes. Coppola came back to the screen after a decade, and Megalopolis is, without a doubt, his passion project. The filmmaker, though, turned 85 this year and many have been wondering whether Megalopolis is going to be Coppola’s final project, suggesting that the filmmaker could retire after Megalopolis.

This has also been suggested by some of the crew members who came out about Coppola’s problematic behavior on the set of Megalopolis, which is something we have also reported on. Now, based on this, the media at Cannes wanted to know about Coppola’s plans, so the filmmaker was asked about the future of cinema, his own future, as well as his own life.

While talking about Megalopolis, Coppola was asked about the politics behind the movie. Namely, the movie has a very political undertone, so Coppola was asked to explain the background of these topics, and here is what the filmmaker revealed:

Our politics has taken us to the point where we might lose our republic. It’s not the politicians who are going to be the answer. I feel it’s the artists of America. My dream, my hope is that it’s the artists of our country who are going to shine the light on.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

He was then asked about the prospects of finding a distributor for his movie, which was a reference to the issues the movie has had after its first screening, i.e., the problems with finding a distributor we have written about earlier. It seems that the filmmaker is full of understanding here, and he also had his own ideas on the future of film distribution, suggesting that big tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, or Apple could be the solution here.

He was then asked whether he would go back and edit some of his old movies, but he gave a negative answer, although he said that he might want to go back to Megalopolis after some time, but not soon, as the filmmaker confirmed that he is currently working on a new project, for which he is writing the screenplay. This basically answers the question of whether Coppola is planning on retiring or not. The filmmaker, despite his age, does not want to retire just yet, and it seems that we might see a new project of his in a couple of years.

But, despite his plans, he has added that he is quite happy with what he has achieved in his life, summarizing his life as follows: “When I die, I got to do this. I got to see my daughter (Sofia) win an Oscar, and I got to make wine and I got to make all the movies I wanted I wanted to make. And I’m going to be so busy thinking about what I got to do that when I die I won’t notice it.”

And that is what we have for you in this report. Coppola is not retiring just yet, and we will definitely bring you all the updates related to his future projects.

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