Is Cracow Monsters Based On A True Story?

Is Cracow Monsters Based On A True Story?

There has been plenty of different series coming to Netflix over the past few months. One of the newest international shows that have come to the streaming giant’s roster of series is Cracow Monsters, which is a Polish series. A lot of people may not have heard about this series because it tends to be one of the shows that are under the radar, and that’s why they don’t know what it is all about. In that regard, is Cracow Monsters based on a true story?

Cracow Monsters is not based on a true story. In fact, this series is entirely fictional because of the fact that it deals with supernatural elements such as monsters and demons. As such, there is nothing about it that would suggest that it is anything remotely close to a real-life story.

Like a lot of different shows that you can find on Netflix, Cracow Monsters actually deals with supernatural elements. It isn’t necessarily a scary movie, but it does have things that you will only find in folklore and myths. In that regard, it isn’t anything close to a real-life story. But for you to understand more about this series, let’s try to get to know more about it a little.

What Is Cracow Monsters All About?

Netflix has seen its fair share of original series making their way to the streaming giant’s massive library. There has been a good number of different shows that have been premiering on Netflix as of late, and that is good news to people who spend a lot of time streaming Netflix movies and shows. And another piece of good news is that more and more international shows are coming to Netflix.

One such international show that has just recently made its way to Netflix is Cracow Monsters. This series is a Polish show that was filmed in Poland and features a Polish production crew and cast. But what exactly is Cracow Monsters all about?

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The title of the series already gives us a good idea of what its story is all about. Basically, Cracow Monsters is a fantasy-thriller that deals with supernatural elements and other fantastic things that are based on Slavic mythology.

This series revolves around a medical student named Alex, who struggles financially and is looking to get a scholarship to a medical school. However, she gets invited to live in a dorm by a strange professor, who accepts her as a scholar for the school under the condition that she joins his research team.

When she went to the dorm, she got to know more about the different members of what seemed to be a serious scientific research team. However, the truth is that she had joined something that was more than she bargained for.

In truth, this research team is actually just a front for what is actually a paranormal investigation group that devotes its time to investigating different paranormal and supernatural activities within the area. The group is composed of different students who all have their own abilities. And it seemed like Alex was recruited to join the group because she is haunted by her past and seems to have gifts of her own as well.

Is Cracow Monsters Based On A True Story?

The series deals with a lot of different supernatural elements such as demons, deities, and other legendary and mythical creatures that you will only hear or read about in stories and other fictional works. And most of these demons and deities are based on Slavic folklore.

Alex ends up entering a world that used to be entirely foreign and unknown to her as she is now forced to live in a world that she never knew actually existed. And this is because the professor and his group of “researchers” involve her in their investigations of the supernatural and the paranormal.

Is Cracow Monsters A Real Story?

Now that you know more about Cracow Monsters, you might be wondering if this series is based on something real or is actually a true story. At this point, you probably already know the answer to that.

Cracow Monsters is not based on a real story because the premise of this series deals with supernatural and paranormal elements that may not exist in our world. Its story includes things such as demons and deities that are beyond what’s normal as far as what our current knowledge of the real world is concerned.

Considering that this series explores things that you can only basically read in books or watch in movies, there is nothing about Cracow Monsters that is remotely close to real life. This is a series that is entirely fictional in every sense of the world, even though it does present itself as a series that happens in the real world.

However, there are some elements of this series that are based on real-world things. While they aren’t necessarily true as far as our current knowledge is concerned, Slavic mythology and folklore are at the heart of the story of this series.

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In that regard, the series and the different supernatural elements that you can find in the show are based on stories that you can read in Slavic mythology and legends. And this means that, while it is entirely fictional, it was inspired by stories that were written by real-world people long ago.

Still, Cracow Monsters isn’t anything close to real life because it deals with the paranormal and the supernatural. However, this is still an entertaining series that’s worth the watch if you are into fantasy and other fantastic elements such as monsters and demons. 

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