Is Drax Bulletproof? Explained

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special by James Gunn was the newest entry to the MCU as this is the final part of Phase Four of Marvel Studios’ large universe. Of course, the storyline focused more on the duo of Drax and Mantis, who end up traveling all the way to Earth to make Peter Quill’s Christmas more special because he was missing the holiday spirit. That was when we saw Drax going up against the police of Earth and ended up surviving that encounter without any injuries. So, does that mean that Drax is bulletproof?

Drax is indeed bulletproof because his skin and muscles are very dense to the point that he doesn’t get hurt by conventional Earth weapons. He is also very resistant to damage, as he has survived a lot of powerful attacks in the past. We even saw him surviving a Yaka Arrow attack, although it still hurt him.

Of course, we already know the fact that Drax is one of the strongest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy despite the fact that he really isn’t the smartest. We’ve seen him surviving powerful attacks from powerful characters in the past, and getting peppered by bullets is something that he could certainly survive. So, with that said, let’s look at whether or not he is bulletproof.

What Happened To Drax In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special?

We don’t often get Christmas specials in the MCU, but James Gunn ended Phase Four with the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special that’s exclusively streaming on Disney+. In that regard, this movie allowed us to see the return of this popular hero group as this is the first time that they are front and center ever since the last Guardians of the Galaxy movie (although they did appear in Infinity War, Endgame, and Love and Thunder).

Of course, this is the most unexpected production in the slate of Marvel Studios, as it is right up there with Werewolf By Night when it comes to the most unusual specials that we’ve seen from the MCU. And the great thing about this special is that it is a simple production that allowed us to see what’s been going on with the Guardians before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


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The one thing that’s odd about this special is the fact that the Guardians, who are in space, aren’t really the first people anyone would think of when it comes to a Christmas special, but the entire production worked really well, especially because it focused more on two members who we don’t often see on our screens. Yes, we are talking about Drax and Mantis. And Drax was one of the characters that we got to know more about in this Christmas special.

Then again, we did see the entire gang returning (except for Gamora) as we even see Cosmo the Space Dog joining the group in their new base. But the thing is that Peter is still depressed, as this depression could be related to Gamora. And because Mantis is actually Peter’s sister (she is also one of the children of Ego), she feels that it is her responsibility to make her brother happy again.

Of course, this coincided with the Christmas season (although they are in space, where Christmas isn’t really celebrated). That was when she and Drax decided to return to Earth to bring Quill back the one thing that they believed would make him happy again. And we are talking about Kevin Bacon, who was always Quill’s favorite actor during his childhood days.

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As such, both Drax and Mantis went to Los Angeles in an attempt to find Kevin Bacon. They got to the actor’s home, which was beautifully decorated, as the duo intended to kidnap him so that they could bring him back to Peter, who Mantis thought would be happy to see his favorite actor. And things didn’t really work out the way they thought they would.

Is Drax Really Bulletproof?

During the scene involving Drax and Mantis and Kevin Bacon’s escape, the duo ran after him as which led to a skirmish with the police. Of course, that was when Drax showcased his extreme durability as the police ended up getting hurt in that encounter with Dra, who didn’t even get hurt. So, does that mean that Drax is bulletproof?

We have seen Drax in action a lot of times in the past, and it was clear that he is a very durable character that’s capable of withstanding damage. While he was never quite as strong as some of the other characters in the MCU, he has proven time and time again that he has the ability to take punches and then some. After all, he has survived attacks from Ronan the Accuser and the Power Stone. He has even survived getting hit by Peter Quill’s own ship and getting stabbed by the Yaka Arrow while Kraglin was practicing with it.

In that regard, it goes without saying that bullets do not affect Drax at all, as he has been able to survive attacks from stronger sources of power compared to human guns. Drax’s skin and muscle tissues are so dense that he is incredibly difficult to pierce. Of course, we saw this when he accidentally got stabbed by the Yaka Arrow, which can easily pass through other people but merely punctured Drax’s skin as he was screaming in pain.


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Considering that the Yaka Arrow is so much stronger than the bullets of regular Earth guns, bullets won’t affect Drax because they can’t even pierce his skin. And this is what we saw in the events of the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special when he had a fight with the police, who couldn’t even damage him due to bullets that didn’t seem to affect him.

Of course, Drax’s resistance to bullets isn’t something that’s unique to the MCU because he has always been very durable in the comics. In fact, in the comics, Drax’s durability far exceeds his own strength. As such, the fact that he is bulletproof in the MCU isn’t really novel.

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