Is Elden Ring Crossplay Or Cross-Gen? (& On Which Platform)

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One of the biggest games released in the past few years is Elden Ring, which is a massive open-world game that features about a hundred hours of gameplay. Elden Ring is available on most of the major gaming platforms today. As fun as this open-world game is, there are different people who might want to play the game with their friends. So, is Elden Ring crossplay or cross-gen, and on which platforms?

Elden Ring does have multiplayer, but it doesn’t have cross-platform support. This means that those playing on different platforms won’t be able to play together. But it does have cross-gen support. That means that players playing in PS4 should be able to play with their friends playing in PS5, and vice versa. 

There might be plenty of cross-platform games out there, but Elden Ring isn’t one of them. That’s because different multiplayer platforms are actually used in the different consoles and systems that you can play the game with. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because you can still play with friends cross-gen. That said, let’s look at what we know about Elden Ring’s multiplayer feature.

Does Elden Ring Have Multiplayer?

Thanks to the improvements in our technology, the world is getting smaller and smaller in the sense that we are all connected in one way or another. The same can be said when it comes to gaming because plenty of different games now allow us to play with friends in the comforts of our own homes because these games have online multiplayer features. And most of the biggest and most popular games today have online multiplayer.

In that regard, one of the biggest games today is Elden Ring because of how it allows us to enjoy a medieval-like open-world environment that you don’t often see in a lot of the other popular games today. However, does Elden Ring have multiplayer?

The good news is that Elden Ring does have multiplayer. But its multiplayer feature isn’t similar to MMORPGs that allow you to see the players in the game on the map and even interact with them in the very same environment that you share. Instead, Elden Ring was meant to be a single-player game that has multiplayer features.


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As such, Elden Ring players are in a single-player environment. However, using the multiplayer feature will allow a player to take on bosses with other players or use the game’s PVP system that will allow different players to play against one another. And its multiplayer feature is entirely online as Elden Ring doesn’t have a local multiplayer system.

Another good thing about Elden Ring’s multiplayer feature is that it is available as early as possible after finishing the game’s tutorial stage. But you need to be able to be online to use the multiplayer feature and that you are subscribed to your platform’s respective online service to take advantage of the game’s multiplayer feature.

How Co-Op And PVP Work In Elden Ring

As mentioned, Elden Ring has two different multiplayer features. The first is a co-op, and the second one is PVP. So, how do these multiplayer features work in Elden Ring?

Co-op in Elden Ring works by allowing you to summon other players into your “world” in the game by using summoning signs that you can find in the game. What you need to do is to use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, which will allow you to see summoning signs on the floor. These summoning signs are the players that are willing to play with you online, and most of these players can be found in places where there are difficult bosses.


Meanwhile, if you’re the person who wants to enter another world to help your friend in a boss fight, then you need to use the Tarnished Furled Finger item that you can find in your inventory. When you use this item, you will be able to place your summoning sign on the floor. And when a player interacts with that summoning sign after using a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, you would be able to jump in that player’s world.

If the player summoned you, you would be able to see a note on your screen that says that you are about to be summoned into a player’s game. This will allow you to not only help the player defeat a difficult boss and earn runes but also understand the boss’s movements before you take that very same boss in your own world.

Meanwhile, if you want to attempt to fight a boss, what you need to do is to interact with a small statue that you can find in certain dungeons. This will tell you that the “summoning pool” is now upon. As such, you will now be able to see the summoning signs in that area after you’ve used a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

Those who want to play with their friends can also protect their games using passwords because there might be certain people you want to avoid playing with, especially if they’re not as skilled as you are. You can use the password protection feature by going to the multiplayer option in the pause menu and by selecting Multiplayer Password. This will ensure that only those who know your password will be able to see your summoning sign.

Now, when you want to play PVP in Elden Ring, you can actually do so. This allows you to play against fellow players so that you can test your skills against their own. 

elden ring bloody invasion

The best way to invade another player’s world in Elden Ring is to use the Duelist’s Furled Finger, which will allow you to leave a red sign on the floor so that other players can see it. In a sense, you are offering the players a chance to engage in a duel with you if they see your sign and they interact with it. 

However, you can also use a Bloody Finger instead. This will allow you to pick a player and then invade that player’s world so that you can engage in a PVP game with them.

Is Elden Ring Crossplay?

Now that you know that Elden Ring has a unique multiplayer system that will allow players to either assist one another in tough fights or play against one another in a duel, does that mean that ANY Elden Ring player can do so? In short, is Elden Ring’s multiplayer feature crossplay?

Unfortunately, Elden Ring doesn’t offer crossplay in its multiplayer feature. This means that those who are playing on different platforms won’t be able to play with one another. So, if you have a friend who’s playing using a PC, you won’t be able to play with them if you are playing Elden Ring on a PS5. 

The reason why Elden Ring (and other games, for that matter) doesn’t have crossplay is the fact that different platforms have different ways of allowing their players to play multiplayer. Moreover, it would be very difficult to manage one single server that allows different players from different systems that are owned by different companies to play with one another.

In a manner, if a PlayStation player violates any of the multiplayer policies of Elden Ring against a player who is playing on an Xbox, Microsoft won’t be able to take action against that player who is playing on a system that the company doesn’t have any control over.

Moreover, it would be very difficult to micro-manage an entire server that allows different players from different systems to come together. This is why Elden Ring doesn’t have crossplay that will allow different players from various platforms to play with one another.

Is Elden Ring Cross-gen?

While Elden Ring may not have crossplay, the good news is that it does come with a cross-gen feature. What this means is that players who are playing in different consoles from different generations can play with one another, provided that the consoles they are using come from the same company.

For example, a player with a PS4 can play with a player from the next-gen console, which is the PS5. Likewise, an Elden Ring player on the Xbox One can play multiplayer with a fellow Elden Ring player who is playing on an Xbox Series X or Series S.

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This is good news for those who are still playing on older-generation consoles and don’t have the money to buy a next-gen console or cannot get their hands on one. After all, PS5 consoles are still quite limited. There might be a lot of people who would want to buy a PS5 but can’t find any unit available.

As such, those who are still gaming on their PS4 consoles can still play Elden Ring multiplayer with people who are gaming on a PS5. The same can be said for Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, which also allow cross-gen in multiplayer.

But take note that crossplay doesn’t work in cross-gen. That means that a PS5 player cannot play with an Xbox One player in Elden Ring’s Multiplayer feature.

How Does Cross-Gen Work?

To make cross-gen work in Elden Ring, you basically don’t have to do anything. All you need to do is to use the multiplayer options that we outlined in this article. You don’t even have to do anything to play with a player that plays on a console from a different generation because Elden Ring will still recognize that player as playing on the same server, regardless of which console they may be using.


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So, if you’re gaming on a PS5, you can use any of the multiplayer options to play with a player using a PS4 without even knowing whether or not that player is using an older console. Elden Ring will simply recognize both of you as playing in one and the same PlayStation console. Of course, the same thing applies to the Xbox ecosystem as well.

Platforms On Which You Can Play Elden Ring

Right now, there are only five platforms that allow you to play Elden Ring. These are:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

Will Elden Ring Get Crossplay?

It is tough to say whether or not Elden Ring will get crossplay because FromSoftware has to collaborate with the different multiplayer systems that can be found in Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox. As such, it might not be plausible for the game to have crossplay, considering that it was never meant to be a game that you can enjoy solely when you’re playing multiplayer.

While some games have made crossplay possible (such as Final Fantasy 14), take note that the meat of those games is their multiplayer feature. As such, the developers were able to properly focus on creating a single multiplayer environment for all of the different platforms.

However, Elden Ring is a single-player game with multiplayer features. That means that, while its multiplayer feature may be extremely fun, it isn’t the game’s main feature. This is why we may not see it having crossplay. This is something that’s similar to the Monster Hunter games, which don’t offer crossplay on any of its platforms.

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