Is Galadriel Building a Fellowship in The Rings of Power? (& Who’s in It)

At this point, we are now waiting for the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, as we already know that a good part of the storyline will revolve around Lady Galadriel. We did see Galadriel in the original LOTR trilogy, but she was a supporting character that aided Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring. Now that she is the star of her own series, is Galadriel building her own Fellowship in The Rings of Power?

It is possible that Galadriel will be building her own Fellowship in The Rings of Power due to her personal journey. While we know that The Rings of Power will be focused on what led to Sauron’s rise to power and how he forged the Rings of Power and the One Ring, it will also focus on Galadriel’s rise as a leader. 

The Rings of Power seeks to expand on what has already been established as one of the greatest storylines ever told, and it is only going to be very exciting how Galadriel’s story will be portrayed, especially when set against the backdrop of Sauron’s rise to power. Now, let’s look at what’s in store for Galadriel and the possibility of her own Fellowship.

Is Galadriel Building Her Own Fellowship In Rings Of Power?

Those who have seen the original trilogy of The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson would be quite familiar with Galadriel. Of course, those who’ve read the novels by JRR Tolkien would also understand who Galadriel is. Nevertheless, those who’ve only seen the movies won’t be too knowledgeable of Galadriel’s background and how she became the noble elven leader that she was portrayed to be in LOTR.

In LOTR, we were introduced to Galadriel during the events of The Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo and the members of the Fellowship found themselves in the woods of Lothlórien, which is inhabited by the Galadhrim or the Silvan Elves. Of course, the leader of these elves is Galadriel, who was one of the figures that helped establish this Elven settlement in the forest.

Galadriel welcomed Frodo and the Fellowship while they were on a journey to destroy the One Ring in Mount Doom. She also gave the members of the Fellowship of the Ring her guidance and gifts that helped them on their journey. She was also able to “pass the test” when Frodo handed her the Ring of Power, as she withstood the temptation of the Ring. Other than that, her participation during the LOTR trilogy was minimal because she eventually had to leave Middle Earth to return to Valinor after Sauron’s defeat.

But what we know is that Galadriel is set to be one of the stars of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series on Amazon Prime Video, and there are a lot of indications that point to the possibility of her becoming the main heroine of the series. Of course, as the trailer shows, there is a good chance that Galadriel will be embarking on a personal journey after the defeat of Morgoth during the First Age.

It does seem like Galadriel will be going on a personal journey of her own so that she could end up becoming a better leader. But there is a good chance that this journey will not only be about her own character development but also about something even bigger, especially with a threat as big as Morgoth looming over the distance.

We all know that Sauron was the biggest threat during the Second and Third Ages of Middle Earth. But, before Sauron’s rise as the dark lord that threatened to plunge the world into darkness, he was the most trusted lieutenant of Morgoth. The original dark lord was defeated during the First Age by the combined efforts of everyone else who opposed him in Middle Earth, and Galadriel was one of the people who fought against him. Nevertheless, Sauron was never caught in the decisive battle that led to Morgoth’s defeat, as he was at large during the start of the Second Age.

Aptly entitled, The Rings of Power is most probably going to follow Sauron’s rise to power as well, especially because he is yet to forge the Rings of Power and the One Ring that allowed him to corrupt and control those who held the Rings of Power. And it does look like the person who is willing to stand in the way of Sauron, who is most probably in disguise during the Second Age, is Galadriel.

The official synopsis of the series says:

“Beginning in a time of relative peace, the series follows an ensemble cast of characters, both familiar and new, as they confront the long-feared re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains, to the majestic forests of the elf-capital of Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Númenor, to the furthest reaches of the map, these kingdoms and characters will carve out legacies that live on long after they are gone.”

The synopsis suggests that there is a good possibility that Galadriel, as the focus character of an ensemble cast, will be embarking on a journey that will require her to not only develop herself into a better leader but also stop Sauron from becoming an even bigger threat to Middle Earth than Morgoth.

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Another hint in relation to Galadriel’s quest is the fact that, according to the books, she was allowed to return to Valinor only after she was able to assist in the defeat of Sauron during the end of the Third Age of Middle Earth. This implies that she had long wanted to stop Sauron, and her journey probably began during the setting of The Rings of Power.

As powerful as Galadriel may be, she may not be powerful enough to stop Sauron on her own because the dark lord also has minions of his own. That’s why there is also a reason to believe that she will be forming her own Fellowship or band of allies to help her in this fight against a rising evil that could potentially plunge the world back into darkness. And this is why Galadriel knows a thing or two about being in a Fellowship, considering that she did have her own group of allies back in the events of the Second Age before she took on a more active leadership role amongst the elves.

Who Is In Galadriel’s Fellowship?

At this point, it is tough to say who will be in Galadriel’s Fellowship, if ever she does get a fellowship of her own. That’s because The Rings of Power has been quite secretive in terms of its overall plot and storyline. 

But there are reasons to believe that notable characters like Elrond and Durin will be a part of Galadriel’s Fellowship. On top of that, new characters that are quite prominent in the history of Middle Earth but are yet to become important in the live-action version of the series could potentially play big roles in the series as members of Galadriel’s Fellowship. These include the likes of Bronwyn, Arondir, Gil-galad, and even Celebrimor.

Nevertheless, at this point, it is too early in the day to tell who will be in the Fellowship, considering that there are still a lot of things we don’t know about. We aren’t even sure if there’s going to be a Fellowship led by Galadriel. But the one thing we are sure of is that this is going to be an epic journey that will seek to give justice to both JRR Tolkien’s books and Peter Jackson’s movie adaptations.

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