Is Hinata Stronger Than Sakura?

Is Hinata Stronger Than Sakura?

One of the great debates in the anime community is Hinata or Sakura – who is stronger? Well, this is still an issue even among the fans so what do we think? And more importantly, do you agree?

Hinata is stronger than Sakura. Hinata is more advanced in more areas of combat, while Sakura displays her power only when it comes to brute force. Hinata has very diverse powers including Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Transformations. Sakura, however, is a weaker opponent since she is not nearly as proficient in those skills.

Who is the better lead heroine, who is stronger of the two, and last but not least who is better to end up with Naruto? Yes, we even have an opinion about that aspect! The answers are all below for you to enjoy.

Hinata and her powers 

Is Hinata Stronger Than Sakura?

Hinata Hyuuga’s powers are versatile. We can list them as the following:


Water Release: Water Needle, Mystical Palm Technique


She is the strongest Hyuuga in Boruto and shows she has mastered every single gentle fist technique. She was able to defeat 7 of Toneri’s puppets with ease while her father Hiashi almost died fighting them.

Eight Trigrams Grid Palm, Eight Trigrams Mountain Crus, Eight Trigrams One, Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms, Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, and many more.


Her Byakugan can resist Genjutsu to a certain degree.


Hinata is the only human on Earth to have Hamura Otsutsuki’s chakra. Using this force, she was able to refill the base of Naruto and the yang-tailed beast chakra in no time and showed absolutely no signs of fatigue in the process. 

It is mentioned in the light novels that her Byakugan had become so strong that she could knock out an opponent for a whole day with just one touch. With just one punch, she defeated her sister, Hanabi. 

She’s got sensory skills now. She can feel the chakra and unconsciously recognize their essence without even triggering the Byakugan.  Her chakra is so strong that even Orochimaru was drawn to it, and now he borrows some of it from her to invent weapons for Konoha. 

Sakura and her powers 

Is Hinata Stronger Than Sakura?

Sakura Haruno’s powers rely on brute force. However, she has some other qualities:


Fire Release: Fireball Jutsu, Mystical Palm Technique, Clone Jutsu


In Taijutsu, Sakura is not qualified.  Its reflexes and combat style need a lot of improvement. But her super-strength makes it up for her. 


Can counter Genjutsu but cannot cast a Genjutsu.


Sakura has the Byakugou seal on her forehead. In light novels, Sakura was able to defeat an Anbu with four tailed cloaks, and he casually decomposed the tailed beast bombs shot at her using chakra power. 

Not only can Hinata dodge Sakura’s punches with ease, but she can anticipate her movements too quickly and block the chakra points that keep her from molding the chakra into her fists, and she won’t be able to improve her strength and endurance, and Sakura will be knocked out. 

Hinata vs Sakura: who is stronger?

The power of Sakura is second to none, and if she manages to make a single hit on Hinata, then Hinata is gone. But I don’t see her win this fight because Hinata has the perfect counters to Sakura’s skills, and she can read and predict her actions with extreme ease thanks to her Byakugan. If Sakura uses a fire-release on her, Hinata will combat this with water-release. 

If Sakura attempts to produce Katsuyu, Hinata can read her movements and neutralize her with a long-range attack before she even gets a chance to execute the summoning Jutsu. Hinata can easily anticipate her movements and will leap high in the air to avoid the impact. If Hinata infuses Hamura’s chakra into her jutsus, Sakura is gone.

Is Hinata Stronger Than Sakura?

Sakura is stronger just on pure strength but if you have them vs. one another it is a different story. Now if all of them are blood lust, and you strip out their personality and just look at their skills, Hinata will win. The vulnerability of Sakura is the strong suit of Hinata. Let us look at some of the events that can come in handy in this discussion.

In Shippuden War and Post War it is always the one that ever lands the first blow, but Sakura has the upper hand. Though Sakura increases in her abilities and wins a seal of 100, Hinata only stops. 

Hinata made errors that should have cost thousands of lives, but some of them were fortunate. 

It is often argued that she is a cause of Neji’s death.

Sakura looks a few steps ahead, while Hinata lives right now. If Hinata had a different attitude, she would be able to beat Sakura every single time. The only thing that motivates Hinata is that of Naruto. If Naruto isn’t interested, she doesn’t even care, or she just doesn’t. 

Also when she fought Neji during the first chunin tests, it wasn’t to be a stronger ninja but to get Naruto to recognize her. If she had other things to inspire her, this wouldn’t be a bad inspiration. She stopped becoming a ninja as soon as she married Naruto. Hinata is still doubting herself. 

Is Hinata Stronger Than Sakura?

Now it’s the reverse of Sakura. If Sasuke is concerned, she’ll become a fool. Unlike Hinata, however, Sakura has another motivation to be reconstructed as equivalent to Sasuke and Naruto. 

Although she never really gets there, it’s always her dream.

She works tirelessly and has proved to be able to take care of herself. Now that she’s making mistakes, Hinata should take advantage of that, but as mentioned before, Hinata doesn’t take much initiative. 

Now in all fairness, Hinata does lose most of the time we see her fight. But during her fight with Neji, it was established from the start that she had no chance of winning, so it made it impressive when she did keep fighting even it was clear she would lose. 

When Hinata was almost killed by Pain, that was a case of her being brave and trying to help Naruto against an opponent she obviously had no chance against. So rather than coming off as weak, Hinata managed to stand out for being brave enough to get into fights she knows she can’t win despite her generally timid nature.

Oddly enough, despite Hinata having a lot less screen time than Sakura, she’s the one who gets more fleshed out as a character. Apart from her history with Ino, we know little about the background of Sakura. She remains a static character for much of the season. 

Hinata is such a nicer girl as well. 

Despite all Neji’s blunt words about her, we still see her displaying some sympathy for him. She really sees Naruto as a decent guy beneath his bratty shell before the series even began, although Sakura just saw him as annoying. 

Frankly, I believe that Sakura had a stronger friendship with Ino and Hinata than she had ever had with Naruto, and her friendship with both of them never had a touch of passion. 

We hear about her past with her overbearing aunt, and we finally get an explanation of why she fell in love with Naruto beyond being a juvenile crush. She’s an archetypal timid anime kid, but we get a clear explanation why Hinata is that; how her father raised her led her to lose her self-esteem. And with that, she progressively becomes bolder. 

It reaches a point during the battle with the Ten-Tails when we finally see Hinata put her foot down when Naruto almost gives up and speaks to him for some meaning. Given that Hinata was a more established character, a number of reviewers actually said that she would have made a much better lead than Sakura. 

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