Is Hunter Moore Still in Prison? (& How Long Was His Jail Time)

If you’re interested in documentaries about controversial and scandalous people, then Netflix’s The Most Hated Man on the Internet should be something that’s up your alley because of how it tells the intriguing story of one of the worst things that a person can do using the internet. Basically, it tells how Hunter Moore used his website to post nude photos of different people without their consent. So, is Hunter Moore still in prison, and how long was he in prison?

Hunter Moore got out of prison in 2017 after serving two years and six months in a sentence that was given to him back in 2015. Since then, he has been flying under the radar and has not been seen or heard by the general public a lot. He did release a book back in 2018 and has since been silent.

If you know the things that Hunter Moore did using his website, it is obvious that he deserved more than just two years and six months in prison as he destroyed a lot of lives throughout the existence of his website. Now, let’s look at what Hunter Moore did and how he ended up serving two years and six months in prison after the court found him guilty.

What Did Hunter Moore Do?

There is no doubt that Netflix is a great platform for you to use if you’re looking for shows and movies that tell the stories of different people in a documentary style. Of course, while there are wholesome and informative docuseries titles found on Netflix, some of the most interesting documentaries you can watch on the platform tend to be controversial and scandalous.

The docuseries we are talking about in this article is entitled The Most Hated Man on the Internet, which focuses on the story of Hunter Moore, whose actions were so despicable that he found himself serving tie in prison. So, what did Hunter Moore do to warrant getting some jail time?

Hunter Moore’s actions can be traced back to when he began a website called IsAnyoneUp, which was supposed to be for those who love the clubbing scene in California. He ended up meeting a woman on that site and subsequently posted a nude photo of that very same woman. After a week, Moore realized that his website was getting more hits than ever, and that was what prompted him to post more nude photos of different people without their consent.

IsAnyoneUp eventually turned into a revenge porn website where photos of different people were posted for the sake of revenge for their exes. Moore worked with a hacker so that he could get into the computers and files of these people, as this allowed him to obtain their photos so that he could post them without their consent. The photos included their names, social media profile, location, and profession.

The fact that the basic profile of a person was posted alongside their naked and private pictures ruined a lot of lives, as Moore himself admitted that he relished in his work as a life ruiner. That’s because the website was making $30,000 a day due to advertisements, and that meant that Moore was living the good life at a young age. And he escaped the clutches of the law due to free speech and the fact that the website’s content was “user-generated.”

There was also a point when Hunter Moore became a cult icon that had a lot of followers that believed in his work. They believed that he was doing people a favor through his actions on his website. There were even desperate women who were willing enough to hook up with him so that they could get featured on his site and get famous enough.

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However, when concerned mother Charlotte Law’s daughter’s photo was posted on the website, she didn’t stop her own revenge tour against Hunter Moore. After the LA police dismissed her complaint, she was able to compile testimonies and evidence from the different victims of the website. She submitted the files to the FBI, which raided Hunter Moore in 2012.

After that, he said: “I will literally fucking buy a first-class fucking plane ticket right now, eat an amazing meal, buy a gun in New York, and fucking kill whoever talked about my FBI investigation. I’m that pissed over it. I’m actually mad right now.” Also in 2012, Hunter Moore had to sell the domain name of his website to an anti-bullying website. 

In 2014, Moore was indicted by the FBI. A year later, he pled guilty to aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting in the unauthorized access of a computer. He was subsequently sent to prison for his actions.

Is Hunter Moore Still In Prison?

In 2015, Hunter Moore was sent to prison after he pled guilty to aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting in the unauthorized access of a computer. Justice was served three years after the FBI raided him following the evidence submitted by Charlotte Law. But is Hunter Moore still in prison?

Apparently, Hunter Moore got out of prison in 2017. In fact, he immediately tried to return to the public eye after getting out of prison because he announced that he was going to release an EDM album. In 2018, he released an autobiography that recounted the events surrounding IsAnyoneUp.

In the book, Hunter Moore didn’t seem like he was apologetic for his actions as, up to now, he still believed that there was nothing wrong with what he did or that he needed to apologize to the people that he wronged during the height of his website. 

Using a social media platform, Moore was able to show people some of the things he was doing in 2018. He became a cryptocurrency advocate and began going to the gym to work on his fitness. In one of his posts, he even said that he didn’t owe anyone an apology and that he didn’t care whether or not people loved or hated him because he had already served his time in prison.

Hunter Moore clearly wasn’t feeling any regrets over the things that he did when he was running IsAnyoneUp as he was trying to justify his actions. And that was what made it clear that the time he spent in prison did nothing to his conscience.

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However, since around 2018, Hunter Moore has disappeared from the eye of the general public as he probably lives a more secluded and less-public life right now. 

How Long Was He In Prison?

After pleading guilty, Hunter Moore was given two years and six months in prison in 2015. That’s why he was able to get out of prison in 2017. However, he was also given three years of supervised probation after getting out of prison. That means that the authorities monitored his actions for three years after he got out.

To some people, the two years and six months that Hunter Moore spent in prison were never enough because he ruined and destroyed a lot of lives when he did what he did. As such, The Most Hated Man on the Internet essentially serves as a revenge docuseries against Hunter Moore so that his name also gets ruined even more in the eye of the general public that didn’t keep up with what he did during the early 2010s. 

So, while there may have been a lot of people that knew about his story during the height of the controversy, a lot more people now know the things that he did, and that means that he had become even more ruined than the people that he ruined back when he was running IsAnyoneUp.

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