Is Jane Foster Stronger Than Thor In Love And Thunder?

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Thor: Love and Thunder will be the debut stage for a new Thor character in the MCU. Yes, we are talking about Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, who now wields Mjolnir and has the powers of Thor thanks to the enchantment that Odin placed on the hammer. Nevertheless, we know that Jane is going to be strong because she wields Mjolnir and has godlike powers. But is Jane Foster stronger than Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Jane Foster is unlikely to be stronger than Thor in Love and Thunder. When he was in shape, Thor defeated an Infinity Gauntlet-powered Thanos in Infinity War and was about to defeat Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok without Mjolnir or Stormbreaker. However, Jane will have powers unique to her version of Thor.

A lot of people might be prisoners of the moment when it comes to Jane Foster’s character, especially because this is something that’s new to the MCU. But let’s not forget that Thor has had better feats than almost everyone else in the MCU (except for Wanda). So, with that said, let’s look at how powerful Jane Foster is and whether or not she is stronger than Thor himself.

How Strong Is Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor?

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It wasn’t a secret that the fourth installment of the Thor movie franchise was going to feature Natalie Portman in her return to the role of Jane Foster, who we all know as Thor’s ex-girlfriend. This is her first appearance in the Thor movie franchise after she disappeared following Thor: The Dark World due to conflicts with the one handling the Thor movies at that time.

With a new director at the helm, Portman returns to the franchise to reprise her role as the brilliant astrophysicist named Jane Foster, as she embarks on an entirely new journey that’s unique to her character. In that regard, the new trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder has shown her in action as the Mighty Thor, the new wielder of the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which Thor used to wield before Hela shattered it to pieces in Thor: Ragnarok.

We aren’t certain how Jane Foster became the Mighty Thor, but there are rumors of her being terminally ill with cancer and was chosen by Mjolnir when she visited New Asgard. The hammer chose her to be the new protector of the Asgardians when Thor was away from the planet to go on a journey of soul searching. But how powerful is Jane Foster’s version of the god of thunder?


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At this point, we aren’t certain how powerful Jane will be as the Mighty Thor because the trailers haven’t shown a lot of details. But, in the comics, she has displayed considerable strength like Thor, especially when wielding Mjolnir in ways that Thor couldn’t. Jane’s Thor character in the comics is capable of maneuvering the hammer in graceful and artistic ways that are quite creative compared to the more brutish manner that Thor used when he was wielding Mjolnir.

In that regard, we do know that Jane Foster knows a thing or two about how to use Mjolnir in a rather unorthodox yet very effective manner. We don’t know how this will translate to the movie, but we did see in the trailer that Jane was able to do something that Thor has never done with Mjolnir. While fighting soldiers clad in gold, Jane was able to fire multiple small thunder projectiles from Mjolnir to hit all of the soldiers at once. We have never seen Thor doing this in the past.

There’s also the fact that Jane is actually quite smart and has a more controlled temperament. This means that she may be quite strategic in her approach as a superhero, especially when fighting enemies that she probably can’t defeat with brute strength alone.

With that said, we don’t know how strong the MCU version of Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will be because Marvel Studios tends to be quite secretive when it comes to the details of the upcoming Marvel movies. But we do know that the Mighty Thor is going to be really strong and will have considerable godlike powers.

How Strong Is Thor?

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With the addition of the new MCU characters and the birth of the Scarlet Witch, people often forget just how strong Thor is when compared to all of the other Avengers and superheroes in Marvel. When he was introduced, he was arguably stronger or just as strong as Hulk. And this became a running joke throughout Thor: Ragnarok as Thor was trying to prove himself as the strongest Avenger.

Even when compared to the other Asgardians, Thor was born considerably strong. He might not have Odin’s wisdom and powers of enchantment, but he is physically stronger than all of the other Asgardians, including his father. Hela is probably the only Asgardian more powerful than Thor, but we do believe that his physical strength is above hers.

On top of all that, Thor’s control over thunder is innate. In the past, he needed a conduit like Mjolnir as a means to focus his powers. However, he learned in Ragnarok that he could use his powers without a weapon that could help channel his ability to control thunder. This allows him to be capable of using his thunder powers without Mjolnir or Stormbreaker.


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There’s also the fact that he has the best feats out of all of the Avengers and MCU heroes, except for Scarlet Witch. He was able to fight Hulk on par while nearly defeating him had it not been for a timely interference. Then, in Infinity War, he showcased the full power of Stormbreaker and even defeated Thanos by landing a mortal blow to the Mad Titan, even though he had the Infinity Stones with him. And even when he was out of shape in Endgame, he still put up a good fight against Thanos.

That said, there is a reason why Thor is the self-proclaimed strongest Avenger. He has superhuman strength that rivals Hulk’s own strength. On top of that, he has mastered the ability to use Stormbreaker and is now capable of using his thunder powers to full effect with or without a weapon. 

Is Jane Foster Stronger Than Thor?

While we do know that Jane Foster will be much stronger with Mjolnir in her possession, it is easy to get lost in the moment, especially when comparing her to Thor. It is unlikely that she is stronger than Thor or even just as powerful as he is because Thor is in a league of his own when compared to the other Asgardians. And when compared to the other superheroes, he might be at the very top together with the likes of Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel.

Of course, there’s also the fact that Thor is a much more experienced fighter. He has been fighting different enemies for centuries and has defeated the likes of Surtr, Malekith, Loki, and countless Frost Giants. He is the most experienced Avenger in terms of battle, and that makes him formidable.

Still, what we know about Jane Foster is that she is going to have abilities that Thor doesn’t have. In an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Natalie Portman revealed that her version of the Mighty Thor would have powers that are unique to her.

While Jane might end up having unique powers as the new wielder of Mjolnir, that doesn’t really mean that she is stronger than Thor. The original god of thunder might be a bit more brutish in his approach compared to the more temperamental and creative style that Jane uses, but he is still more powerful because he is Asgardian and is actually stronger than any other Asgardian. On the other hand, Jane Foster is still just a human that was granted the powers of an Asgardian and the abilities of Thor.

Of course, we believe that the factor that breaks this conversation is Stormbreaker, which is no doubt a much more potent weapon than Mjolnir. We have seen what Thor could do with Stormbreaker during the battle of Wakanda in the events of Infinity War. Eitri, the one who forged Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, even said that this weapon is stronger than any of the other weapons he has ever made, and that includes not only Mjolnir but also Gungnir (Odin’s spear).All that said, as unique and as strong as Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is, it is highly unlikely that she is as strong as Thor. The god of thunder is still one of the strongest MCU characters out there, and he has the feats to prove it. But it would still be interesting to see just how strong the Mighty Thor is and how effective she is in battle in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie

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