Is Johnny Blaze Related to Donny Blaze in Marvel Comics?

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Episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law introduced us to a new MCU character that goes by the name of Donny Blaze, as the legal issue in this episode revolved around his use of the mystic arts. Of course, those who are fans of Marvel Comics would be familiar with the Blaze name, as this was the same family name that our favorite skull-headed anti-hero has. Yes, we are talking about Johnny Blaze. So, is Johnathan Blaze related to Donny Blaze?

It is possible that Jonathan Blaze is related to Donny Blaze, but that is something that we are yet to find out. We don’t know a lot about Donny, except for the fact that he was once a student of the mystic arts. As such, it is still unlikely that he is related to Johnny in any way unless otherwise proven.

The introduction of Donny Blaze led to some speculations from Marvel fans, especially because people have long been wondering whether or not Ghost Rider will be in the MCU. Of course, the people behind She-Hulk probably already knew about the rumors circulating, and that may have been the reason why Donny was introduced. Now, in that regard, let’s look at the relationship between Johnny and Donny.

Who Is Johnny Blaze?

Over the course of the history of Marvel Comics, there have been a lot of different characters that are very popular among fans because they don’t usually fit the description of what a hero is. These are anti-heroes that are heroic in the sense that they fight bad guys but aren’t exactly the ones that fit the description of what a hero is (think of Captain America when you think of a hero).

One such hero that fans loved because of his anti-hero persona is Ghost Rider, who is actually a motorcycle-riding daredevil stuntman named Johnny Blaze. Like his father (Barton Blaze), Johnny ended up becoming a motorcycle stuntman that was quite popular among fans. However, he got contracted with the spirit of vengeance after making a contract with a demon named Mephisto.

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In that regard, he gained the ability to transform into the spirit of vengeance itself and use his hellfire and penance stare to inflict harm upon those who he deemed evil. And he became quite popular among fans because he was one of the first Marvel Comics characters to break the mold in the sense that he was an anti-hero that didn’t have the best heroic attributes.


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Ever since the Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider movies, people have been looking forward to the MCU creating its own Ghost Rider production, and that nearly became a reality during the latter portion of the 2010s. However, due to creative differences, the Ghost Rider series never pushed through, and fans are now wondering whether or not there will be a Ghost Rider film or series that forms part of the MCU.

Who Is Donny Blaze?

As fans were wondering whether or not Johnny Blaze as Ghost Rider will be making his entrance into the MCU, we are greeted by a person with a similar name in the form of Donny Blaze, who was introduced in episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. But who is Donny Blaze?

Donny Blaze is simply an amateur magician performing on stage using his cheap magic tricks and his ability to open portals using a Sling Ring. After Donny teleported Madisynn through a dimensional portal, as the girl ended up in Kamar-Taj, that was when Wong decided to file a case against him so that he could no longer practice the mystic arts. He revealed that Donny Blaze used to be a student of the mystic arts but got expelled after a week due to his excessive drinking and partying.

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Since then, he had been using his training to perform cheap tricks with his Sling Ring. Of course, he eventually got in trouble when he accidentally opened a portal to a demonic dimension that was crawling with goblins. As such, he had to ask Wong for help as both the Sorcerer Supreme and She-Hulk managed to push the goblins back to where they came from, all while Donny was useless the entire time.


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So, in a sense, Donny Blaze is simply a third-rate magician that didn’t have any special skills except for the ability to open dimensional gates. Other than that, we don’t know anything else about him. We aren’t sure if he’s ever going to make a return to She-Hulk or the MCU sometime in the future.

Are Johnny Blaze And Donny Blaze Related?

The interesting part here is that Donny Blaze is an MCU-only character that can’t be found in the comics. However, there is someone who has a similar name. And he goes by Danny Ketch, who is also the son of Barton Blaze but was given to a widowed woman.

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In that regard, Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch are related to one another in Marvel Comics. Danny, like Johnny, went on to bond with the Spirit of Corruption and became Ghost Rider as well. However, he has since ditched that name and is now called Death Rider. Meanwhile, his brother (Johnny) continues to carry the Ghost Rider name.

So, when you look at it, Donny Blaze’s name is similar to both Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch, as it simply looks like a combination of both names. Still, we are yet to confirm whether or not he is related to Johnny (or even Danny), as we hardly know anything about Donny Blaze in the MCU.

But there is still a possibility that they could be related to one another, especially if the MCU is planning to bring in Johnny Blaze as Ghost Rider. Of course, we already saw hints of Ghost Rider entering the MCU because Donny has the ability to open portals to a demonic dimension. And this could be a way for Ghost Rider to appear because we all know that Johnny gained his powers when he entered into a pact with a demon.