Is Johnny Depp Going to Star in Beetlejuice 2? Here’s What We Know


The news and every social media platform out there have been full of Johnny Depp updates as he seeks to win a $50 million defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. Of course, because Depp has been trending, there are rumors of him appearing in movies in the future, especially now that movie producers know for a fact that the general public still loves him. One such movie he is rumored to appear in is Beetlejuice 2. So, is Johnny Depp really going to star in Beetlejuice 2?

There is no confirmation whether or not Johnny Depp is going to star in Beetlejuice 2 because nothing is set in stone. The rumors are still just rumors after Johnny Depp’s name appeared in the cast if you search “Beetlejuice 2” on Google. However, the casting may end up getting confirmed soon.

Johnny Depp is still in one of the most important stages of his life as he is looking to win a case against Amber Heard. As such, he probably isn’t focusing on any of his roles for the future, regardless of what they may be. Then again, it still is possible for him to appear in Beetlejuice 2 in the future if the casting gets finalized. So, let’s look at what we know right now.

Is There Going To Be A Beetlejuice 2?

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The 80s era in film is full of different cult classics that eventually became legendary movies today, especially with the overall quality that these movies have in relation to the other movies that were released during that decade. And one such movie is Beetlejuice, which is a horror-comedy classic that stars some of the most notable names in the industry.

Beetlejuice, released in 1988, stars the likes of Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Alec Baldwin. The movie is a horror-comedy that follows the story of a dead couple that has been haunting their house and is looking to seek the help of a weird spirit called Beetlejuice to chase away the people who had just bought their home. As weird as the movie is, it was directed by Tim Burton, who is particularly known for some of the oddest movies out there.

The movie ended up becoming a hit despite the fact that it is one of the weirdest horror-comedy movies out there. Beetlejuice also helped Tim Burton’s name in the movie industry as he has become synonymous with odd films that have equally odd plots. And another thing that Tim Burton has become known for was his penchant for directing one-off films that don’t have sequels (except for Batman Returns).

In that regard, Beetlejuice became a one-off film that doesn’t have a sequel despite its popularity. However, there have been recent reports regarding a possible sequel to this cult classic. So, is Beetlejuice getting a sequel?

At this point, it seems as if Beetlejuice 2 has been confirmed and is in the early development stage. That means that it is possible that a sequel for the 1988 classic horror-comedy movie is already in the works. Recent reports have even said that Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder are set to reprise their roles in the sequel that took more than three decades to materialize.


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However, there hasn’t been a certainty in relation to whether or not Tim Burton will return to direct one of the movies that helped make him a household name in the film industry. If you search “Beetlejuice 2” on Google, Tim Burton’s name will pop out as the director of the movie. Still, there hasn’t been anything set in stone in relation to whether or not he will return to direct the film if ever it indeed becomes a reality. The same IMDB page says that Beetlejuice 2 is set for a 2025 release.

Will Johnny Depp Star In Beetlejuice 2?

While Tim Burton has indeed worked on a lot of movies after Beetlejuice, one such actor that he worked with on numerous projects (a total of eight) as of this writing is Johnny Depp. Of course, Depp himself has been the topic of the news and many different social media posts as of late.

Johnny Depp’s media attention is at an all-time high right now because he is in the middle of a $50 million legal battle with Amber Heard, his ex-wife. The case is in relation to how Depp alleged that he had been defamed by his ex-wife, who wrote a piece about how she was the victim of domestic abuse. Johnny Depp alleged that he had lost a lot of different roles due to how he was defamed by Amber Heard in that essay.

As the trial between Depp and Heard is about to reach its conclusion, it has become apparent that the former Pirates of the Caribbean star still has millions of fans supporting him despite the fact that movie producers have been reluctant to work with him due to how he has now been labeled as an abuser. And he might even get more roles in the future regardless of what the outcome of this case may be.

Going back to Beetlejuice 2, we know for a fact that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp love one another as they have worked on different movies together for a long time. And this relationship has sparked rumors that Depp is going to be in the movie.

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If you look at the results of a Google search on Beetlejuice 2, you will see that the reported cast includes Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Johnny Depp himself. So, does that mean that Johnny Depp is going to be in Beetlejuice 2?

At this point, we aren’t sure whether or not Johnny Depp is going to appear in Beetlejuice 2 because he is still in the middle of a legal battle against Amber Heard. His focus is on the here and now as he seeks to clear his name of any of Heard’s allegations against him by winning this defamation suit against her.


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As such, there isn’t any update regarding the status of the movie and who else will be appearing in it. That means that it is yet to be confirmed that Johnny Depp will be in the movie because there hasn’t been anything that has been released by the producers or the director (possibly Tim Burton).

But if Tim Burton were to indeed return to direct the movie, there is a good chance that Johnny Depp will be in it because of their relationship. They have worked on eight different movies together and are already familiar with each other’s styles and personalities. As such, it would be easier for Burton to work with Depp if ever they indeed work together once more in the upcoming Beetlejuice 2 movie. And Tim Burton might even do this as a favor for an old friend who might need a movie that could help boost his name in the industry once more.

Of course, the other subplot here is that Johnny Depp could be reuniting with Winona Ryder, who he dated during the 90s if ever he will indeed be in Beetlejuice 2. Fans of the Depp and Ryder relationship could end up flocking over to the theaters to see the pair working together once more. Then again, it remains to be seen whether or not Johnny Depp will be in the movie.

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