Is Kamran Good or Bad in Ms. Marvel? (Could He Be a Supervillain)


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Episode 2 of Ms. Marvel expanded the inclusiveness of the MCU while also introducing people that could possibly play a big role in the series as it moves forward. That is where Kamran, who was one of the newest South Asian characters introduced in the series, entered the scenes as someone who could possibly become important in Kamala Khan’s life as a superhero. The ending of the episode was quite surprising, to say the least, because Kamran knew about her powers. So, is Kamran good or bad in Ms. Marvel?

Kamran is most probably a villain in Ms. Marvel because his comic book counterpart is also a villain. In the comics, he is also one of the humans exposed to the Terrigen Mist that gave Kamala her powers. However, we don’t know what kind of villain he is in the series and what his history is.

It is worth mentioning that the origin story of Kamala Khan’s powers in Ms. Marvel was changed due to the fact that the Inhumans in universe-616 probably don’t exist. In that regard, Kamala’s powers in the series are more cosmic in nature. That is why Kamran, who is also a Nuhuman in the comics, probably has a different origin story in the Ms. Marvel series as well.

Who Is Kamran In Ms. Marvel?

When episode 1 of Ms. Marvel was released, one of the biggest questions that people had was in relation to the overall plot of the series because there was no central villain introduced, unlike in other MCU movies and series that establish their villains quite early. Instead, the early portion of Ms. Marvel tends to focus more on her origins as a hero and development as a character while the series continues to expose viewers to Islamic and Pakistani culture and introduce newer characters that share the same heritage as Kamala and her family.

In that regard, one of the new characters that we saw in episode 2 of Ms. Marvel was a teenage boy named Kamran. He was first seen when Kamala was walking the halls of her school after gaining confidence from the fact that she had powers, much like how Peter Parker immediately became more confident in the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie after he learned that he had powers. As Kamala seemed more confident about herself, she bumped into a boy of South Asian heritage.


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Later in the episode, Zoe was telling everyone about her experience with Kamala’s powers the other night and even gave her the superhero nickname “Night Light” because she didn’t really know who it was that saved her. With that, she announced that she was going to have a party at her home to celebrate life. That was when she mentioned Kamran’s name, who she referred to as the new transferee senior.

At the party, Kamran was seen getting cheered on by the crowd as she jumped from a high spot into the swimming pool over at Zoe’s house. Shirtless and wet, he introduced himself to Kamala and her friends, as the future Ms. Marvel was seemingly smitten by this handsome boy that shared the same heritage. The cops came, and Kamran told Kamala and her friends to bail with him in his car.

ms. marvel2

While in his car, Kamran was telling Kamala more about himself as it appeared that they shared the same cultural heritage and love for Bollywood movies. This created a love triangle of some sort involving Bruno, who was obviously jealous of the developing bond between his best friend and the new handsome guy in school. As Kamran and Kamala’s group parted ways, they exchanged numbers so that he could help her learn how to drive next time.

Kamala and Kamran met up in a later scene so that he could teach her how to drive. They ended up eating together, only to run into Kamala’s brother and fiancé, who Kamala had to trick into thinking that Kamran is one of their cousins, considering that it would be haram for her to be going out with a boy at her age. That seemed to be the last time they saw each other.

However, when Kamala had to get into her Captain Marvel suit to save a young boy during the celebration of Eid, she once again met Kamran. This time, it came when the agents that we saw during the post-credit scene of episode 1 were running after her. Kamran seemingly knew who was under the mask as he allowed her to get into his car. Kamala removed her mask without even surprising Kamran, who immediately introduced her to his mother sitting in the backseat.

Is Kamran Good Or Bad?

The introduction of Kamran in Ms. Marvel seemed to be quite innocent, considering that Kamala immediately developed a crush on the handsome South Asian teenage boy. However, the fact that he knew about Kamala being the mysterious superhero was quite questionable, to say the least. So, is Kamran good or bad?

At this point, we are not sure whether or not the live-action version of Kamran is bad because of the fact that Marvel Studios tends to change a few things when adapting some of the characters from the comic books. But there are some hints that could point to the possibility that Kamran is bad.

First of all, he seems a little too good to be true because no one is that perfect. He was seemingly also a little too into Kamala despite the fact that they had just met, and it could be due to the possibility that he already knew about her beforehand because of his connection with her family’s past.

ms. marvel1

Throughout a good part of episode 2, Kamala was looking into her great-grandmother’s past because no one wanted to talk about her. Everyone believed that she brought shame to the family because of something that was never explained, but some of the aunties and uncles of the mosque that Kamala attends gave a few clues regarding her in the sense that she may have been someone who might have done awful things. Then again, the way that their culture sees bad things tend to be different because anything that’s not in line with the norms of Islamic culture seems to be frowned upon by the different aunties and uncles in Ms. Marvel.


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Nevertheless, it is possible that Kamran, whose family also comes from the southern regions of Asia and quite possibly India, has a heritage that may be connected to Kamala’s past. And that’s why they were able to track down the bangle that she was wearing and immediately moved to Jersey City when Kamala went trending on social media.

Second, there is also the fact that his comic book version isn’t exactly a nice guy. Well, he started out as a nice guy that charmed Kamala into forming a friendship with him. However, he eventually showed his true colors when he kidnapped her and brought her to a secret society called the Lineage. 

Is Kamran A Supervillain?

ms marvel 13 3 kamala

It could be possible that Kamala is going to be introduced to the Lineage in episode 3 of Ms. Marvel as Kamran reveals himself to be a supervillain because, in the comics, he is actually one. And his history as a supervillain is also tied to the same event that caused the Kamala in the comics to become a Nuhuman, who is someone who was exposed to Terrigen Mist.

In the comics, Kamran was also exposed to Terrigen Mist, which is a compound originating from Inhumans and allowed him to become a Nuhuman with powers. He has the ability to store a kind of bioluminescence in his body and discharge it as a form of energy.

Nevertheless, we are unsure of how the series will explain Kamran’s powers, considering that Ms. Marvel’s origins were also changed. That’s because there are no Inhumans in universe-616 due to the botched Inhumans series that Marvel is trying to make us forget. Still, Kamran could also have a history that is connected to Kamala’s family’s past. And that could mean that his powers could also be cosmic in nature, much like how Kamala’s powers are seemingly cosmic as well.

This is well in line with what seems to be the direction of Phase Four, as more and more cosmic entities are introduced, such as the Eternals (Kingo was even mentioned in the series) and the Ten Rings that Shang-Chi uses. As such, we are leaning toward the possibility that Kamran’s powers could also be cosmic in nature and are connected somehow to Kamala’s family’s past.

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