Is Milla Jovovich In Netflix’s Resident Evil TV Show?

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The upcoming Resident Evil live-action series by Netflix only adds to the overall lore that has made the entire Resident Evil franchise popular. We already know that the original source materials are the video games, but we also know that the live-action movies starring Milla Jovovich were based on these games. For the longest time, Jovovich was the face of the franchise in Paul WS Anderson’s movies. So, is Milla Jovovich in the Netflix Resident Evil series?

Milla Jovovich won’t be in Netflix’s Resident Evil series. The upcoming Netflix series will follow a storyline that’s entirely original and separate from the universe that has already been established in the Paul WS Anderson movies starring Milla Jovovich. As such, it is unlikely that she will appear in it.

When Netflix was given the right to produce Resident Evil projects by Capcom, fans of the video game franchise were delighted due to the fact that the video games could now be given more justice than what the movies did. Nevertheless, it is expected that the series will also be different from the video games, but hardcore fans are simply happy that Jovovich and Anderson are not involved.

Is Milla Jovovich In The Netflix Resident Evil Series?

One of the things that video gamers would know is the fact that Resident Evil is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time because it redefined the horror-survival genre with the use of the zombie outbreak theme that ultimately allowed the franchise to become as popular as it is today. And due to the early success that Resident Evil enjoyed, Paul WS Andersen was able to acquire the rights to make a movie based on the video game franchise.

While the Resident Evil movies aren’t necessarily true to the video games in the sense that it puts more focus on Alice, a movie-only character, while getting rid of the horror-survival aspect that made the source materials so popular, they have their own fans. And even though the true fans of the video games aren’t too fond of the movies, there is still a good number of people who actually enjoyed those films.

Of course, fans of the Resident Evil movies would know that Milla Jovovich, who played the role of Alice, was the face of the franchise for many years and was always the star of the films because of the fact that she was the only person that could consistently return to every installment. And those who have followed the movies for many years will feel odd about not being able to see Jovovich in a live-action version of Resident Evil.


In that regard, when Netflix acquired the rights to the cinematic versions of Resident Evil, it was only a matter of time until a live-action series adaptation was going to be made. We already saw Netflix producing Infinite Darkness, which is an animated series that is based on the universe already established in the video games. And the live-action series called Resident Evil is next in line.

With that said, it might feel odd to see a live-action version of Resident Evil without Milla Jovovich, who was the only constant face in the Resident Evil movies, for better or worse. So, is Milla Jovovich in the live-action Resident Evil series on Netflix?

Milla Jovovich will not be in the live-action Resident Evil series on Netflix. That’s because this series follows a storyline that’s entirely original. It will follow the events surrounding the Wesker family, and fans of the video games will know for a fact that Albert Wesker is one of the most prominent antagonists of the entire video game series.


Do You Need To Play The Resident Evil Games Or Watch The Movies To Understand The Netflix Show?

In that regard, the Resident Evil series does not follow a story that is related to Jovovich’s Alice whatsoever. Of course, fans of the video games will know that Alice was never supposed to be the main character of the movies because she was created only for the film adaptations of Paul WS Anderson. As such, there was never any reason to bring back Milla Jovovich.

Probably the only reason to bring Jovovich back to the Netflix series was for the sake of appeasing fans of the movies themselves. But Resident Evil video game fans, who never really loved the movies, probably wouldn’t like the idea of bringing back Jovovich to an entirely new project that should no longer involve her Alice character.

Is The Netflix Resident Evil Series Connected To The Jovovich Movies?

Another one of the biggest reasons why there is no reason why Milla Jovovich should appear in the Netflix Resident Evil series is the fact that there is no connection between it and the movies that her husband, Paul WS Anderson, directed. The Resident Evil series is not only a reboot of the video game franchise’s live-action adaptation but is also an entirely original storyline that was created only for the Netflix series.

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In that regard, the universe of the Resident Evil series on Netflix is its own and is not connected to the movies. There are also reasons to believe that this Netflix series isn’t even connected to the video games at all but is simply based on the world and the concepts that were established in the video game franchise.

So, with that established, the Resident Evil series on Netflix was created to be able to stand on its own without the need to rely on the popular video game series and the much-less popular movies starring Milla Jovovich. Fans of the video games might be able to see a few concepts borrowed from the games, as they are the source materials, but the connections between the games and the series should be loose at best. Meanwhile, as for the Milla Jovovich movies, we don’t see any good reason why there should be a connection between them and the movies that aren’t even popular to the true fans of the Resident Evil video game franchise.

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